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Miley Cyrus Bong Owner -- Let's Make a Deal!

1/3/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who owns the bong Miley Cyrus smoked salvia out of has finally come down come to his senses ... and now he wants to sell the infamous water pipe while it's hot!

When we last checked in with Mr. Bong Owner, he was telling friends he did not want to part with the item because it held "sentimental value."

Now the term "actual value" has entered his vocabulary, and Mr. Bong Owner tells us he's now looking to cash in. He's even set up an email account to field offers -- -- and thinks he can get close to "five figures."

Don't hold your breath.



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i must ask, did somebody smoke that bong after Miley, cause if so, i dont see the importance of it, tons of pervs will be buying it just so they can stick their lips on it, she isn't that important of a person, sure she's hot as hell(see comment about pervs) but other than that who really cares, she's about as washed up as Tila Tequila as far as i'm concerned without the drama that is. about 100 million times hotter, but still washed up.

1396 days ago

Oh no!    

He should have just grabbed some of her underwear out of her laundry hamper and sold it on EBAY.

1396 days ago


I bid a "bazillion" dollars for this rare piece of history...

1396 days ago


I still think Miley was set up by these people to hurt her for some reason. They were egging her on and taking video. It didn't look as if Miley ever did this before. I notice that this guy doesn't want his name to be known. A lot of Miley fans hate the people involved in this. If they were real friends none of this would be known.

1396 days ago


He's already waited a bit too long. I think maximum value would have been in the first week or two after the story broke, while it was still all over the news. He could probably get low 4-figures for it, but I doubt 5. Although I bet pranksters fool him at first with ridiculously high bids.

1396 days ago


I'll bid on the Hannah Montana's bong for $1.25 via PayPal. Take it or leave it Brah!!

1396 days ago


Get rid of that AD STAT! WOW, how annoying!

1396 days ago


I will bet $10 that this skank will be in re-hab by the time she is 30

1396 days ago


I'm gonna buy that bong and get me some Miley DNA and make me a daughter that I can live off of. Oh....I already did that.

Billy Ray

1396 days ago


Okay, does this guy realize most miley fans are under 15!?! Does he think they all have charge cards and will use them to buy this? Like their parents wouldn't see the purchase?

Miley needs to grow up, in regards to her career. She needs to realize that if all her fans are 15 or younger, and she keeps acting like a 25 year old crackhead who doesn't care who sees what, her 15 year old fan base will move on without buying her products. She will end up like the boy bands after their production companies were done with them. She does not have 25 year old fans that will buying her music.

If she does well on that movie, she may have a venue to move forward with a celebrity life. If the movie does as good as Glitter, she will find her current fanbase disappearing. Even 15 year olds think things are past their prime when they hear it in the media long enough. Unless she can act, the bong video may be her last big hit.

Thank the Lord Trish a a marketing wiz and has made Miley enough money that she can still live a decent life. Billy Ray didn't even have it as good as Miley, and his Achy-Breaky Heart was 10 x as popular as any Miley song.

Grow up before you hurt your ablity to be a real entertainer, Miley. Right now you are still just a Kiddie Fair personna. Instead of four years of college, spend four years keeping low-key. That will allow you to gain an adult fanbase and continue your career. You are talented, and I do not want to see you go nowhere because you're too involved in not caring what people think.

1396 days ago

Barry Glibb    

They better hurry -- at some point the price will drop when people realize it's not the first pipe hit!

1396 days ago


Some people will waste their money on any piece of crap that comes up!

1396 days ago


Kids having a "Pipe Dream"

1396 days ago


What a mess. TMZ you need to calm down some and get rid of all the extra mess on your site. If it's this busy all the time, I will stop coming here. There are other sites just as good. Thank you.
I'm PMSing.

1396 days ago

no one important    

Then would he split the money with a certain singer???

Good point about >> "Tommy Chong got busted"

I wonder why so many websites think everybody has high speed Internet.

-lucky bong- :)

1395 days ago
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