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'Dexter' Connection in Gruesome Vegas Murder

1/10/2011 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Dexter" -- the show about a charming serial killer -- was used as bait to lure a Las Vegas showgirl to her death ... this according to investigators.


According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, 31-year-old Deborah Flores-Narvaez told her roommate she was going to her boyfriend's house to watch "Dexter" on December 12 ... the last day she was seen alive.

Cops believe when Deborah got to her BF's house, the two got into a fight -- and the BF choked her to death. Cops believe the BF -- an alleged scumbag named Jason Griffith -- then chopped off her legs and buried her in cement in an effort to hide the body.

Eventually, Jason's roommate -- who was allegedly involved in hiding the body -- informed police about the killing and led cops to Flores-Narvaez's corpse.

Griffith was arrested and charged in connection with the murder -- and according to the Las Vegas Sun, he told police the killing was "not a premeditated thing."


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1389 days ago


Stripper or Dancer you should qualify. So it said Dexter so it qualifies for TMZ. Jeez you guys are idiots!!!

Seriously you idiots should go on "Smarter than a fifth grader"

1389 days ago


This is completely irrelevant. I watch Dexter & I am not going to kill someone. People will kill if they want to & what they watch & listen to does not effect that. To put blame on a TV show is ridiculous. Just like that teen that killed his brother & they blamed Dexter. Has anyone watched the show? Dex kills killers, not innocent people.

1389 days ago


That is the stupidest thing i have ever heard! It's not the tv show Dexter fault that the crazy guy ended up murdering his girlfriend! That's like saying Sarah Palin had something to do with the Arizona. Come on people get a life!!

1389 days ago


Heartbroken that another beautiful girl lost her life before she was able to leave such a volatile, violent relationship. I was this girl 5 years ago and barely managed facilitate both my and daughter's escape. We are beyond the point of judging Debbie. Leaving is the hardest thing to do, and unfortunately, she was taken before she could. Was she still pregnant when this happened? The mere thought sickens me.
My sincerest wish is that he be punished to the full extent of the law. Immunity for the roommate seems sketchy at best, and I'm unsure it's deserved. Helping her murderer hide her body, (even the people who turned him away), are all culpable in some way. Is their testimony enough to excise their deeds? These questiions must be answered and I'm not alone in bracing myself for the rest of the story. Something tells me we don't know everything yet.... :'(
Deepest condolences to those who TRULY loved her. She will live on in their hearts forever....
Rest In Paradise, Debbie... You truly are an angel now....

1389 days ago


The link to the show is lame and a more appropriate headline would be Showtime, I have it come watch it. It is sad that the choice of seeing her bf resulted in her death.

For those defending Dexter am I the only one to admit I love the show and have a tiny fantasy about it. In the event I am ever told to be terminal I will Dexterize myself and seek out those that are worthy of the plastic with an emphasis on child predators. Of course I do not anticipate that coming to fruition but it is a nice alternate universe back up plan no?

1388 days ago


What does this have to do with Sarah Palin?

I dont get how republicans use the mantra of personal responsibility in their code of ethics but whenever they, themselves needs to exercise that trait they run for the hills.

Plain and simple, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and many other conservatives have been throwing around terms like 2nd amendment solutions, succession (by force if necessary), over throwing a democratically elected government, "what my ballot wont do my bullets will"....and so on and so forth. Now that the very violence they suggested has happened every conservative in the union wants to play dumb and pretend as if the connection is all in our heads. I'm a conservative and I will say what I've been saying for 2 years, WE have gone too far with our rhetoric. I did not nor will I ever support Sarah Palin, she is just a cute face for the 40 something white male conservative to fawn over. If she looked anything like Rosie O'donnel with the same belief system no one would give a rat azz what she thought or said! Coming from a long time conservative, we need to stand up and accept reality; our actions and words tend to go too far and no one has the ballz to say so when it happens; we just stand and cheer. GOD IS NOT MOCKED; FOR WHAT A MAN SEWETH THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP; dont run now, lets stand and be accountable!

1388 days ago


I went to school with Debbie. This is a horrible. I hope he rots in jail forever.

1388 days ago

Shisha hookah    

It's ammazing of course it's pointless!And they even failed to make the obvious, hyperbolic leap - That clearly 'Dexter' influenced the "alleged s***bag".

1352 days ago
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