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It's WAR at the Michael Jackson House

1/7/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate is asking a judge to do what Katherine Jackson can't -- kick Alejandra Jackson and her kids out of the Hayvenhurst estate for good.


TMZ has obtained legal docs in which the estate is asking the judge to remove Alejandra, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Genevieve, Donte and Randy Jr. from the estate ... on grounds they're not beneficiaries of Michael Jackson's will and have no claim to the property.

As TMZ first reported in November, Katherine Jackson told Alejandra and the kids -- fathered by both Jermaine and Randy -- not to return to the residence. Alejandra is refusing to move herself, her kids, and her stuff out ... so the estate has gone to court.

As TMZ also previously reported, the house is scheduled to be renovated -- but sources tell us Alejandra is holding the remodel hostage by refusing to leave.


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These people out there who continue to trash MJ with this pedophile crap need to be around a real pedophile and have grown up with one, they'll think otherwise. Mj did not have the characteristics of one. I f**king grew up around one and I can tell you, there is know fricken way MJ was a molester! I'm sick and tired of people saying this bogus crap. Naive people who follow the media and believe whatever they read, shows how bright they are! Just like the dumb rumors that Obama wasn't born in the US, and he became President! Yeah OK, they didn't do a back ground check? DUH! Come on people! Really?

1363 days ago


I don't know who or what is sicker. Randy or Jermaine for both sleeping with this ho or her for screwing and having kids with both brothers?
And I agree the whole Jackson family is a waste of skin they are ALL freeloaders including Katherine and Joe.
And agree with someone who said if they were white they would be called white trash.
I also agree with the person who said they could not toss their grandbabies out. Seems Katherine keeping to form in loving and keeping close those that bring her money. If I were the grandkids that would be the last I spoke to this "grandparent."

1363 days ago


It's about time. I think the executors realize this woman and her children by various brothers is a real problem for Katherine.

I hope they succeed in getting her out.

1362 days ago


Alejandra GET A JOB !!!!

1362 days ago


Does this mean that the property actually belongs to the Estate and not to Katherine?

1362 days ago


This is ridicolous!! Everyone living off Michael still. And where the heck are the fathers of those children? Get your own life going, guys, get a job and raise a family the way most of us does. That´s life! You´ve been on the gravytrain for decades. We out here have NEVER been on it. You´ve had your share, now go out and earn your money AND honour your Mum!

This is such a disturbed family - sorry to say, but it´s true.

1362 days ago


This is really sick.katherine and joe should have lived in this house and all the rest should have had a house of their own and raise their children like the rest of us do.Afterall Michael paid for the expenses and saved this house from foreclosure.

1362 days ago


Is this woman waiting for her children to be old enough to support her the rest of her life or what? Seems like a 30 day notice to get the hell out would surfice about now, but i'm glad they're solving it in court finally. For crying out loud she even offerend her a condo they had. When are the Father's of these kids going to step up and pay child support, one of they recently went to court to reduce support to almost nothing. Pathetic!

1362 days ago


Why don't they turn off all of the utilities - refuse to pay them until they leave? They have no obligations to keep the utilities on when they aren't living there. Let the ho try to pay electric, water, internet, cable, for food, etc.

1362 days ago

get it right    

More to come... like the Estate slamming down on KJ for that contract that she and Mann have pimping out PPB and MJ, most especially her LAWYER that's gotta be way unhappy with her having claimed on that contract that she ran this contract by him first and implies he gave her the green light to sign. And, how about Modise, the kids guardian ad litem ... not a word that I've seen on her take of ALL of this (ie. KJ NOT following the orders of the State that she remove these POS from the house, and pimping out PPB with Mann...)

I don't care for how damn LONG it takes the estate to slam down these disgusting Jackson, Alejandra ET AL blood money leeches.

Disgusted is the least of it.

1362 days ago


Those kids probably got to stay there as long as MJ could have a lick.

MJ is dead - no more licks, no more home.

1362 days ago

get it right    

Hey, it was also KJ that said to Oprah that "No, I'm not going to call (or can't call, can't remember which) MURRAY a MURDERER", and then that when someone else told her (no clue til then as she didn't see him much) that MJ was abusing drugs, she goes and confronts him about it, and he told her "No! I am NOT abusing drugs! Omg, you're my mother and YOU don't believe me???" Oprah ASKED her, "DID you believe him?" KJ said, "NO."

Oh, but I know he trusted and loved me more then anyone else.


SAME POS SO CALLED GRANDMOTHER SAINT KJ that NOW has the Estate having to force the issue that SHE refused and STILL refuses to TAKE CARE OF HERSELF!

Oh but is now in court with her sobbing, and so upset with Murray...??? OMG, BS!!

How LOW can ya GO KJ/Jackson's?? ... DIGGING DOWN TO NEW LEVELS OBVIOUSLY. ALL of them the damn same!! MJ was NOT a part of THEIR clan... merely they're CASH COW. Think he didn't full well know it in later years if not before?? BS.

