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Michael Jackson's Son Will Not Be Witness at Prelim

1/3/2011 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The prosecutor in the Michael Jackson manslaughter preliminary hearing -- which begins tomorrow -- will not call Michael's eldest son, Prince Michael, to testify about what he saw the day his dad died ... sources tell TMZ.


Dr. Conrad Murray has said after administering CPR he ran downstairs and asked the chef to send up Prince Michael, who saw his dad's lifeless body lying in the bed.

In fact, we're told no one from MJ's family will be called to the stand during the prelim.

As TMZ first reported, prosecutors plan to call 30 witnesses during the 2-week prelim ... many of whom will be medical professionals offering opinions about the standard of care administered by Dr. Murray.

There will be no "star witness" in the prelim.  Sources tell us the various witnesses will form building blocks, making the case that Dr. Murray acted recklessly by administering Propofol and other drugs to Jackson the day he died.


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Arnie Klein is MJ kids dad??Goggle a pic of this dude. Ugly as hell. Debbie Rowe and Arnie would make butt ugly kids. MJs kids are gorgeous. You can be 1/2 black and look white, read a book.

1327 days ago

Paul Ince    

I thing you peoples are talking rubish

1327 days ago

Paul Ince    

Dr.Murry is not killer of MJ that all


1327 days ago

Lee lee    

Prince Michael will kick Murray's @SS when he gets a little older!

Posted at 4:48 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by MJ is the Greatest of all

We can only hope : )

1327 days ago


For all you who think Michael suffered from vitiligo and that's what made him look white -- you're delusional! Vitiligo doesn't uniformly turn all the skin pigment white. It works in PATCHES, and a true vitiligo patient will maintain most of their dark skin, but will have uneven white patches all over the face and body. The light patches don't just melt together perfectly to form a white person. Check it out for yourself. MJ had vitiligo like I have a recording contract with Motown.

Get real, people. If this was anyone but Michael Jackson, you'd be screaming in anger over the fact that he molested young boys and got away with it. If it was anyone but the sacred MJ, you'd be telling people "Those aren't his da.mned kids -- look at them". But because you idol-worship this pedophile, nothing he did or said is wrong? Take off your blinders.

1327 days ago

Lee lee    


Your post was beautifully written.

you said :
I have been able to come to a reasonable conclusion that Michael Jackson possessed the following positive characteristics, and many more. He was: loving, kind, sensitive, generous, nonviolent, hard-working, self-disciplined, self-sacrificing, intelligent, autodidactic, responsible, courageous, mature, wise, tolerant, forgiving, gracious, calm, quiet, gentle, strong, tough, and honest. In addition, he also possessed unshakable self-respect, unwavering integrity, and dogged perseverance, and he wielded certain powers of the mind very effectively -- a rare skill accessible only to those who have achieved a certain level of spiritual maturity. Like all of us, he had some flaws, but he was a man who strove for excellence in all things, and he was and remains worthy of honor, respect, admiration, and love. Michael Jackson was an extraordinary human being, and he will be remembered as such by people all over the world.

Amen to that !!!!

And then ...

In regard to Michael Jackson's "spending habits," you seem to insinuate that those "spending habits" where the cause of Jackson's financial difficulties. I know that many in the press like to state this, but the real causes of Jackson's financial problems were several shameless extortion attempts by unscrupulous parents and lawyers, as well as cruel and unrelenting media bullying, both of which negatively impacted Jackson's career and earning ability, countless meritless lawsuits, criminal financial mismanagement of Jackson's finances, excessive compensation paid to employees/consultants, and Jackson's legendary generosity. And don't forget that the man gave about $350 million of his money to charity.

........................$350 million!!!! What a beautiful human being.

1327 days ago


@glory-MJ did not lie about his children being his. For those who can't understand,klein can not have kids,Prince looks nothing like kleinPrince has vitiligo(which is geneic)look up pictures of Samuel(joe's father)Prince looks exactly like him.Paris favors Debbie more,she looks nothing like lester,even lesters ex-wife and kids said lesters lied about being a donor! Prince's hair was dyed to blonde for protection,it was Debbie's idea for the masks because she and MJ had gottten kidnapping threats. Prince and Paris look alot like MJ when he was younger,as well as other Jackson family members.

1327 days ago


radicalred-You can't be serious? Do a little bit more research on vitiligo!

1327 days ago

Lee lee    

Geez ....It never stops does it ???

Anytime a mention Of Michaels Children come up.....the bio debate starts.

Who friggin cares.......It aint Nobodies business!!!

Get a grip people!

1327 days ago

lynn morales    

Some people just are haters, DR. Conrad Murray is a cold blooded killer. The time has come for him to recieve his punishment, this doctor never shouldn't have been able to hold a doctor license. It seems plain as day this doctor didn't know how to perform CRP. To me this is a real problem, if he think's saying that Michael committed suicide is gonna work than he better think again. This man was only thinking of his financial state and how Michael will help him pay for his schooling and child support. AEG has alot to do with Michael's healht as well, All of these people knew how talented MJ was and he it by himself, I honestly beleive his family in the conspricacy thing,MJ had plenty of money he could have put on those concerts without AEG and Sony. Sony just lost one of their best sellers they were not standing for that, MJ has always had his own mind. I beleive his life was taking away by the doctor and AEG also SONY. Dr.Conrad Murray carried it out and now he has to pay. This world sure has some enviness people MJ cant help that he was truly loved by millions maybe even trillions of people.

1327 days ago


I can't believe that there are still people that believe that those kids are related to Michael Jackson. Look at pre-surgery pictures of MJ. He was VERY black, in fact his own family would tease him about looking so black. MJ's original intention was to look like Diana Ross, but after Diana Ross and Quincy Jones turned their backs on him, he decided to distance himself as much as possible from black people. Frankly, MJ was an embarrassment to black people. The entire REAL Jackson family is a bunch of lying, conniving, greedy, overrated, parasites. So far, the 3 kids - who are unrelated to the animals in that family - seem OK.

1327 days ago


Missy, YOU need to look up vitiligo. Radicalred was exactly right. MJ did not have vitiligo, that was just an excuse to bleach his entire body white. In fact, if he DID have vitiligo, they would have simply applied makeup to cover the patches of white - not bleached the skin to be white. It's 100 times easier to make the light areas darker than to make dark areas lighter. MJ's life was an endless litany of lies.

1327 days ago


I hope he gets it changed when his real father gets custody of him.

1327 days ago


Is it me or does Prince Michael look a lot like Cory Fieldman

1327 days ago

tiger is a fraud    

OK, illiterate floon who spams this site and topix with your constant raging posts. That goes for you to mimi floon aka lynn morales/greatwhitedolt/lynn/500 nics who never leaves the net. Are you that retarded that you don't realize you give yourself away by repeated the same boring gibberish 24/7. You're a blowhard! Snoooooooooooooooooooooooooze!!

How come none of you rabid fans are going to the court house? What's the matter? can't afford a bus ticket?

wackos kids were purchased, he neglected them for yrs. He knew he would die by taking his drug use to different heights, he didn't give a crap!

Now he's a dead junky! Yeah!!

1327 days ago
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