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Arizona Shootings -- Take A Stand

1/10/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Arizona shootings raises serious issues .... from Sarah Palin telling people to "reload," to banning automatic weapons. So we're taking your temperature.



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Not 1 arrest nor property damaged at ANY tea party protest. What about the G20, Union or environmental protests? Should those people somehow be held to a different standard? Limited government, fiscal responsibility, equal justice & freedom for ALL pretty much sums up what the tea party stands represents. I personally haven't seen any of the hate - can anyone please provide links to the proof? Some pictures maybe? What's happening in Greece, UK, Ireland right now - they are broke & people are going crazy - because they rely on the government and corrupt unions to take care of them, (give a fish/teach to fish) now they are screwed! They are trying to figure out what to do while our government is and has been trying to drag us further into the same system. Google Francis Fox Piven - what was the motivation? Do your own research and think for yourself. Both sides are responsible for putting the American people in this situation. It's time to step up to save our republic - through ideas, never violence. The good thing is we have history for reference. We should all be able to agree on what didn't work out too well... right?

1277 days ago


Sad that 45% of the people on this website think one person, Sarah Palin, helped cause this horrific crime. That 45% should be ashamed of themselves to use this tragedy to get at a person they dislike. Who really is the disgusting person here?

1277 days ago


It's time for some sober reflection. What is really important to us as a country?

1277 days ago


I CANNOT believe the number of educated stupid people in our country that want to blame Sarah Palin or anyone else for the actions of one deranged individual. I CANNOT believe that our media would allow such slanderish comments. NO one is to blame for the actions of this man but himself. Stop grasping at straws and admit that our country is no better off since Obama was appointed to office. This country is in trouble and needs to come together instead of dividing.

1277 days ago


WHO THE F PUTS A POLL UP THAT ASKS WHETHER A PUBLIC FIGURE IS TO BLAME FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S ACTIONS? ARE YOU EFFING RIDICULOUS TMZ? Stick with celebrity business and quit embarrassing yourself by getting political.

1277 days ago


The political "cross-hair" rhetoric of Palin, Angle, Beck, Limbaugh, Fox, and talk radio had everything to do with this. There is no hiding, The "bulls eye" is squarely on your backs for this tragedy. I have to ask, how does it feel to have the sights turned in your direction? I will assume with all the back pedaling being done of late, it's not feeling to good.

1276 days ago

bill stone    

As usual the democrats have seized an opportunity to hi-jack an unfortunante event, and use it to their political advantage. Nothing is too low for them! I personally don't think Sarah Palin would make a good president, but the notion that she (or anyone else) incited violence is total BULL****! She clearly said the words "this is not a call for violence". Her words were symbolic, and any educated, objective, free thinking citizen will can see it. Quit letting the media tell you what you think about something. Check out the facts for yourselves and draw educated conclusions. I would also add that if any of the responsible citizens attending the event had been equally armed they could have taken this idiot out before so many people died.

1273 days ago

Yvonne Tuttle    

Sarah Palin is not to blame for THIS act of violence, BUT it's just a matter of time before some nut job responds to her stupid, irresponsible comments in a similar way. There is no question in my mind that the Republicans are far most inciteful with there speech than Democrats, i.e.,"Don't retreat, reload"; "The purpose of the 2nd ammendment is to protect us from a tyranical government" etc. Palin, and the likes of her (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Shaun Hannity, Bill O'Reilly)are a wounding, divisive cancer to our society. They identify those pinheads that agree with them as the "real Americans". THINK ABOUT IT. Each of the above mentioned persons gets paid big bucks to keep their platform of hatred going. Their passion is for what fills their bank accounts, not for the good of this country. AND IT IS FOX NEWS THAT PROVIDES THEM THE PLATFORM. FOX NEW IS THE MOST UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED "new" channel on the airwaves. Everything is filtered to make the Democrats look bad and the Republicans look good. Only someone with no mind of their own could see that a a viable source of current events.

1267 days ago


Duh, automatic weapons are already illegal!!! Get your facts straight before you post a survey dumbass!!!!

1256 days ago
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