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It's WAR at the Michael Jackson House

1/7/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate is asking a judge to do what Katherine Jackson can't -- kick Alejandra Jackson and her kids out of the Hayvenhurst estate for good.


TMZ has obtained legal docs in which the estate is asking the judge to remove Alejandra, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Genevieve, Donte and Randy Jr. from the estate ... on grounds they're not beneficiaries of Michael Jackson's will and have no claim to the property.

As TMZ first reported in November, Katherine Jackson told Alejandra and the kids -- fathered by both Jermaine and Randy -- not to return to the residence. Alejandra is refusing to move herself, her kids, and her stuff out ... so the estate has gone to court.

As TMZ also previously reported, the house is scheduled to be renovated -- but sources tell us Alejandra is holding the remodel hostage by refusing to leave.


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And you're just gonna believe what some one says out of their mouth. That's not even common sense.


JANAR, this is Michael Jackson we are talking about HERE! MJ is NOT a known liar! Unlike many OTHER artists, MJ was usually always HONEST when he spoke! It is NOT his fault that his two oldest kids turned out lighter than the youngest one!

Posted at 9:42 PM on Jan 6, 2011 by HealTheWorld29


Look, at this point, all I can say is that YOU just like talking to me. Which is COOL, because you and I both know all the rest is just BS. C'mon Michael lied more than both of us put together, so much that it was pathetic. Hey, the children even know it by now, especially the two oldest. Because, they are not young children anymore and are not dumbfounded like some people on here. Trust me, they do know that MJ is not and could not be their biological father, but is still their legal father, and that's enough for them to know, knowing that they are MJ's legal inheretants. That would be enough for me too. And, eventhough it's funny the way you keep trying to pitch Michael's lies to me, let's talk about something different about Michael other than his kids, because this has gotten old and tiresome already.

And one last thing, people keep talking about how slimey his family is, but he was no better than them. Different, but not better. The apple never falls far from the tree.


1382 days ago


MJ's children need a more stimulating environment and need to be around others of a higher intellect, or their behaviour and intellect will deteriorate. They need a good education, discipline, and interactions with mature, intelligent, disciplined people. Two much fun and games and constant snacking on junk food with wild indians and those with questionable moral values will ruin them. Better the three of them live alone than with their wild indian cousins. The cousins can always visit and vice versa -- as long as it's not too often. Genevieve is only slightly better as a role model for Paris than LaToya! Get them out fast!!!
Posted at 5:33 PM on Jan 7, 2011 by TSIG
Your post is ridiculous!!! THe children attend the best private school in america!!! Hollywood is starved bone dry for entertainment news if people give a flying flip about a dead billionaire's kids who live with their family. It's what Michael wanted in the event of his untimely passing. I'll be glad when a verdict is reached regarding Dr. Dumbazz Murray!!! Perhaps the lame brain haters can turn the page onto something else and leave the kids alone,,,,,,but I doubt it!!!!

1382 days ago


Though I believe Branca and McClain are FRAUDS......

I am beginning to like them! First stopped the Discovery Show now this. Maybe they are NOT bad after all!

Get them Branca!

1381 days ago


I appreciate your sincereness with MJ, but as for "Katherine had no problem with these people in the house because it was not hers, it belonged to Michael. Now that he is deceased it belongs to his kids" This is not true. Everything Michael's belongs to his estate now, not his children. And that includes this house. So in essence, everything that goes on in and with that house is up to and through the estate.
I believe Mrs. Jackson has left it up the executors to get Alejandra out of the home. Mrs. Jackson asked her to leave and the estate offered her the condo. Alejandra is a fool for not taking the offer. Alejandra is not entitled to anything that is not provided for her by her ex husbands. Randy's children are adults. I think because the chick married/remarried or was never legally married to anyone named Jackson she is not entitled to spousal support.
Why can't she get money from the dude she is legally married to or legally divorced from? Child support is all on Jermaine. The man needs to get full custody of his sons and send that woman away if he does not want to pay child support to her for Jerfaar and Jermajesty. This is ridiculous.
Love you Jermaine and I think you mean well, but you act like you have loose screw also. All this shame and embarrassment on your youngest sons not to mention your own mother. After 4 decades of admiration of the Jacksons I never ever thought I'd see dayz like the ones of the past year and a half. What the effs wrong with you man??

btw: MJ did not care who lived at the Encino house. it has always been the Jackson Family Home. I think the executors have bigger fish to fry than to give a flip about who's living in the encino house because MJ didn't care. Whatsoever Mrs. Jackson allowed in the home was fine with MJ. THe executors don't have time to babysit the people living in that house. Who cares anyway as long as MJ's parents were there. The kids will be adults very soon. I cannot see the executors monitoring who lives in the home if the rightful heirs or MJ's parents are living their as well.

The Irony of life: All eyes, security measures and legal action is being taken in regards to the Encino home. Yet no security tapes, records, or monitoring equipment or devices of any kind were at the rented mansion when and where MJ needed it the most!!!!

I'm out.....peace yall!!

No Justice, No Purchase!!!!

1381 days ago


to Healtheworld29:

Don't waste your pity on MJs kids cousins. These are the same ones who tasered Paris and Blanket. They could have been seriously injured or killed. They are little devils and were ordered out of the main house by Child Protective Services.

1381 days ago


Don't waste your pity on MJs kids cousins. These are the same ones who tasered Paris and Blanket. They could have been seriously injured or killed. They are little devils and were ordered out of the main house by Child Protective Services.
Posted at 4:18 PM on Jan 8, 2011 by andrea
No one was tasered in that house. security confiscated the weapon and no one was hurt. pleeeeeeaaassszzz!!!!

1380 days ago


what a piece of ****!! and lazy with so much guts this BITCH IS!!!! Katherine don't let her(the whore Alejandra to move back to your house ) she has been there much too long it's time for her to move out and start doing something more useful with her whoring life! sleeping with two brothers! she is a very cheap SLUT and her kids are very spoilt brats! No wonder Michael didn't want his kids to have any contact with Jerimine's and Randy's kids. I don't understand why her exhusbands (Jermine and Randy) don't support their kids why Katherine has to suffer FROM IT??Shame on you BROTHERS! MOVE YOUR FAT ASS FROM KATHERINE'S HOUSE out LAZY COW! AND How dare you(Alejandra) asking for money from Michael's estate?? She is pathetic!

1370 days ago


The true scandal in my opinion is if I had MILLIONS there is no way I would let is hit the papers as a scandal. Everybody can stay. I would leave. Nobody in my immeidate family would be homeless or "stuck" in another country or needing teeth or braces or just a Happy Meal.

But alas, I am not K Jackson. If I were I'd have to sit down just to pee.

1369 days ago


You got some nerve Alejandra talking about spilling the Jackson family secrets. You slept with two brother and thats a NO NO. Just get out and keep an inch of degnity.

1327 days ago


Katherine & Joe Jackson God Bless You.

1327 days ago
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