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Alleged Lindsay Victim to Cops: How Dare You!

1/13/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the former Betty Ford worker who was allegedly attacked by Lindsay Lohan has fired off a letter of outrage to the Riverside County District Attorney, after authorities secretly went to the worker's home this morning to grill her over the incident.

Lindsay Lohan Victim

Members of the D.A.'s office went to Dawn Holland's home this AM to get a statement from her about the incident, even though her lawyer, Keith Davidson has repeatedly told authorities she wanted no part of it.

In the letter, Davidson says he wrote cops a letter last month and had a follow up conversation stating that Holland "does not desire prosecution of Ms. Lohan and that any communication with Ms. Holland is to go through my office."

Davidson is indignant authorities went to Holland's home without even giving him the heads up, calling it "a blatant attempt to stomp on the 6th Amendment [right to counsel]."


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Poster #6: The correct governmental regulation department is not HIPPA, rather HIPAA.

1328 days ago


"Further, I cannot presently foresee a set of cir***stances wherein I would not advise Ms. Holland to refrain from answering any questions posed by any government agent about the incident"

Is counsel for Ms. Holland really advising Detective Neagles that Ms. Holland will not be cooperating with any investigation, and then expecting returned "professional courtesy" by having all communication with Ms. Holland go through his office?

Or am I misunderstanding their use of a triple-negative? "I do not see when I would not advise Ms. Holland to not talk"?

1328 days ago


# 3 - you're kind of scary.

As for this article, whether Holland wants to or not, if they are investigating whether Lindsay broke probation, then she has to answer questions. And Dawn, sweetie, don't go mouthing off. You won't get away with stuff like Lindsay has. If I were you, I'd do exactly what the cops ask me to.

1328 days ago


Does anyone really think any of these addicts are going to lie for Lindsay if this ends up in court? No way. They are all praying right now that it just gets dropped, and they're doing everything possible to make it happen. How does Dawn explain her worker's comp claim if there was no assault? Is she really going to lie when she's called to testify? I hope she got enough money to cover her attorney's costs and compensate for any jail time she gets.

1328 days ago


This lady definately took a payoff from Lohan, and judging by the way this lady is now sheltering Lindsay, it musta been a beaut.

1328 days ago


@ 18 Ginger

Maybe in Russia or some other place you have to answer the cops questions but here in America we have "THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT".

Doing exactly what the cops ask you to do is a perfect way to find yourself behind the eight ball.

Any defense lawyer will tell you that talking to the cops is a bad idea the best advice you can get and heed is keep your mouth shut.

1328 days ago


If this went to trial, the prosecution would not only get stomped, they would get Roflstomped. What kinda amateur hour B.S. is thing? These guys need to get a clue and go away. As I've said before, Holland gave/sold a Betty Ford medical docu-ment deemed to be confidental to TMZ. Her conduct in doing so was both unprofessional and unethical. That's why Betty Ford justly fired her. However, it was also illigal for Holland to have leaked that docu-ment. She accepted a payout somewhere between $10,000-15,000. So, it was TMZ that, in a sense, paid for Holland's silence. It was not Lindsay or her people. The moment that Holland took that money it became virtually impossible for Lindsay to be successfully prosecuted. Holland would have been discredited instantly in court for having taken that money.

1328 days ago


And somwhere, buried within the comments section, Dina Lohan is screaming her head off about her precious daughter's rights and how awful the police are and just let it go, blah blah blah bleh.

Hope they nail her, Dina. Just sayin'.

1328 days ago


Sounds like harassment charges need to be filed by Lilo and Ms. Holland aganist the DA and Investigator and aganist them as individuals

1328 days ago


Riverside for a vey long time has done things by their book not by the law.

1328 days ago

This woman got paid off big time. Where are the security tapes at BFC? I bet Loony Lohan's people confiscated all the tapes showing that night in question...mmmm! If I was working that county's D.A., I would investigate these tapes if LiLo or victim strike first. It doesn't matter anyway because Judge Fox don't the stones sent her back in jail for 180+days. To me her career is ruin except for the Adult "Blue" Films

1328 days ago


It is not within the juristiction of the D.A., or the police department of this city to investigate whether or not Lindsay committed a probation violation, by the way. For comment #18's sake. They can only really investigate whether she committed a crime. I mean, technically, the can do whatever they want, obviously, but they are way overstepping their bounds here if they are trying to investigate her for probation violations.

Word is that they sent their report to Lindsay's probation judge and Lindsay's judge basically ignored it. Which is what he should have done, by the way. If she's charged with a crime, the judge won't ignore that, obviously. But whatever claims were made in that report concerning potential probation violations that Lindsay may have committed, that part the judge essentially ignored. Because the Palm Desert Police Department doesn't have any actual power to investigate Lindsay in that manner.

1328 days ago


@ 23 Dumas1000

Your right and what if: Lindsay makes a formal criminal complaint about violations of HIPPA against the police, TMZ, and Betty Ford. Then follows it up with a civil suit against all three for the same.

The police would have to turn over all their evidence gathered and face criminal actions if they did not protect her information properly, TMZ would be twisting in the wind for publishing that do***ent, and Betty Ford would be in just as bad a position for their actions because one of their employees sold the do***ent.

If push comes to shove they will be begging to be allowed to drop their case against her in exchange for her dropping hers.

1328 days ago

Note to Holland's lawyer: how much is Lindsay Lohan is paying you? I know that Holland don't have money to retain your services...mmm! Plus you should know that D.A. can proceed with this investigation without your client's participation in the case. How dumb you are? You suppose to be a lawyer.

1328 days ago


I think the original letter sent contradicts itself and gives permission to ask questions. Leave Lindsay alone and let her heal.

1328 days ago
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