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Camille Grammer Quitting 'Housewives of Bev Hills'

1/5/2011 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell TMZ Camille Grammer is quitting the show ... and she's even lawyered up to negotiate an out.

Camille Grammer Quits Real Housewives

Sources tell us Camille is upset with the way she's been portrayed on the show.  And, we're told, Camille did the show because Kelsey Grammer wanted her to, and now that she's a single mom, "circumstances have changed."

We're told Camille's lawyer and Bravo are already discussing a "settlement" and an offer is on the table for the terms of her departure.

A rep for Bravo tells TMZ, "No decision has been made for season 2."  Bravo says they just filmed the "dramatic" reunion show and questions will be answered.


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She's a trashy white beyotch. Kelsey told her to do the show so she could freely show the world what a horrible person she is....that helps his alimony case fur sure. She's nothing but a user and manipulator. Good bye you tired old botoxed whore.

1394 days ago


It must be hard looking in a mirror. why doesn't she just try to understand why everone is calling her "crazy." Kyle was right, she is delusional.

1394 days ago


Is she kidding using the line "single Mother"...4 nannies, a boyfriend on side...See you later Camille!! Drama queen...and your "medium friend" can see why the two of you are friends...Crazy drama-filled beotches

1394 days ago

Joe Camel    

Whoa, didn't know she was a paid escort for the Sultan of Brunei. That's one high priced ho.

1394 days ago


I can not stand that woman,she does not belong on that show,Kelsey has such bad taste in women,I will never forget the first time i saw her with him,i thought "oh no not again"! now she has turned into such a prima donna as thou she belongs with refined and beautiful women,NO WAY!

1394 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

When I first started watching this show, I was for her & against Kyle, which I gradually came to realize was a knee-jerk reaction. Because Camille is a great study in sociopaths. Watch her stir things up so subtly you almost don't notice, then play the victim to any of her sycphantic friends. She'll do the same at the reunion. No wonder hubby dumped her. Although, the aging-actor-goes-for-hot-young-girlfriend thing was a factor too. ;)

1394 days ago


i hope kelsey has kyle's hubby sell that commune that camille is living in for that would be entertaining!

1394 days ago


She is going to walk away w/ 50+ million from Kelsey so, she is the one laughing all the way to the bank. However, the way that she spends $$, it will be gone soon. He was stupid and did not have a prenup!

1394 days ago


thank god!!!!!!!!!! I will start watching again. Love the show but hate her!! Good bye Biatch!!

1394 days ago


good riddens the wiched witch is gone....what a self centered crazy bitch she sad the t,v, really captured the gold digger spoiled brat.

Kelsey was smart to ditch this crazy broad

1394 days ago


I just watched the show for the first time over the weekend while flipping channels. First off, I'd still give my right arm..well maybe not,,, to bang the doors off of that.
Secondly, the show is a joke!! It's unwatchable. It's really sad that on TV.
Get her a contract for Vivid and set those babies free.

1394 days ago


I was done when she hired the drunken witch that was too much!

1394 days ago


Ding Dong - The Witch is Gone.

1394 days ago


I am sooooo Glad that Camille will be leaving HBH!!!!
I hope there's a season 2 and that they replace Camille with somebody interesting.

1394 days ago


Ummm, "because she's a SINGLE MOM?!!!?!!" Did this sack of crap divorce her FOUR NANNIES as well, or what? She's so full of crap!

1394 days ago
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