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Natalie Portman -- Flying for Two

1/5/2011 12:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

"Black Swan" star Natalie Portman arrived to LAX on Tuesday holding her pup and sporting what could be the first signs of a baby bump ... or just the bulk generated from her shirt and sweater.

The pregnant 29-year-old appears to be handling the extra baggage well.


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For someone who put SO much emphisis on the whole marriage thing and being in a loving relationship, it seems as though some one forgot to use birth control.. so to save face, they got engaged.

Intresting that the guy who knocked her up dumped his live in girlfriend of three years to be with portman... wonder if that was before or after he knocked her up?

I have NO issues with people having babies before marriage. I don't think two people need to be married to love each other and raise a child.. what does bother me is when people get married BECAUSE they got pregnant...throw potential cheating into the mix and it makes for a situation that should NOT be celebrated!

1284 days ago


didnt she play a little girl in a movie about a hitman a few years ago...good movie and she did a good job acting

1284 days ago


Are you people serious? Why would her career be ruined for having a child out of wedlock???? She makes plenty of money on her own to take care of a baby.

As for a baby bump...I doubt that's what is shown here. She probably weighs less than 110 lbs, so more than likely you won't even notice she's preggo til she hits 8.5 months along.

1284 days ago


I didn't like Black Swan either, and I'm a ballerina. It's a terrible movie. That instructor/choreographer's behavior is unacceptable and inappropriate. In the real world, he would get fired for sexual harrassment. You can tell he's just an actor and not a professional ballet teacher. Most ballerinas are not lezzies either. It's a false stereotype that was started by a bunch of dancers who never made it cuz they got kicked out of dance school.

1284 days ago


TMZ staff, please take note... THAT's what a beautiful woman looks like, not the over-inflated, lip-puffed, botoxed skanks from the Real Housewives of wherever, or the other reality shows and celebutantes with big butts and no talent.

1284 days ago


LMAO, who the hell thinks of and then approves crap like this.

1284 days ago


Lizzie, you're a terrible liar. Natalie's debut was in The Professional. She plays a 10 year old assassin who chain smokes and cusses like a sailor. I'm pretty sure her dad had a say in letting her do the movie.

1284 days ago


Really people it was just a movie and I do not believe it was meant to stereotype ballerinas to a huge point but movies will always embellish to attract an audience... I saw the movie w/my fiance and we both loved it and felt her award nods were well deserved. I know people are going to have their own opinion on thing but some of your opinions need to be left to yourselves. Some of you are so quick to judge these actors/actresses about their lives when you should probably be taking a better look at your own life. Natalie is one of the few truly talented people in Hollywood and I'm happy for her and her pregnancy no matter how it came to be.

1284 days ago


@ Jackie

That is really some talent you have there...being able to tell the nationality of people just from looking at letters on your monitor.

1284 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

her dog is probably thinking: 'oh, so this is how miley cyrus was feelin...flyin high!! weeee-uuuu, weeee-uuuu!! i'm a bird!!!'

1284 days ago


Baby before marriage? Why is that important to so many of you? Half the marriages in this country fail the concept is becoming somewhat outmoded. Originally in this country pregnancy before marriage was accepted because labor was needed on family farms. If you could not reproduce there was no point in getting married at that time. Why aren't any of you more concerned that the baby and parents be healthy and happy?

1284 days ago


She's recently said in an interview that her father said Black Swan was his favorite film of hers. Moreover, this article even says the "bump" is probably just her sweater. These comments are ridiculous.

1283 days ago


Black Swan was amazing. Made me interested in her as an actress again. The movie is definitely Oscar worthy and wouldn't be surprised if she's a strong contender for one.

1283 days ago


She might be pregger's, but look at the guy in the back ground checking her out lol. He cracked me up even though he's kinda creepy.

1283 days ago

"I'm perfect!"
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1280 days ago
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