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Suze Orman -- Octomom Only Had $300 to Her Name!

1/14/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman went on "Oprah" this morning with her personal financial adviser Suze Orman -- who explained that Octo's financial situation was so bad last year ... she only had $300 to her name.

Suze's been teaching Octo how to save up ... and during the show, she also got Nadya to reluctantly admit that she had a "baby addiction" when she decided to fill herself up with embryos.

Octo also revealed that she made $1,500 during her infamous garage sale a few months back.

As for Octo's financial future -- Nadya told O she's simply looking to get by because she doesn't want to get rich ... insisting, "I love my dilapidated van."


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Gay drama unfolding

1345 days ago


Americas tax dollors at work
bet she clears a few grand a month on checks from uncle sam every month

1345 days ago


This ignorant pathetic excuse for a mother should have her kids taken away. Why does she go on TV? Does she think we are all as stupid as she is and we are going to send her money? HELL NO!

Of course, Calif Welfare System will be taking care of them for 18 years.

What a LOSER!!!

1345 days ago


Having all those babies was wrong, but whats done is done.

Just do the nude thing for the $$, what worse things can they say about you. You need money for your kids, just do it for goodness sake. Who cares. If they havent seen it yet maybe its time. Good Luck-

1345 days ago

artie help    

oprah and suze are 69ing

1345 days ago


Why can't we bring back the debtor's prisons like they used to have in England?

1345 days ago


TMZ...what is with all of the misfits and freaks you are posting stories about today?

1345 days ago


So why was she out shopping a week after this film? Why is she STILL shopping at Legos, Disney, Yogurtland (2-3x per week @ $40 per pop). If she's broke, I'm Mother Theresa.

1345 days ago


i bet she could save a lot more money by NOT hiring suze orman as a personal advisor...i'm sure she isn't cheap! just a thought...

1345 days ago


who cares

1345 days ago


Poor Nadya, she must be pretty desperate to sit on that stage with two of the most exploited individual known to men. I hope they aren't just lecturing this poor woman for ratings, giving the people (haters) what they want. (To rip Nadya apart) She doesn’t need people anger or hate. She need money otherwise, I don’t think she would put herself though this with Oprah or Suz. She’s must be pretty desperate if she reached out to them. She’s trying to save her family and I can understand that, regardless if she put herself in this predicament or not. She cares and wants to protect and keep her family safe obviously and going to the big dogs on TV proves it. I just hope they can, at least help Nadya get back on her feet. No, not hands out, I mean give her a job, find her one in California that will work around her caring for her kids, loan her the money. Oprah is about exploitation, makes her money and got filthy rich off exploiting people personal lives on her show. She won't help you unless she can exploit you. As for Suze, I'm surprise at her, I really am. Considering she was once broke, poor and living in a van for 3 yrs and people donated and loaned her money to open up her own restaurant and she used the money to invest in some scheme that went belly up and was unable to pay everybody off. Suze was lucky enough to sue and get the money back and pay all those people 7 thousand of dollars back. Now she's a successful business advisor... Oprah and Suze are getting ratings for Oprah networks; I sure hope Nadya is getting something out of letting them exploit her on this show today. Help the woman or leave her be!

1345 days ago

This crazy bitch (Octomom) gambled having 8 babies on a reality show. And Oprah never pays for intreviews.

1345 days ago


i have less than $300 to my name......

1345 days ago

Sheriff Rusty    

$300? thats still more than alot of American families have who don't have 160... kids and don't receive handouts from everyone

1345 days ago


She knew darn well when she spit out all of those kids that she was looking for a big pay day. She expected praise and sympathy all at the same time and it didn't pay off like she'd hoped.....oh she won't pop out any more babies, because at the end of the day no one really cares.

1345 days ago
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