Havenhurst is MJ's. HE bought it, and THEY still ALL live in it to this day. Damn Jackson COMMUNE, they've turned it into, and I think he was fine with that if it meant THEM leaving HIM alone any more! The Estate paid Havenhurst OFF, so ALL of them live in there free and clear, once again ON MJ. MJ even had Havenhurst RENO'ED just 5 years ago. NOW KJ HAS to go and have it reno'ed AGAIN, (BS!) to speak "GET OUT!" to Alejandra et al FOR her??? Now the Estate has to clean her BS "can't get them out" prob, cuz RENO'ING isn't making it happen, but sure as hell costs MJ/PPB MORE $$$$, and the prob is STILL THERE.

Here's an idea, and as far as I'm concerned a far better one then this BS merry go round and HER pimping PPB/MJ out, and all the rest of the sick chit going on around them (inbreed cousins, HATE on them for them being MJ's kids, and LIGHT SKINNED) GET PPB OUTTA THERE!! LET the CLAN HAVE Havenhurst, and protect PPB by removing THEM from the rest of them.

Not like there isn't enough money to make it happen... where the HELL is Rowe in all this! Oh that's right ... SHE doesn't want anything to do with them, just the $$$ because she's PP's bio mom.

Emancipation, already! DAMN! MONEY buys ALOT... why not THAT?! SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE A DAMN ABOUT PPB, for PPB'S SAKE... FOR MJ!!

1362 days ago


#13 she's not throwing out her grandchildren, she's giving them a condo...BIG DIFFERENCE! She's a loser who popped out kids by 2 sons because she thought it was her meal ticket. Girl needs to get a job

1362 days ago

Lee lee    

In the midst of the opinions, clever comments, witty remarks, and even the hateful ones, we find Phantom, always sharing a little bit of the MJ joy with us. Thank you for that!

Posted at 9:09 PM on Jan 6, 2011 by bunnyhop

Ha ha ..I second that !!! Thank you so much Phantom .

1362 days ago


In the midst of the opinions, clever comments, witty remarks, and even the hateful ones, we find Phantom, always sharing a little bit of the MJ joy with us. Thank you for that!

Posted at 9:09 PM on Jan 6, 2011 by bunnyhop

Ha ha ..I second that !!! Thank you so much Phantom .

Posted at 3:02 AM on Jan 7, 2011 by Lee lee
I THIRD IT!! Don't know how he/she does it but if Phantom puts up a line, I DEFINITELY CLICK IT cause it never disappoints & usually causes a tear or two to fall on my keyboard:)

Loved the recent Victory tour video of MJ's performance of Human Nature/HB Hotel. This was remastered & the quality was great btw. I've heard 'tales' of how MJ felt about doing that tour & watching his performance, I wonder just what his feelings were about sharing that stage with his brothers performing his solo-career tunes? Poor guy just couldn't be allowed(thanks to catfish) to make that break could he? Seemed he had one foot in solo-career land & one foot in 'just can't shake these brothers' land. Heard it was primarily Katherine that talked him into doing this tour anyway. In sort of an effort to 'keep the peace'. The way she went about it I thought was awfully manipulative tho'. Apparently had a sitdown with MJ who wanted no part of it & asked him to "Do it for me, for the family". She knew MJ was conflicted & was ready to concentrate on his solo career, knew how important that was to him yet urges him to go ahead & do this tour anyway. What was her motive here? Keeping the peace? Keeping him hooked to the apron strings longer? Generate income for the brothers, herself & Joe? An effort to please Joe, thereby 'saving' her marriage as well?

I understand MJ loved his mum VERY much but it really seemed that Kath USED THAT LOVE to manipulate MJ into doing things he really didn't want to do. That her little mother/son talks were more of an attempt to get what SHE wanted(money & to hang on to Joe, keep the peace) rather than what was in MJ's best interest. Seems Kath's motives have always been about keeping Joe happy & keeping him 'around' & less about money to me. Seems she was always willing to do whatever it took to keep a man not worth keeping to me & whom in fact was detrimental to the entire family's psychological well-being IMO.

As to Alejandra? Goes without saying, she should have been gone a long time ago. I never SEE this woman in family interviews, photos, etc. Was she even AT the memorial service for MJ. Don't remember seeing her. ANYBODY KNOW & IF SO, CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE IT WAS SHE WAS SEATED? Seems she keeps an extremely low profile. Didn't even know she existed 'til I read of her here on TMZ a very LONG time after MJ's death.

If she has a place to live then WHY is she being so difficult about fighting this? What's her angle here? She obviously has no intention of getting work. Someone mentioned Jermaine in his big house, yet unable to pay child support. Where then is Alejandra getting her money then? I know Kath's 'allowance' isn't enough to cover her & those cousins expenses too. Does Kath really want her gone or just the estate?

1362 days ago
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