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Gloria Allred -- Don't Prosecute the 'Bachelor' Chick!

1/4/2011 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just told TMZ ... she doesn't believe the woman who slapped "Bachelor" Brad Womack should be prosecuted for criminal battery.

Gloria says the slap is different from the Amber Portwood case. She says the Amber situation involved "multiple violent and physical fights in the presence of their baby daughter." Gloria calls Chantal O'Brien's slap "an isolated instance" with no significant injuries. 

But how 'bout this ... Mel Gibson is being investigated for a self-admitted isolated slap (though Oksana lost 2 veneers).

As for "The Bachelor," Gloria says, "Sex and violence are often used to sell and promote shows." Gloria calls the slap "a promotional vehicle."



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Come on people... that slap was so clearly faked it does not even justify this attention, even on TMZ.

1366 days ago

Tom Watson    

I would like to give Gloria a promotional slap; closed fisted!

1366 days ago


This women should be pulled from the show for slapping him.The show shouldnt tolerate any bad behavior. Who does she think she is anyway. They should have taken out right when it happened.

1366 days ago


Do you suppose we could get MMA Daniel Puder (Harvey likes him) to give ole Gloria a promotional slap for advertisement and see how it goes over?? I bet she'd change her mind about this slapping in a hurry! Cmon Daniel please make an offer. :D

1366 days ago


She's Stupid!

1366 days ago


Gloria, you are a two faced ditch,All I hear is DOUBLE STANDARDS..I agree, If he had smacked her, Gloria would still be hollering......JUST SHUT UP ALREADY..

1366 days ago


I am appalled at Gloria Allred's hypocrisy. I am a victim advocate for a domestic violence/sexual assault agency and I am tired of the double standard of violence against men in our society. The VAWA movement was started to protect women from being treated as property and the right to be protected from their partners, be that same sex, a man, live-in, dating or married......this is wrong. This bachelorette had NO right to touch him, period, and for Gloria to say this is "entertainment" flies in the face of everything we as advocates have tried to do to protect the right of the individual to be free of violence, whether that be emotional, verbal, sexual or physical.

This woman should be held to every standard of the law that a man should be. Gloria is the champion of everything feminist, and this is just a joke. If women are equal, then they should be held to equal standards. Women are becoming the bullies---not equal. I am embarrassed to say I represent this type of behavior. Be it a man or woman, if someone is abused, they deserve equal protection, or there are NO equal rights.....

Gag me!

1366 days ago


I've never slapped a girl or a woman. If I back-handed Gloria with a giant class ring, would she consider that an isolated incident done for promotional purposes?

1366 days ago


If it were a woman being physically assaulted on tv or anywhere else for that matter there would be an outcry but because it was a man being hit it's okay?

I say prosecute and send a very strong message that Domestic Battery is unexceptable no matter who is doing it. I believe woman are not against DB, they just want to be the ones in control of dishing it.

1366 days ago


allred only get publicity because of TMZ. Lets all join together and get this attention who-ure off our computer screens. She makes me ill. Seriously, whatever message she is being paid to convey, errrrr, standing up for gets lost because she is such a joke.

1366 days ago


Gloria Allred is a two faced ****

1366 days ago


Gloria . The only person who makes me sick to see. I saw her on highland and I got sick. Media whore.

1366 days ago

Gee Gee    

Soooo...if he slapped her, then that would be OK too? Yeah, right.

1366 days ago


Gloria,Gloria what are you doing?

1. You are not pretty, in fact you are quite ugly inside and out. How is it that you want to put that ugliness on TV? No one wants to see you or listen to your self promotional bulls hit. 2.You are a lousy lawyer who depends on the media to help your cases because you can't make it on your own. You have become the Jerry Springer show and an embarrassment to your profession. You are suppose to come across as professional and all you come across as is a media whore.
3. You contradict your self when you flip flop on who can slap who. It is suppose to be no one is aloud to hit another person but you see it as another way to get your ugly mug before the cameras.
4. Anyone that hires you, in my opinion, is guilty already. Why would they hire someone like you in the first place. They know that you will crucify their opponent in the media taking all the heat off of themselves and that the truth is smeared and lost in all the hoopla.
5. I am ashamed that you represent women of questionable character and make them out as victims when they are not.

Gloria, you need to crawl back under that rock you lousy c ock roach. You are no longer welcome on our TV or computer screens.

Can I sue her for causing me to become ill every time I see that ugly mug on TV? Isn't that emotional distress, pain and suffering?

1366 days ago


Yeah, let's see Gloria get slapped by a man. I bet she would call the cops and file a lawsuit within 5 minutes.

1366 days ago
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