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Sarah Palin's Crosshairs Map Still on Facebook

1/10/2011 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin still has not removed the controversial target list map from her Facebook page -- the one that was posted back in March and features crosshairs all over a map ... and the name of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, among others.

Sarah Palin Crosshairs

Palin has been getting flack for the map in the wake of the Giffords shooting over the weekend. A Palin staffer defended the graphic, saying, "We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights ... It was simply crosshairs like you'd see on maps."

So we ask ...


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Just sayn    

This woman has no brain power...she is a good looking middle aged cheerleader who leads the frenzy of the disenchanted.
She too will pass into the haze of reality shows.
She has already failed as arm candy for VP....ran from her state's resposiblity to cover up what? Made her daughter and her baby's daddy laughing stocks and now she is planning the move to and see.

1350 days ago


Sarah Palin is not the only one that have Target Maps up of Congressmen. Daily Kos had a Target Map up and listed Gabrielle Giffords on it because she is a Blue Dog Conservative Democrat (Pro-Gun, Pro-Boarders, ex-Republican)but that map has been "Removed" from it's site. Also, just this last Thursday the DAILY KOS Published an article Tited "Giffords is Now Dead To Me" Of course the article has been "Removed" but can be found on Michelle Malkin's blog. So no, Sarah must keep her map up.

1350 days ago


To all of you insisting the map had nothing to do with the shootings, I have one question... how do you know? Have you talked to the gunman? Do you have a psychic link into his mind? Unless you have the proof, STFU.

1350 days ago


C'mon guys, please quit drinking the Obama/liberal coolaid. You call Palin every name in the book and you really don't know anything about her, other than the talking points you were fed by the MSM. The shooter alone is responsible.

1350 days ago


Again I ask...what does Sarah Palin have to do with this situation? It's kinda sad that the lefties have to make something of a situation that it's not. She could have used a "Pin the tail on a Donkey" to mark the spots on a map where the congressmen/women should be voted out of office and still been held above the fire. It's a no win situation with the democrats.

Most Democrats have instilled loathing hatred of the government in the minds of our youths for the last ten years. What did they think would happen? That everything teachers have taught their students, politicians ravenously raved to their constituants would vanish a year later and everyone would join hands to sing hymns once a Democrat president is elected?

This country is divided. Very divided. And it's sad that political mudslinging is used during a time when we should be mourning fellow Americans that lost their lives because of 1 delusional person.

If one decides to place blame for the violence in Arizona on Palin, then he/she needs to apply the same blame on Obama, who referred to his opposition within the past 60 days as "the enemy". Any 1 rabid supporter of Obama's could take that term "enemy" to heart, and target Obama's enemies with a gun or any other form of violence. The bottom line is no one is to blame here except for one demented and sick individual.

1350 days ago


Less not forget that Barry is the one said "bring a gun to a knife fight". Why not blame your sacred chosen messiah?

1350 days ago


If you want to know what the country will look like after the Tea Party is done with it, read this article. This is what Arizona looks like now that the Tea Party has had its way there.

Tea party in the Sonora:
For the future of G.O.P. governance, look to Arizona

It takes ten minutes to read but if you really want to know what Arizona is like now, it's a must read. This environment is how people like Loughner are created.

1350 days ago


Once again, how is disagreeing with Barry and his policies hate? Please tell me.

Posted at 9:48 AM on Jan 10, 2011 by Ldawg

Once again, as you have been educated numerous times, her speeches alluding to guns, "don't retreat, reload" and accusing President Obama of "palling around with terrorists" are exactly where this is coming from. You know this. You just choose to play ignorant. Trying to portray President Obama as an "outsider" who born in Kenya when the State of Hawaii has verified directly and through all agencies that he was born there, it is all a coordinated effort by the Tea Party to deligitimize this president because Sarah Palin lost.

Arizona is a perfect state for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. The encouragement there to carry a gun, the political environment is ripe for this.

1350 days ago


Jeannie...Of course the shooter isn't a normal person. Normal people don't shoot others for whatever reason. But abnormal people do get all riled up when they read or hear the hate spewed day after day by others. The Secret Service said Sarah was inciting violence back when she was spewing venom against Obama. Did he retaliate by doing the same thing? Of course not. It's time she give up politics and try to learn to live with al that anger she has boiling inside her.

1350 days ago


70, you have no idea what you are talking about. Palin has never brought up the eligibility issue concerning Barry. Obama does have people around him who are tied to terrorist, that is fact.

1350 days ago


Harvey, it WAS REMOVED from her fundraising site, SarahPac.

Also, take a look here

Could Palin have used any more violent language on the above post?

1350 days ago


70, Bill Aryers, Tony Rezko, etc. The man is surrounded and was raised by communists.

1350 days ago


So I guess "Target" Stores need to change their name also??

1350 days ago


75 good one

1350 days ago


Though the ultimate responsibility lies with the shooter, I think Sarah Palin along with all those that spew hate need to accept part of the responsibility here. Those with an audience need to choose their words and actions with a sense of moral responsibility. To do otherwise only serves to set the stage for violence like our nation just witnessed. Sadly for our nation, people like Palin, Beck and Limbaugh have shown themselves to be low moral fiber. I just wish people would wake up and stop listening to these idiots.

1350 days ago
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