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Suze Orman -- Octomom Only Had $300 to Her Name!

1/14/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman went on "Oprah" this morning with her personal financial adviser Suze Orman -- who explained that Octo's financial situation was so bad last year ... she only had $300 to her name.

Suze's been teaching Octo how to save up ... and during the show, she also got Nadya to reluctantly admit that she had a "baby addiction" when she decided to fill herself up with embryos.

Octo also revealed that she made $1,500 during her infamous garage sale a few months back.

As for Octo's financial future -- Nadya told O she's simply looking to get by because she doesn't want to get rich ... insisting, "I love my dilapidated van."


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So this seals the deal then, Natalie/kimba10/MsSarcia: No more donations. No more tuning into watching you crumble. No more paying you any mind or feeling sorry for you. No more of that stuff, because you are now fully aware of your condition and your problem.

If you're lucky, you'll wind up in the street with your kids. Only then will CPS intervene, take them from you, and place them in loving, supportive homes. And only then will you get the help you need... or remain homeless.

I grew up in a violent household, with a drug abuser in the house. I'm not an a-hole because of that.

Your fate is entirely up to you, not your mother. Get over it.

1342 days ago


that is what a family does. That is what a father does to protect their young no matter how old they are or how grown. Family comes first and if has to help feed and shelter his family, he will do it because that's the kind of man ---kimba10

Oh, so a father is an integral part of a family and feeds and shelter his family, Really? Do tell.

You know that it only matter of time before it comes out that the father of the older six is very probably an extremely well off doctor who could easily be supporting his own kids he deliberately spawned and walked away from. Doesn't he live in the next town over? He'snot Kamrava, either. and IMO this was never anything but a side shoot of another business transaction.
And you are right, the older kids do look just like him. And they are about three years away from seeking him out, I'll bet.

Funny how neither Orman or Oprah got around to discussing the responsibilities of the father(s). The babies very possibly come from several family men who had no idea that their left-over sperm was used without their authority.
Why didn't Oprah ask about that?
Why doesn't TMZ, for that matter?

1342 days ago


Nadya, I hope you end up on the streets you F'ing lunatic!

1342 days ago


Kimba10/Natalie/Nadya/Octo Tard/Octo Turd:

Stop ranting and hating on your mother. You are a grown azz adult. Your parents do not owe you a g.d. thing. Both of your parents have gone above and way beyond what 99.9 percent of parents would do with a mental head trip POS like you for a daughter.

Why are you spending so much time and energy on your mother? Don't you have enough to worry about? You have financial problems and 14 children to worry about, yet you spend 90% of your time on this board spewing hatred at your mother. You act like an immature 7th grader.

Both of your parents should wash their hands of you. You need to figure this out on your own. You made this huge mess, now go clean it up. Your mother has run herself into b.k. for you, has babysat small children and babies when she is in her '70's for you, yet you STILL biotch her out. Nothing is ever enough for you, which is exactly what you biotch Angela out about. You say that nothing was ever enough for her.

Why don't you try growing up and acting like an adult for once in your life? 90% of the people on this board can tell you horror stories about their mothers, their fathers or both. Do you think you are the only person in the world who grew up in a less than ideal household? As a matter of fact I would guess that 90% of the people on the planet grow up in less than ideal households. The difference between YOU and the rest of the world is that most people grow up, move out, become self supporting, marry and have children if that is what they want, and are not a burden to their parents when they are in their '30's. You act like your parents OWE you something. What do they owe you anyway? They don't owe you shiat after you turn 18. Do YOU want your 14 children to live with you, eat your food, take your money and make YOUR life a misery when they are well into their '30's?

OMG...get over it, grow the eff up, stop spending unglodly amounts of money you don't have, stop lying through your teeth about anything and everything, stop acting like you are some sort of a "celebrity", stoping thinking about yourself 24/7 and try giving those 14 kids of yours the same time and attention you give to YOURSELF.

