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Alleged Arizona Shooter -- Crazy Rambling Videos

1/9/2011 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jared Lee Loughner -- the 22-year-old man who allegedly shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 17 other people -- posted a series of videos to YouTube within the past month ... and it's both shocking and crazy.

The videos are a series of written slides -- topics include the Constitution, dreams, currency and mind control.

Loughner's profile page on YouTube lists his school history, interests, and favorite books (including "Animal Farm," "Brave New World" and "Mein Kampf") -- all written in the past tense.


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He sounds perfectly sane, My Dear. At least compared to my tired old asz. I needs friends on FB. kimberlybubblesboots at yahoo. LYLAS

1386 days ago


Sounds like the Tea Party.

1386 days ago

MCPO Airdale    

Wonder why you left off "The Communist Manifesto" from the list of his favorite books?

1386 days ago


nothing is said about the constitution, and you left out his favorite book is the communist manefesto, he's a nut job, clearly a freak. God Bless all who were killed, injured.

1386 days ago


wow Jaye, your a sheep, "sounds like the tea party" where does it sound like the tea party, when you list your favorite book the communist manefesto your not with the tea party, this kid listed everything that covered the spectrum of the left AND right, nice job there TMZ trying to persuade a certain view by leaving out information.

1386 days ago


finally someone crazier than mel gibson

1386 days ago


The guy is clearly crazy. He should have been treated long ago. He also should never have had a firearm. The amazing thing is that none of the congresswoman's aides were armed in light of her being threatened in the past. If any had been the outcome might have been much different.
My condolences to the families of those murdered and wishes for a full and speedy recovery for the others involved. I would call them victims but we are all victims of a failed system that does not provide mental health treatment and allows this to happen.

1386 days ago


This person is NOT perfectly sane, I work in mental health and this guy has some severe delusions mixed with persectution and seemingly paranoia. Just because someone has good grammar does not make them sane, he falls within the age group of bipolar/schitzophrenics who often will experience their first psychotic break within. I am not defending what he did by NO means, it makes me sick that good people have died or been injured. However, it is wrong for the media to portray this guy as some intelligent political party member bent on revenge. He is sick plain and simple.

1386 days ago


If they are so passionate about entitlements and giving our country back to mexico, let them face the people like this nut job that are ready to take his piece back. Tuscon AZ is the armpit of the country looking like an extension of Tijuana. Its an absolute S Hole.

1386 days ago


"Firstly"...Really? The guy complains about people needing to improve in their English grammar, and he starts a sentence with "Firstly"? Not to mention, the mistakes in tenses that he makes are VERY noticeable...>=/

1386 days ago


Isn't it wonderful that democrats can now claim all republicans are insane killing machines?
Fabulous country to live in, while Mexico laughs at us.

1386 days ago


Oh my God...the "new coin" sketches make me laugh, and so does the abundance of unnecessary exclamation points. What a nutjob...>=/

1386 days ago


The news said he was a goth pot smoker...expalins a lot.

1386 days ago


another left wing loon! The books that he listed as favorites were communists and socialist writers. Lets not leave out mein kampf. Hates mexivcans and jews (this will be out soon). A girls twitter account says he was Left wing and very liberal when she went to school with him and in a band with him. A real left wing Nutjob does another killing and MSNBC tried its best to blame palin and the tea party. Of course so did the idiots on this board. They are all eating crow today.

1386 days ago

calvin Broadus    

Sounds like Mel's gal, Oxy...

1386 days ago
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