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Ricky Romance -- Chris Brown Is a 'Humgruffin'

1/13/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Singer Ricky Romance has finally issued an apology for threatening to shoot Chris Brown, but in order to understand what the hell he's talking about, you're gonna need a dictionary ... unless you know what the word "nanocephalous" means.


Ricky never apologizes directly to Brown -- instead, he uses all sorts of fancy language to attack Chris ... who famously feuded with Ricky's famous brother Raz B last month.

Among the terminological gems -- fallaciloquences, nanocephalous, macrotus and humgruffin.

Here's the "apology" in full ... good luck:

"I would like to extend my most sincere apologies to the elderly and youth of our nation for my sudden acrasial message of violence towards other individuals of unimportance."

I must eclaircise any misunderstandings that I am a Man of irrational aggression and behavior.

In no way am I attempting to justify my actions towards persons of high immaturity levels and hypocritical methods of “becoming a better person,” I was wrong.

My unexpected reaction to fallaciloquences embellished with deceitful humgruffin cover-ups and unnecessary remarks towards my younger brother enraged me.

I couldn’t seem to fathom how a immature nanocephalous adult raglan tailored ex-batman and a jean maillot wearing macrotus, labrose, kazachoc like dancing, woman beater callent could make such comments and pass judgment to an abuse victim.

At the moment I was infuriated. Please let my actions be as a lesson as what not to do. You must vastate yourself to aggression and search for other solutions before reacting.

Threatening closet coward human beings only leads their tearful plea for restraining orders, desperate cries for help from “affiliating gang bangers”, and countless whiney excuses -I.E. “she hit me first!!” to the media and courts, which could possibly result unwanted circumstances.

As for the once semi high powered homosexual perverts, molesters and child rapists of the Industry, I vaticinate justice will be brought to you on Judgment Day.

I leave this to God though. Please except my apology, obviously knowing the message can always be heard if ears are around . Thank you. “

- Ricky Romance


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Ok so this guy is a FRIGGIN MORON. Half of the words he used dont exist in the dictionary. Trust me I checked. Or if they do exist he altered them in a way that he thought had meaning but makes them nonsense.

1345 days ago


Tmz, why are you still giving this nothing shine. Ricky Romance and his brother is still seeking attention. This is the most we have heard of a person whom we knew nothing about a month ago. Ricky and his brothers fifteen minutes of fame ended last month. He continues to do say anything stupid to keep his name and his brothers relevant... please Mr. Romance go and crawl back under the slimy rock you came from under. I hope Chris Brown don't take the bait on this crap again! Get a number 1 song, then come back and talk s***!

1345 days ago


@Whamo~ I concur!

1345 days ago


Mistake,wrong person @Whamo, didn't mean to go along with what you said.... I was attempting to acknowledged what someone else said.... no disrespect!

1345 days ago


It's a perfect example of someone overcompensating, to cover up their complete lack of true knowledge. I'm a pretty smart person. But I'm also mature and humble enough to know that, no matter how fancy a word doesn't represent your education. He's just tryong to "one-up" Chris. " Look at me, I'm smarter than him, so THERE!" Fail.

1345 days ago


He can use all the fancy words he wants, doesn't make a difference... you can put a tuxedo on a goat... but he's still a goat...

1345 days ago


I just love how this neanderthal tries to use the dictionary to appear smart. In real life he could never even pronounce these words, or even recall how they're supposed to be said in a cohesive sentence. The fool is a wannabe loser.

1345 days ago


That is what you get when an idiot tries to act edumacated!!!

1345 days ago



i guess we just have to read b/t the

this guy wasn't apologizing to Brown...he was apologizing to others for Brown...

is this Eubonics? thought that "language" was dead!

it was funny though, calling Brown all kinds of "names" i didn't understand, perhaps secret "language" among his homeboys...but he got to call Brown all sorts of names in his own "words" and saying he is sorry to others for Brown's behavior and that he should not confront or expect anything less from a woman beater...

btw, is that how they talk in the music/rap industry?

1345 days ago


Guess what all of the words including humgruffin (which means a terrible or repulsive person) are in the dictionary. The word he uses "kazachoc" is just spelled wrong - should be kazachok and does refer to dancing. I suggest you all look them up and broaden your vocabulary. LOL

1345 days ago


Another successful graduate capable of seeking any type of employment besides "rapping" and "banging". Put this man on are you smarter than a fifth-grader, dumb down the show even further just for him, and his seat would not even have a chance to get warm. So sad, really.

1345 days ago


Sounds just like Damon Wayan's prison character on "In Living Color".

1345 days ago


is he by any chance schizophrenic? if so, the bizzarre word salad might just be pragmatic usage...
stay away from the English are hurting it!

1345 days ago


i LOVE how he sends his little fake "PR PRESS RELEASE" apology for his rude threats and whatnot yet on his twitter page he definatly has threats to other people and

1345 days ago

Chi-city momma    

ummmm, huh?!?!?

1345 days ago
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