Your parents have done nothing but enable you your entire life and because of their enabeling behavior, you are the way you are. They are not blameless in this trainwreck. They both need to change their phone mumbers and disown you.

1341 days ago


As a matter of fact I would guess that 90% of the people on the planet grow up in less than ideal households--sammy

Realistically I'd say more like 98 percent.
One thing I can tell you that you don't figure into this skidmark is that she is the late-life child of immigrants from two different cultures. Neither of which are known for paying much attention to kids.

I come from one of those too. Although we were more affectionate, the child has a fixed home duty-filled traditional role in it. Also, both of her cultures so do not condone slutty exhibitionism. She'd be seen as less than a dollar whore in either place.
I don't know what to tell you about that other than it is a classic check-off on the list of narcissistic personality disorder.

Her parents are at fault for knowing she is severely mentally ill and not placing far tighter restrictions on her. She should have been declared incompetent at the birth of the third child since it was obvious by then she has very little grasp on reality and lives on the edge of it in a delusional state made a lot worse by her chronic drug use. Which may have been going on for a very long time. Decades. Including pregnancies.

She's not very bright, but she's crafty. And plays upon her arrested development which I suspect is not as drastic as she makes it seem . Being young is to her a built in excuse to not be responsible. With 14 kids.

People who have NPD are known for cobbling together intricate plots, either for money or some bizarre form of satisfaction. It's jailbird stuff.

Smart criminal sociopaths don't get caught. Like Madoff who never did get caught--he surrendered himself. Foolishly inept ones don't-- and will never-- understand how they got caught. That's why they are delusional

You really do have to be literally clinically crazy to appear drugged both on the View and on Oprah. Her pupils were the size of olives and her reactions were so tellingly erratic..

She grew up in exactly the very worst place to raise a sociopath. the poor edge of Orange County-a very rich place. A materialistic, trade sex for money nowhere pit stop in the middle of all the haves places. And she has always known she'll never have a chance to have anything other than to grift for it.
This doesn' t make her at all special. This pretty much defines your average prisoner of a first degree crime. ..

She's always known she was at best the pretty side of plain, not very smart---obviously- and utterly without talent, taste or wit.
All that she has to distinguish her are the elements of her craziness-- famewhoreship, a slutty presence to make herself stand out no matter how ironically far more homely this has made her, spending on peculiarly junky things she pathetically thinks have some sort of status value.
Although anyone wealthy --like Kate Gosselin who quickly learnt to have taste--would cringe at the thought of being around any of her relentlessly sleazy crappe. She is like the before of before in all those taste quizzes.

I also think she senses she has always been a misfit and has determined that society would pay for making her that way. Not that they have, but because sociopaths have no concept of accepting responsibility---one of Oprah's big themes--for their own behavior . Teyare victims -- no matter wat they perpetrate. . So maiming and stealing from and neglecting 14 kids makes her a persecuted mother who needs all the potty--not that bunch of maimed kids she can't tell apart-- as she has always preferred to portray herself other posts. As she sees it he deserves all that cosmetic surgery. That baby, well, why bother? he's worthless in terms of media value. .
She really does belong in some sort of institution where her neglect can't hurt any more children.

In closing, I'll just add it is a legal disgrace of the most fundamentally reprehensible sort that her lawyer is well aware of her insanity and has done nothing at all to help all those kids be properly nurtured.
Instead his behavior on Valentine's Day says everything you need to know about what a parasitical bottom-feeder he is. Why his wife, Susan Czech, a Palestinian-American from the same culture as Octomom's father, enables this whole x-rated side-show is beyond understanding of any sort.

1341 days ago



With all your spelling and grammatical errors, it's really getting more and more difficult to read your tripe. You're not the only one though. Donedonedone? I love your posts and thoughts but it's "Pulitzer Prize" not "Pullet Surprise". :)

Anyway, Kimber, did you not hear where Nadya admitted on NATIONAL TV that she was addicted to having babies? Oh, but I suppose you'll say Suze Orman "forced" her to say that and she was only telling her what she wanted to hear. If so, that makes her a LIAR. All this talk about her having tons of kids to fill some meaningless void in her life is nothing but idiot psycho-babble. We ALL have "voids" in our life but most of us don't go having kids we can't afford to support to fill them and then expect others to bail them out because they were stupid enough to think that having 14 kids was just a "mistake". If you have serious psychological issues, you go see a shrink and not a fertility doctor. My 16-year old daughter is smarter than that.

