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Lindsay Lohan Power Meeting -- Let's Get Working

1/7/2011 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked out of a BIGTIME meeting with a major celebrity jewelry designer  -- as well as key members of her team -- in an effort to kick-start her post-rehab career.

Lindsay's business date was with Pascal Mouawad -- a jeweler who's worked with stars like Heidi Klum and Nicole Richie.

We're told the two sides discussed the possibility of creating an upcoming line together -- the second time they've talked about teaming up. Back in 2009, they kicked around the idea ... but  nothing ever came to fruition.

However, this meeting was all business -- because after the jewelry talk, we're told Lindsay's top people (lawyers, managers, etc) strategized about upcoming film projects and other career moves.

According to our sources, Lindsay has "multiple scripts" to consider.

Not among them ... a biopic of a 1970s porn star.


UPDATE: We're told Pascal gave Lindsay a heart-shaped 10.10 carat diamond Rosette necklace selected by Pascal Mouawad himself. It has an estimated worth of $25,000.


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@Slutty Whores Rock
If she stays sober and sorts out her legal issues she will become easier to insure.
If she makes it to February 25th she will have been drug free since September(7th & 10th) when she failed the drug tests.

1388 days ago


This is actually getting a little sad. Mouawad HAD been talking to her a LONG time ago as with many, many others about many, many things. When her people (Dina) called, begged and pleaded for months, he agreed to a meeting. The necklace is because he is too much of a gentleman to let her go completely empty-handed. Hope TMZ paid her big bucks for this - she will probably need it for food soon.

When you actually have projects on the radar, you name them and to whom you are speaking, i.e. I am talking to Joe @ Lionsgate, we are developing a treatment on horse racing based on a short story. Not, HOOOOO BILLLY, WE GOT THE SCRIPTS ACOMIN' NOW!!! NOT SURE WHAT, BUT ITSA GONNA BE BIG, JUST YOU WAIT, BIG, BIG, BIG I TELL YA!!

I believe this problem will soon resolve itself and for the first time, I really do feel sorry for Lindsay.

1388 days ago


With all due respect, sober since "September" will simply not cut it. Studios have misgivings about big box office stars who have been sober for years. Sorry, but this is a very, very long road if there is one at all. If this young woman (who has not really worked in years and, arguably on no big budget movies at all) had accomplished more before her meltdown it would be one thing but under the cir***stances, she is only one of a very many young, pretty actresses who are super-ambitious.

Unfortunately, the shena****ns are simply too much.

That sound you hear is every door in town shutting.

1388 days ago


I wouldnt ever say Lindsay was hot, but much like our so called Democracy, its all an illusion. The only reason I like her is because she is a true "character" in the sense of the word, and that is hard to find, although Im sure she like many others cant even define the word "Identity" for themselves.

1388 days ago


At least she can get a lot of blow if she pawns the necklace

1388 days ago


Go get 'em you sexy thang!!!!
I like the blonde hair a lot!!!

1388 days ago


Also, my bud is a photog, it's getting a little old for her to pretend to hide and ignore the questions when SHE CALLED THEM!!

As my boy said, "We have to go take snaps of the b*tch, use the soft focus AND pretend she didn't set the whole thing up?"

The best was an email that came in that actually had MAPQUEST directions. I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille...

1388 days ago


Let's see. 10.1 carats worth 25K? Not the highest quality diamond, that's for sure.

1388 days ago


GREAT - blow money for Lindsay and Dina! Toot, toot, Dina won't you blow your horn?

1388 days ago


I agree with posts above. No way would anyone want to attach their name to anything Lohan. There are so many other women out there of all ages that don't have a tired warn out reputation like hers.

She needs to go away and feed her soul for a year before she can even think about being considered for any type of role. She also needs to lay off the Juviderm; That punched out mouth look is so 2010.

1388 days ago


Are they dating? they have been seen around a few times.

1388 days ago


@Nicole- Do you really think Lindsay will go till Feb. 25th or whenever without gettin loaded? The paps are watin for her at the Baja Catina, and at the Brig bar. There will be an incident regarding her future at one of these places before or after Aug. 25th, mark my words!
This show is funny!

1388 days ago


In the USA, is a huge $ gift like that income and reportable?

1388 days ago


This has Dina written all over it. It's exactly what Dina says all the time. Don't believe a word of it. It's supposed to make you think Lindsay is relevant.

By the way, Kelly, this was her FIFTH rehab stint, not her third. Just want to set the record straight!

1388 days ago


I only do Tarot readings on her for practice, since our star charts indicate we are somehow psychicly connected(and others) or some ****.
Regardless she is in for a wild ride, because ultimately she dose not know who she really is.

1388 days ago
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