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Camille Grammer Quitting 'Housewives of Bev Hills'

1/5/2011 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell TMZ Camille Grammer is quitting the show ... and she's even lawyered up to negotiate an out.

Camille Grammer Quits Real Housewives

Sources tell us Camille is upset with the way she's been portrayed on the show.  And, we're told, Camille did the show because Kelsey Grammer wanted her to, and now that she's a single mom, "circumstances have changed."

We're told Camille's lawyer and Bravo are already discussing a "settlement" and an offer is on the table for the terms of her departure.

A rep for Bravo tells TMZ, "No decision has been made for season 2."  Bravo says they just filmed the "dramatic" reunion show and questions will be answered.


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Stephanie M    

She is fake, psycho and yet at the same time a master manipulator. I want to see her go down. Watching her on t.v. gave me an ulcer (for real). I loved Kelsey back in the 80's and 90's like everyone else. It's too bad he married this leach when he was high back in the day. You know that's why they hooked up, and it's the only thing they had in common.

1395 days ago


It reflects badly on Kelsey that he was married to this (former) hooker for so long... Good riddance!

1395 days ago


So sorry to see Camille go. She WAS the show. How does she figure that Bravo made her look bad? That was all her! I do feel kind of sorry (no really not that sorry) for her. Here she is left high and dry by Kelsey in "real time" on tv. It is interesting that we all knew the back story as she is being "dumped" by a narcissistic husband. Sad she didn't realize things were so bad. Why didn't her psychic tell her? Oh yeah, now she's Kelsey's psychic. I wouldn't want that whack job against me. Watch out Camille. Take your $50 million and go.

1395 days ago


The words came from her mouth. Bravo didn't put them there. Kelseys chilren are so cute.
I won't say anything that may hurt the children and I have a lot to say.
Glad to see her go.

1395 days ago

rex kramer    

She wants out of the show because she needs an oxygen tank to breathe while sitting on the mount Everesteque pile of cash she extracted from Kelsey Grammar. As for her IBS, I hope she got it from "frasier" cleaning her cupboards so harshly she has a pink sock that hangs down between her knees. Then she earned the $

1395 days ago


Whoever this ugly Beverly Hills Bitch is, she looks like she's 95 years old!...ARE YOU SURE THIS IS NOT ZSA ZSA GABOR!...NO...Gabor looks far better than this anorexic, bleached blonde-black roots showing, NEED ANOTHER NOSE JOB train wreck! Uggh! Argh, Argh!

1395 days ago


Kelsey is a very nice man (almost too nice) with some big problems to be sure. But he's not the bad person that Camille is. They are very different people and met only because Kelsey was higher than a kite at the time. Camille wanted Kelsey to be dependent on her-not the other way around. She credits herself with his sobriety. . . dont know how he did it with that biatch around. She certainly would drive anyone else to drink. And she's a lush: drinks in her hands on just about every RHOBHs show.

1395 days ago


After the dinner episode and ***ille's vicious remarks to Faye Resnick, one can only think of the title of the book-"YOU'LL NEVER EAT LUNCH IN THIS TOWN AGAIN." Good riddance ***ille. Attacking Faye was downright WRONG. Faye, along with others, suffered a terrible loss.
You are not only vapid and phony, you have NO class or manners. SHAME on you. Go back to being a hooker and only open your month if your going to swallow.

1395 days ago

9 💋     

I for sure knew when I watched a few episodes that she would quit. A person that cannot even commit to her own kids will never be able to commit to a contract and fullfill a commitment as big as a Bravo television show. She breaks relationships with everyone on the show via her "side interviews" even with each of the ladies that are not the object of her misguided deluded histrionic rage. She cannot maintain closeness with anything or anyone. She will continue to make and break so called "friendships", alliances, allegances and marriages and will be a Nancy Reagan mom til she dies. Her priority is that her tits, ass and personality disorder and wealth is objectified and worshipped and once she gets that she won't remember who she's married to, who her friends are or (very sad) who her kids are. On her show she is focused on her ****ed up girlfriends husband (the hangers on couple) and once she ****s him or not...they'll both be dumped

1395 days ago


I really like Lisa and Kyle I feel they are very real. Adrienne is nice but I think she is a little mean to her hubby. He takes it with a grain of salt though every marriage is different. Taylor and Kim are okay. Just glad the drama queen is gone. With women there is always drama but geesh Camille was so bad. I also think she was having a thing with her man friend too.

1395 days ago


GOOD. She's so fake(everywhere)and used Kelsey's name at every opportunity she could get in that show even though she claimed she wanted to be "out of his shadow".
Yeah, right.

1395 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Jeez lady, eat a cheeseburger or something, you're rocking that Auschwitz look.
Is she the one that poops herself all the time? Must be why Kelsey dumped her, constantly having to wipe up brown messes.

1395 days ago


thank god!

1395 days ago


That Sucks. She is one of the only reasons I watch the show. I hate watching Kyle and who else is going to put her in her place? Now who is going to be the "villan"? Actually, I think it will be a free-for-all and they will all just go at each other without Camille in the picture. It happens with every HW's show. If I was Camille I would stay on to redeem myself, this will all blow over eventually. As soon as the next HW's show comes on, everyone will "hate" someone new. It's all BS.

1395 days ago


She has to go down in Bravo history AS CRAZIER THAN THERESA. CAMILLE has some pretty serious psychological problems. Her laughter at thinking she could hurt Kyle was very disturbing. I hope Kelsey let Mauricio KEEP HIS BUSINESS WITH HIM. The 2 poor children that will most likely have to live with mommy dearest. Her mom with cancer and her telling the manicurist "how TIRED SHE WAS" that's when I knew she was crazy as crazy is and crazy does. Good riddance lady.

1395 days ago
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