1341 days ago


love your posts and thoughts but it's "Pulitzer Prize" not "Pullet Surprise". :)

Well, Who knew?
Thanks I'll keep that in mind next time I win one.

Although really it is my damn spellcheck's fault that it says potty instead of pity up there.
I promise not to proofread while I am on the phone again.

1341 days ago


I finally figured out who would stand to gain the most from spamming Orman and Oprah. 1000, yes you read that right, spammed posts alone.
Certainly no literary agent would ever do this to Oprah and expect to keep going on in business.

But then there is Steve Hirsch, the porn guy who is making a bogus offer to buy Suleman's' house and garner lots of free publicity from the process. Of course he and Suleman cooked this up together. They've known each other at least as long as her being at the tattoo parlor he owns that was videoed on Radaronline.

Well this gives him one better. These posts are an attempt to strong-arm Oprah into giving Suleman her own show. In which he, after buying that house, would have a likely recurring role as the landlord. And best of all, he'd be indirectly controlling Oprah Winfrey.

It takes big bucks to spam around 1000 posts.. Suleman doesn't have it. Her lawyer doesn't either.. But Steve Hirsch does. I am also sure that Oprah figured that out way before I did.

And Oprah will not be pleased. Octomaim just kissed it all goodbye twice over.

1341 days ago


Posted at 10:19 PM on Jan 15, 2011 by Mike

Um it's Kimba not kimber. C'mon what is this? I'm being graded on spelling and grammar on a gossip website message board by a bunch of "wannabe's" that makes just as much spelling and grammar errors as I do? One would think you have better things to do with your time then to sit here and play teacher and Doc, especially since you claimed to have a teenage daughter, Mike. No offense, but I suggest you spend less time correcting posters spelling/grammar and more time focusing on your trouble teen that could be out there getting high or giving free BJ’s to avoid the problems she is having with a father who is stuck on a message board talking crap about others and Nadya Suleman instead of giving her the love and attention she needs. Never know these days. Just saying...

did you not hear where Nadya admitted on NATIONAL TV that she was addicted to having babies?
Actually I heard Nadya say, now "NO" she's not addicted to babies, back then "PROBABLY" yes. But I guess you and Suze bullying, ignorant arse wasn't paying attention. Suze too busy trying to get the audience approval and applauds. UGH! Not that I thought Nadya lied about a thing. But just to make this clear, so are you trying to tell me/us, you and Suze Orman never told a lie in your whole lives, huh?

All this talk about her having tons of kids to fill some meaningless void in her life is nothing but idiot psycho-babble.
Oh—so now you are a human lie detector? You are not only an English 101 teacher, but you are a quack too? Some poor imitation of a psychiatric wannabe, sitting on your butt in front of your computer on a message board trying to psycho-analyze everything Nadya Suleman think, say and do. You know Nadya better then she knows herself too? Because Suze claimed the same thing, wanting us all to believe her, yet she out Nadya only having $300.00 to her name but not the secretive stuff the HATERS wanted to really know about. GMAB!

