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Michael Lohan -- The Paparazzi Will See You Now

1/7/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan visited Dr. Randall Caldron's office in West Hills, CA yesterday -- with his own paparazzo in tow, of course -- where the 50-year-old estranged father of four had blood drawn ... show us agony!

It's nice to see someone sucking the life out of him for a change.


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This guys a loser. He comes in to my local Starbucks with his crew of people as if he's someone important. Take your garbage meetings elsewhere you dumb ****. No one wants to see your ugly face.

1394 days ago


And you own the Starbucks? It is a free country. If you don't like to see Lohan at your local Starbucks get up and walk out. Pretty simple logic there Chris.

1394 days ago


What a wimp! They are using a butterfly needle to draw his blood. That's what they use on babies!

1394 days ago


I'm starting to get a strong feeling that Los Angeles is a haven for the mentally ill with money. It's its own psych ward, but no one but bar tenders and drug pushers is treating the patients.

1394 days ago


What a Jerk - no wonder his daughter is an idiot. Thought he wasn't talking to the paparazzi anymore...........

1394 days ago


@Prizebox, a butterfly needle is used on people with smaller veins (even adults) Just sayin. Also, is ML that desperate for attention that he has to have his own photogs to keep him relevant? How pathetic

1394 days ago


I find Michael quite entertaining. You never know where he will turn up or what he is going to say or do. So what? Who cares? Who is he hurting?

His daughter is already paying the consquences for her bad upbringing. At least the guy is trying to make amends and help her. There are many dead-beat dads out there who could care less about their familes. I give the guy credit.... However, some of his antics are a bit "out there" but again... who cares? And so what? Who is he hurting?

If TMZ wants to run stories and photos of him. Again. So what? Who cares? Who are they hurting?

1394 days ago


what a publicity whore, the whole family - guess that's how they afford their lifestyle and drug/alcohol habbit these days

1394 days ago


This is getting crazier and crazier by the second. Poor Lindsey, she never had a chance.

1394 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

What? No concern for HIPAA now Mike? What kind of voodoo doctor's office allows paps to photograph in their office? This is just lame.....

1394 days ago


TRAILER PARK TRASH, father of 4 So sorry kids your dad is a piece of s***

1394 days ago


I think you trash talkers are missing the point here.

TMZ means the Thirty Mile Zone. What happens within that zone is for us folks to look at and be entertained by the antics of what people like Lohan do within that 30 mile area.

Sure ... TMZ goes out of that zone many times... However, guys like Lohan make you react... both in a good way and a bad way. But you have it give the guy credit. He does have a way of getting himself in the news. This is Hollywood folks and their is no rule book here.

1394 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

And...striking resemblance between Mike's blood draw face and Lindsay's face when she was sentenced to jail by Judge Marsha... I'm actually starting to feel sorry for this kid....

1394 days ago


This guy is so ridiculous.

1394 days ago


TMZ knows Michael Lohan pushes people's buttons. Why do you think they run his stories and not others who maybe even more important?

Do you think for a minute TMZ is going to back off any Lohan story they can get its hands on? Please. These folks are not dumb.

Remember .... TMZ is Hollywood. And Hollywood is entertaining. good or bad.

1394 days ago
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