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New Fears Over Sarah Palin's Stalker

1/10/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man who's been legally ordered to stay away from Sarah Palin is causing a new wave of concern in Alaska -- after federal agents learned he plans to visit Sarah's home state in the very near future.

Sarah Palin Stalker

TMZ has learned ... 19-year-old Shawn Christy has told family members he plans to travel to Wasilla in the hopes of removing the restraining order issued against him last year after Sarah and her close friend Kristan Cole proved he sent them threatening emails and letters.

Now, Cole is launching a preemptive strike -- through the courts -- in the hopes of blocking Shawn from "dissolving" the restraining order.

Cole just filed new documents, obtained by TMZ, explaining how Shawn has continued to harass her and her family in the past few months ... and keeping the restraining order in place is essential to their safety.

Law enforcement sources tell us Shawn -- who lives in Pennsylvania -- has not been spotted in Alaska yet ... but he's already filed a motion to remove the protective order.


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Sarah only cares when it effects her family and friends. Notice she does not mind posting crosshairs on districts of her rivals, but when someone is stalking her, that is a bad thing that needs to be taken up with the courts (stay away orders etc...) Sarah, how about the golden rule? Don't do anything to anyone that you wouldnt want done to you. I do believe sarah's stomach is turning a little in anticipation of KARMA.

1383 days ago


#6, why don't you shut up. You won't move to Canada just like the rest of the libtards who said the same thing when GB got elected again.

Please though, do move to Canada, although I'm sure they don't want you either.

1383 days ago


Nice to see that Sarah will soon be the new villiage idiot, right behind Giffords....just supply them with drool bibs and Depends...

1383 days ago


So did Sarah take down the targets and then, put the map back up? Sarah should take that 2nd season of her reality show, but the producers will demand more drama and for Todd and Sarah to mix it up, spice it up, snark at each other or the kids to act up...that's what reality shows do...Discovery/TLC seem to like breaking up families, they enjoy exploiting people and taking narcissistic type personalities and poking them, encouraging to be even more narcissistic. You just watch...Kate 2.0
The media in this country needs to get its act together, along with everyone who spews hate, it doesn't matter what your politics are ...what your color is, what your beliefs are..hate is hate and SOLVES nothing. And yeah, Sarah and friends need to clean up their act. They should have gotten a clue from that DWTS TV that was shot out, unstable people do dangerous things at times. Wasn't Bristol watched closely? Sarah shouldn't act like only she and her family is in danger, while she puts out targets on people. Narcissistic.

1383 days ago


OMG would she just go crawl back under the rock she came from???
Let us be done with Sarah.

1383 days ago


To Number 15: "I wonder how Sarah Palin would feel if a map was published with a cross hairs over her house in Alaska? Would she be upset? Would she be okay if a year later and multiple questions as to it's existence, if they tried to say it was a surveyor mark after a nine year old child was killed? I don't wish ill to her but it's hard to feel sorry for her when she's been doing it to others with such glee."

Unnoted by Giffords then, or Krugman now, is the routine use of similar language and imagery by both parties in a culture obsessed with "battleground" states. Indeed, a nearly identical map, included in a Democratic Leadership Committee publication in 2004, featured nine bullseyes over regions where Republican candidates were considered vulnerable that year, and was accompanied by a caption reading: TARGETING STRATEGY. A smaller caption, beneath the bullseyes, read: BEHIND ENEMY LINES. The map illustrated an article on campaign strategy by Will Marshall of the Progressive Policy Institute.

You should really try to educate yourself, rather than assessing blame like the far left wacko faction.

1383 days ago


Die hard republicans die hard. They deserve it too.

1383 days ago


What we give out comes back threefold. That is not silly superstition but the way the Universe actually works. We are here on Earth to evolve and to grow spiritually in the school of hard knocks. Our karma (the results of our words and actions) comes back to us as an inherent feedback mechanism in our lives. Have you ever heard of the golden rule? Every sage has preached it. It says do onto others what you want done to you. Most people...especially brainwashed "christian" Americans, are ignorant of the fact that the golden rule works in reverse. Palin has a whole lot of evil and darkness coming her way...and she earned it. The very same things she gave out...fear, terror, shame, hate, racism, bigotry, and intolerance...will come back to her 3 fold.

1383 days ago

E Ferrari    

People who are genuinely concerned about a stalker never publicize it while the situation is ongoing because real stalkers take that as encouragement. Fyi.

1383 days ago


Really TMZ, no one cares about Sarah Palin, but you run this article to deflect the bad press she is getting over this weekends tragic events. Lets spend time on the real victims, not trying to make Palin a victim.

1383 days ago


#6 writes the facts. Time for the god squad to wake up and smell the coffee. You are not more patriotic or holier than thou, no matter how much you think God and Jesus love you and your guns and war. And you are certainly not fair and balanced. If you have to keep repeating it, it can't be true. Jesus would have been branded a liberal and detested by you. Truth hurts.

1383 days ago

artie help    

any one who disagrees with me is wrong.

1383 days ago

patricia adler    

i hope sarah will keek bristol in alaska, i fear for her safety. people are crazy! blaming sarah for the shootings . this guy met her in 2007! I LOVE SARAH AND HER FAMILY.

1383 days ago


My what convenient timing...

1383 days ago


I'm a fool for God and Jesus. I admire a woman who has a handicapped child like I do. I mourn for all the lives lost and for the insane man who is someone's child. I pray for the President although I didn't vote for him. I have a gun AND a license AND am beginning to believe I may need it for more than target practice one day. I guess the only thing I am not is a hater... You can not reason with go to the bathroom look in the mirror and throw down your stones...

1383 days ago
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