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Dr. Conrad Murray -- I 'Love' MJ's Mom

1/6/2011 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Doctor Conrad Murray claims it's been hard for him to watch Michael Jackson's mother Katherine grieve over the death of her son ... because he "loves" her like his own mother.

Murray was out shopping at Nordstrom in Santa Monica yesterday -- hopefully looking to replace the awful paisley tie he wore on the first day of his manslaughter prelim -- when he told photogs, "It's hard to see [Katherine] grieving ... I care about her as much as I care about my own mother."

Murray added, "I love her very much."


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He makes me sick!!!

1384 days ago


I just want to throw up.

1384 days ago


Is this Dr Murray for real, like who cares if he loves Katherine Jackson, he killed her son. Does this guy understand what exactly he has done, or does he think he is going to be forgiven just because he shows some compassion. Dr Murray, if you had not left Michael Jackson in the first place, none of this would have happened, instead you were on the phone, in the bathroom. Everywhere else but where you should have been. Or is it you deliberately let this happen, who knows. Michaels contract was finishing up with Sony, one has to wonder if something else was going on here. Afterall the Doctor clearly liked getting lots of money! Whatever the situation I would not give this man the time of day!

1384 days ago

you know it    

So totally in denial! This is a defense mechanism because it is harder to tell the truth than lie. Proven fact. MJ's family knows the truth, MJ fans know the truth and especially God knows the truth. Everyone knows the truth except him. Remember, actions speak louder than words!

1384 days ago


If they find this dude not guilty are the wacko jacko zombies going to go wilding on the streets of california,pulling people out of their cars and beating them up,setting fires to the very same stores they need to shop at..hmmm I wonder

1384 days ago


Rock on Dr. Murray, you did the world a favor by hooking-up The Most Famous Pedophile in HIStory!!!! ha ha ha Thanks for the music, *******.

1384 days ago


now...did he go out to eat after he went shopping... like he did
AFTER he killed MJ????????

1384 days ago

mj fan forever    

Defensive strategy, obviously!!! He would do everything for saving himself!!!!! MURDERER!!!!

1384 days ago


this man is a self absorbed piece of ****

1384 days ago


two egggs, over-easy, rye toast, no butter with coffee, please!

1384 days ago


n°41 : why do you waste your time then ?
n° 42 : you must have a serious problem and be talking out of frustration for maybe having paid a suscription for life to tabloids and not being able to read anything else and say anything else than the lies and **** that the medias have been spreading about MJ for years.
now do***ent yourself before talking hate as you do, it might hurt your brain but it will do you some good.

now about CONRAD MURRAY doing his shopping, do you sincerely think that he could do so if Michael was dead ? all the vids have been made before June, 25th, 2009 imo.

1384 days ago

Jim Kendall    

I wish people would get used to the idea that Michael Jackson probably did commit suicide.
His choreographer testified that Michael's rehearsals were way under-par, and that he seemed depressed.
He was facing a big performance tour; with the eyes of the young world upon him. And he probably felt ugly. He knew he had to give-his-all for the upcoming performance; and he probably didn't have anything to give, and knew it.
And it was chicken-**** to be so concerned that he not be remembered as suicidal, not leaving a note; thus NOT CARING whether blame for his death fell on another.
Mr. God of Cool had feet of clay, and he buried them.

1384 days ago


This guy is still a DR.?

This must be California? lol!

He is a walking, talking bag of slime!

Hope they nail him for his murderous ways!

1384 days ago


he is also a deadbeat , who is paying for his shopping spree.i know he was negligent but the more i see of this idiot , the more i am beginning to be convinced that if i wanted to do away with someone i would hire this man because of his negligent attitude..maybe he left mj unattended for a lengthly amount of time and someone else slipped in and killed him . the only thing i am certain of is michael didnt do this to himself.

1384 days ago


Maybe...just maybe Katherine is not in on the death hoax and she doesn't know Michael is alive. Dr. Murray does know and it pains him to have to keep this information from her. I don't know...I still think MJ is alive...

Posted at 9:19 AM on Jan 6, 2011 by MJFan4Life

MJ is 'alive' & allowed his beloved mother to think he'd died in such a terrible way?

1384 days ago
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