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Natalie Portman -- Flying for Two

1/5/2011 12:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

"Black Swan" star Natalie Portman arrived to LAX on Tuesday holding her pup and sporting what could be the first signs of a baby bump ... or just the bulk generated from her shirt and sweater.

The pregnant 29-year-old appears to be handling the extra baggage well.


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What's got into her?

1386 days ago

jealous of kate    

never been to rehab, BUT, beeing an RN and having worked with people going under withdrawal, I have been: bit, kicked, punched, hit, spit upon, etc, etc, etc.... Did I go file charges at the local PD???? NO! I called for help, calmed the patient down if possible and called the dr. to see if the patient needed any changes in meds. PLEASE, rehab patients, withdrawal patients, are not patients that are under control, AND YOU KNOW THIS!....

1386 days ago

Thin Lizzie    

I know her father - he's heartbroken and embarassed over Black Swan (he thinks her behavior in the movie was disgusting). I can't even imagine what he thinks of this out of wedlock baby stuff. Don't know him well enough to ask about that.

1386 days ago


What a shame. She has so much going for her - this could really derail it.

1386 days ago


Americans you make me laugh.....Who cares if she got knocked up before marriage. It's her life, body...she can do whatever she wants. Stop being idiots.

1386 days ago

why is her father embarassed over black swan??? The Fun Wild Ideas of Tomorrow

1386 days ago



1386 days ago


@ Thin Lizzie:
Black Swan was a beautiful film. She will win an Academy Award for the talent she displayed. That film was art. You can't live to please everyone.

1386 days ago

Thin Lizzie    

He father is old world - what do you want from me? I didn't say I had a problem with it but if you want to know I thought it was kind of boring.

1386 days ago

Molly's Mom    

TMZ you are worse than a couple of old lady gossips. You try to make something of nothing. Leave Natalie alone. She is one of the few women stars I can stomach.

1386 days ago


Ohhh love her and I love Sustainable, glad she shops at an eco friendly store too.

1386 days ago


Her movie "Black Swan" is just awful!
We saw it over the holidays and it SUCKED. Who makes the decision to give awards to such crappy movies?

1386 days ago


What's got into her?

1386 days ago


She is engaged to a "male" ballerina/dancer... That's gay. Nuff said

1386 days ago


shut up people it's not like it was in the old days when an out of wedlock pregnancy could actually derail both careers involved. as for example Joanne Woodward when she became pregnant on the set of the movie The Long Hot Summer and engaged to her still married but seperated co-star Paul Newman and she was nominated for a golden globe and oscar before their wedding and sadly miscarried the baby at about 4 1/2 months along during their honeymoon Paul accepted her golden globe on her behalf because she was still in London Recovering from the miscarriage and she won the oscar a month or so after in a handmade forest green taffeta ballgown. had the news of the pregnancy and subsequent loss gotten out the oscar nomination could've been recinded. mind you miss portman and Mr Millipied won't be married half as long or even a quarter as long as Newman & Woodward were nearly 51 years when he passed away September 26th 2008 the day before their middle daughter Melissa's 47th birthday which they had purposely celebrated as a family two weeks earlier because they knew the end was near. If Natalie wins an oscar for this film the Academy will be considered even a bigger joke then it was when Kathy Bates won for Misery in march 1991 up against Julia Roberts for Pretty Woman Anjelica Houston For The Grifters Meryl Streep For Postcards From The Edge & Ms Woodward for Mr & Mrs Bridge. and besides at the point Natalie is in pregnancy it's perfectly safe to fly it's not till your about 8 months that it starts getting dandgerous because of pre-term labour scares and things like that

1386 days ago
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