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Kanye West -- Is He Fur Real?

1/4/2011 1:40 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

With baggy leather pants, a snakeskin backpack and some sort of pimped out man-fur coat, a loveable  Kanye West left a hotel in NYC on Monday.


This look is to die for.


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Let's put aside the whole fur controversy and just look at this ridiculous coat. Really what real man would wear that unless he's killed it himself and lives in a shack in the mountains? Since none of that applies to weenie boy here I'll just have to go with he's a vain girlyman who thinks he's making some sort of fashion statement.

1397 days ago


It's a look to die for alright...I'm dyin' laughing so hard. Does this guy think he looks cool or something? It a ridiculous outfit...fits his personally perfectly.

1397 days ago


Good day Madam......

1397 days ago


I always knew he was racist, but now I know he is GAY!!!!! He's wearing a women's coat....LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GAY GAY GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1397 days ago


I hope the fur not's real.

Hate to love or love to hate Kanye, everyone's got an opinion about him.

1397 days ago


TMZ is wack yall deleted my comment for no reason just cuz i said dont hate on kanye FU TMZ!!!

1397 days ago


it not real fur u stuid **** suckers!! have you ever heard of (faux fur)?? I LOVE YOU KANYE!!!!!

1397 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

It's o.k. He's an animal anyway.

1397 days ago


Why give this ignorant, racist, egomaniac attention. What a waste of space

Posted at 11:22 AM on Jan 4, 2011 by SayWhat


1397 days ago


KANYE IS LAUGHING HIS WAY TO THE BANK!! all u LOOSERS who have nothing better to do than make homophobic and racist comments should go jump off a cliff!! HOW COULD YOU MAKE FUN OF HIS MOTHER?? YOUR MOTHER COULD BE GONE TOMORROW TOO STUPID ASS HOLES!! it's ppl like you ( talentless LOOSERS ) who keep his name relevant!! KEEP IT UP!

1397 days ago

kim purdy    

What the hell is wrong with wearing fur...for god sakes? We would freeze here in the North without it. Kanye is not wearing a real fur obviously. He would be sweating his bag off if he was.
Animals die naturally all of the time. I suspect many would be thrilled to know that their fur was being shown off. I am currently wearing a leather bat skin jacket made from a very rare and now extinct species (since I got my jacket). Its so smooth, I feel like I can fly;)

1397 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

What do you expect from someone with such absurd facial features? They need to create a distraction.

1397 days ago

Sad sad    

I'm all for wearing fur. All parts of the animal should not go to waste. I want the snakeskin bag. On the flip side I'm not for killing animals for sport. Guess what happens when you die? Things starting eating on your body so it's the cycle of life. Not pretty but that's life. Animals eat other animals. Bugs too. People kill bugs all the time but they don't count as life right? But if it makes one feel better not to eat or wear living creatures more power to you but stop being like Jehovah witnesses and pound your beliefs on my door. Most of us eat hamburger and such. Wear leather in one form or another. Cars have leather,luggage,shoes,couches. Yawns.

1397 days ago


He is so GAY, the way they dress this boy looks so gay

1397 days ago

Mr Money N Bank    

Early civilization sported furs. Nomads, the Maya, Inca, Aztac, Native Americans, and Mongolians all wore furs. It's an honor to an animal to made into fashion for mankind's comfort, pleasure, and necessity.

However, the animal whose fur is on Kanye is turning over in it's grave. Animals, and even babies, hate Kanye cause he's an idiot!

1397 days ago
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