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Favre Accusers: Jets Shut Us Out Before Lawsuit

1/5/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before two masseuses sued Brett Favre for sexual harassment they made a last ditch appeal to the NY Jets to get their jobs back, but were denied ... according to an attorney for the women.

Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole's lawyer David Jaroslawicz tells TMZ he sent a letter in November ... asking the Jets to rehire them.

In the lawsuit -- filed yesterday -- the women claim the Jets stopped hiring them after Scavo's husband confronted Favre about text messages he allegedly sent proposing a rendezvous with her.

Jaroslawicz says he and the Jets went back and forth ... but ultimately they refused to put Scavo and O'Toole back on the payroll -- and it was only then that they decided to sue Favre and the team to recoup lost wages.

Scavo and O'Toole were never officially "terminated" by the Jets -- because sources associated with the team say the women were not Jets employees ... but independent contracted workers.

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I'm sick of these gold digging skanks. What pisses me off even more is that I have to read/hear about them.

Apparently, If you're rich..Hitting on a girl can get you sued for sexual harassment. LOL

If they were independent contractors. Then they can't expect the NFL or Jets to do anything because its not workplace harassment.

That being said, People need to learn the definition of harassment. Sexual harassment is making unwanted passes at a girl that has already refused your "offer". Simply sending a girl a pic of your penis isn't sexual harassment. He was probably baited. Im curious, Why haven't any of these girls showed evidence of them saying "No"..Its not sexual harassment if you never said "No not interested" That sterger girl or w/e all she did was claim harassment but never showed any text of her saying "no"..Because there wasn't any...

2 years? Yeah..It took her that long to come out because she spent the last 2 years trying to extort him. After she was unable to get any money thats when she went public.

When are rich guys going to learn -ALL- women are nothing but troublesome gold digging whores?

Women also need to stop being attention whores..I mean its obvious they love the attention..Going to work in an industry thats practically ran/owned/employs ALL MEN..yeahh

1387 days ago


What makes men think women want to see their junk all the time. EEwwww, Especially his?

1387 days ago


I would take Brett and his penis anyday. He can text me all he wants, day or night. He can come to my hotel for a late night booty call. I'll take gooood care of him...Damn he's hot...
In any case, this bull*&$t has made him look like such an ass when he did nothing wrong. I'm sure we can all agree that nothing will come of this lawsuit. Just another 2 stupid girls looking for a payoff before moving on to the next man. I think the right word for them is "co&kteaser". I'm obviously a girl, and I just have to say that what he is going through (And what many other rich / famous men go through is such a shame. This man played 297 games straight, played the day after his dad died and has done so much for NFL that it's just sad that it has to end this way. Don't worry, Brett, I will always be on your side (And wishing I were down your pants tee hee)

1387 days ago


This is disrespectful to Mrs Farve. Bret Fart should love is manly wife with her receding hair line

1387 days ago


I think it's time to protect men by banning women from men's sport.

1387 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

Not only will these two opportunist losers never work for the Jets again, they will probably never work anywhere near football ever again. Don't worry girls, you'll be far from the only people unable to find a job, but the difference being, most of the others haven't blacklisted themselves by filing frivolous, opportunistic lawsuits against their former employers without merit. You've outed yourselves as clear and present liabilities to your employer.

1387 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

Question! Why were they saving these text messages for all this time? They had to go OUT of their way to save these messages on separate phones and what not, because i'm sure they dont have the same phones they did 2 years ago. did they think it was going to be their rainy day fund?

Oh please, ladies. You gave him your number -- good luck with that little lawsuit of yours, and remember, nobody will remember your names 4 months from now.

1387 days ago


These women are making a mockery out of real sexual harassment. I was real victim of it. The guy I worked with was a Navy vet who masturbated and exposed himself in front of me, would walk by my desk dozens of time a day asking when I was going to "give up the box," go to bed with him, or show him my breasts, etc. I complained to personnel but at first they assumed we were an item. Oh, please. I was just 23 and he was 55 and nothing to look at. The company wanted to protect him because of he was a Navy vet but when the harassment continued and I complained again he finally admitted the truth. Instead of being firing he was transferred to a different department.

These women only see $$$$$. Would they be suing Favre if he was a regular Joe Blow without the deep pockets? I seriously doubt it. The sad part is you now have a new breed of ambulance chaser out there. The kind of lawyers who'll tell their clients that the person they're suing will most likely settle out of court because they don't want the bad publicity or the kind who would go on talk shows and build their case and try to turn the public against the person.

That being said, "lonely" Favre should had bought a blow up doll. They don't talk, object or ask for money.

1387 days ago


Here we go again! Some skank gets flirty with Brett, he responds by asking for a booty call, and two years later,they cry "harrassment" and junk. Geeze, this is ridiculous!

1387 days ago



1387 days ago


I can't believe that he would send pictures to a gal without asking if she wanted to see them. Don't make sense. I think they wanted to see them and accepted his passes. So they were comsenting adults. Just out for money.

1387 days ago


These women and the journalists reporting this are just stupid.
This is "wrongful termination", based on what they claim as unwanted advances. The problem is if they didn't say "no" they have no claim.
And where was the story about the husband confronting Favre??? where are the facts? I bet it never happened. Not too many guys would confront someone like Brett. A lot of guys would brag about it, maybe even get his autograph.

1387 days ago

Laure H    

Why did it take those girls 2 years to come forward,this is ridiculous,they are just money hungry bitches and if the nfl (national f---up league) had ANY brains they would know that, but anybody involved with football is not very smart to begin with. LEAVE the guy alone

1387 days ago


What a "tool;" he doesn't have enough sense to stay retired, nor to keep it in his pants. Butt, he still a good christian boy, right.
Hey-sues will forgive him.

1387 days ago


What I don't get is why, if they felt they were sexually harassed, didn't they go to the DA and file charges? Neither of the 2 therapists or Sterger did that.

Their lawyer said they only filed suit because the NFL failed to punish Brett. So why didn't they come forward with what they claim to have, to give the NFL more evidence to punish him?

And like someone else posted, why wait over 2 years?

1387 days ago
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