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It's WAR at the Michael Jackson House

1/7/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate is asking a judge to do what Katherine Jackson can't -- kick Alejandra Jackson and her kids out of the Hayvenhurst estate for good.


TMZ has obtained legal docs in which the estate is asking the judge to remove Alejandra, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Genevieve, Donte and Randy Jr. from the estate ... on grounds they're not beneficiaries of Michael Jackson's will and have no claim to the property.

As TMZ first reported in November, Katherine Jackson told Alejandra and the kids -- fathered by both Jermaine and Randy -- not to return to the residence. Alejandra is refusing to move herself, her kids, and her stuff out ... so the estate has gone to court.

As TMZ also previously reported, the house is scheduled to be renovated -- but sources tell us Alejandra is holding the remodel hostage by refusing to leave.


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this miss thang thinks because she birthed these spawns from some over the hill out of work has beens tryin to relive the glory days she is golden? Its called a job hunny A JOB.This may be a new concept for you but slowly open the paper,in the front you will see an "index" follow with me now.Next you look up the word "classifieds" you then scan through the "classifieds section" until you see "help wanted" then since you wont have a maid anymore you will have to actually dial the phone and maybe even file some applications.but with luck you might find something at a happy ending style massage parlour.

1384 days ago


I'm still skeeeevvved out by the fact that she has children with TWO of the brothers. WTF! Really she needs to leave the house, she has absolutely no reason or right to live off the money Michael Jackson is making, none of those children are his... right?

1384 days ago


GTFO woman!!! This bish is sitting on the throne as if she owns it. Pack your shyte and be gone!

1384 days ago


Rhese are the kids that ordered the stun guns over the internet and were caught by security about to use em on Blanket. This caused CPS to investigate and they determined that they needed to go. Their parents are freeloaders and so are they, time to pull the condo offer sue em for all expenses incurred by the construction delay. I sould think a judgement for legal expenses, renting the temporary housing forthe kids etc would yank her chain.

1384 days ago


N mamma jackson was gonna let the one older girl stay so her mom screwed her out of a place to live also out of arrogance.and how do you actually go and invite a bunch of people to come live in a house on a property that you dont pay rent on or own because according to the paper work she "may" have unknowns" living there.this Bi tch is just grimey in my book lookin for a free ride.sorry hunny them jackson boys,they all sucked without MJ

1384 days ago


If she has got somewhere to go what is her problem??????

1384 days ago


Even in afterlife, MJ is supporting these people? Get out of the house and find a job! Not to mention, these kids are bad influence to MJ's kids!!!

1384 days ago


So the real jackson legacy is really not his music, but a whole family of what not to name your children! Blanket and Prince are bad enough, but Jermajesty. They need the money from the estate to protect these kids on the playground so they don't get the crud beaten out of them every day because of their trailer park names.

1384 days ago

nobleday to see tap dancing for a change.

1384 days ago


I feel sorry for Donte, as I think he is most likely Joe's son. In Margaret Maldonado's book "Jackson Family Values" she reported that Joe brought the 18mo old Donte to Havenhurst. She indicated that Donte started calling Alejandra and Jermaine Mommy and Daddy but he was not their son. Maldonado would have known about any pregnancy as she lived at Havenhurst with Jermaine. Alejandra was living there as well during the last months Maldonado was there. Randy Jr, born of Randy and Alejandra, was born earlier the same year as Donte. Donte seems to be a nice, pleasant young man and apparently formed a good relationship with Blanket so I find this particular aspect of the situation unfortunate.

1384 days ago


I suspect the estate is acting on request of Kathrine, because she doesn't want to be the bad guy.

1384 days ago


ALEJANDRA is just straight triflin. In her country, where ever she is from, this maybe okay. But not here in the USA. Katherine should have never condoned this in the first place. When Joe Jackson had his outside child, she was not able to live there, so why should Jermaine's outside children be allowed to live there? As for being a Jehovah's Witness, this is quite sacrileges. She should have put her foot down with Jermaine and this woman from the door when they made their first child after Randy's two. I would not hardly play that crap with any of my children. And especially not with the woman involved. She is the one who chose to have these children like this. No one put no gun to her head and made her sleep with and have children by two brothers. So, you make your bed, you got to lye in it. And that's that. I would not want any parts of it.

1384 days ago


SO NOW MJ's children have no other children in their house??? This is NOT good for them. They were SO close to their cousins. Genevie (Randy's daughter), is even like a SISTER to Paris! This is SO sad.

1384 days ago


The daughter in law should hit the bricks but what king of a grandmother with millions of dollars would put the kids out? What a monster it is no surprise she raised a CHILD MOLESTER

1384 days ago
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