We ALL have "voids" in our life but most of us don't go having kids we can't afford to support to fill them and then expect others to bail them out because they were stupid enough to think that having 14 kids was just a "mistake".
You are absolutely right Dr. Mike, most of us who can't fill the "voids' in our lives, instead of going out and having babies we can’t afford. Most of us go out and become prostitutes, drug dealers, child molester, in and out of prison and rehabs; smoke crack and other illegal "drug paraphernalia" we can't afford, but that is okay because we’ll just go out and rob, steal and kill to get it. Most of us rape, beat up on our spouses and significant others, abuse, abandon and neglect our children then blame it on our childhood-parents, we get inebriated DUI. Most of us become Andrea Yate and Susan Smith. We go on murder killing spree like Charlie Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer and to really fill our void, we become Robert Hawkins and go on a mall killing spree; most of shoot up our schools (teachers/students) like Columbine. We kiss our families and go off to work, only to drive to an Amish school and shoot up 5 innocent little children and then off ourselves to avoid the hole in our lives like Charles Carl Roberts IV. To fill the voids in our empty lives most of us become the Mendes brothers and Jared Lee Lougner. Some of us commit suicide like the body Peter Fonda found in a car, while most of commit “murder suicide”.

You get where I’m going with all this or do I have to spell it out for you, Mike? Yeah I better...Mike, there are far worse things Nadya could have done to fill the "voids" in her life other then having babies she couldn’t afford to have, yet unconditionally loves them all. (Try any numerous of things I listed above) Last time I check Mike, having babies while on government dole is not a crime.

You said; “If you have serious psychological issues, you go see a shrink and not a fertility doctor.” Easier said then done or we all be wearing halos, just ask a known crack head or an alcoholic. FYI not everybody who has problems can admit they have one, doc. That's why we have terrorist, wars and crimes.

1341 days ago


Oh there's one more thing I forgot, Mike. Most of us to fill the voids burried deep within our lives, sits on TMZ and other message board full of rage, anger and hate and say such nasty disgusting things about Ms. Nadya Suleman and her young children like dondonedone, Alvin, Deb, Me, peanut santiago, bellestarr, Sammy, bruno, snow white and yes even YOU, just to name a few--most of whom I believe sign in under multiple of names to match their warp personality and sick sense of humor as they repeat their ignorance, hateful ranting and triade. Yet never seek "serious psychological help" from a strink. Wonder why? :)

1341 days ago


DUMB DUMB DUMB...all of us probably got more kids than we can handle..can any of us stay with our kids or get sick without it financially hurting.. so you judgemental a holes.. just think if we start looking at your financials you would like pretty dumb.. I actually saw the show most of you didnt and it was exploitive.. SHE came with her BS,but in the process allour bs got exploited. NO ONW HIRED SUZE ORMAN>> dumb asses.. I think sometimes people post what they want so they think they have a voice.. just dumb... so I guess don't feed the kids.. send them to foster care and sit in the system while you all judge that too

1341 days ago


No Kimba/Nadya/Octo Stupid:

Most people do NOT become a Charlie Manson to "fill a void". Most people do not become prostitutes, drug addicts, go on a mall killing spree, become the Mendenez brothers or all the other idiotic things you claim. Only 3% of men and 1% of women are sociopathic. You dear Kimba/Natalie/Nadya/Octo Idiot are in that 1% of woman, so see, your really ARE special!

99% of woman don't have what you have, which is a an anti social personality disorder.

You care not one wit that your kids are neglected. You care not one wit that you have blown thousands of dollars on nose jobs, lip jobs, tummy tucks, breast implants, lipo, mink eyelashes manicures, pedicures, clothes, cosmetics, etc for YOURSELF, while your child has a cleft lip that you IGNORE. You stated on this board that "you can't really notice his lip". What an azzhole you are!

I will state that that the Oprah show was a joke. Suze Orman is the LAST person who should be giving out financial help to anyone. She wasted time trying to get you to admit that you are "addicted to babies". We already know that. We already know that you suffer from severe mental illness. I wonder why she did not call you on your hundreds and hundreds of financial lies? She claimed to "know more about your finances than you do". Why didn't she reveal what she knows?

About the only thing she called yo on was the fact that you flat out lied and said that you paid for the IVF by "saving for years for it". Yeah, riiiight. You can't save a nickle now, are we supposed to really believe that you saved money for years from a $12.00 an hour job that you held for less than 18 months?

Watching that showing was deeply distrubing on so many levels. The first thing is the fact that Suze caught you flat out lying about where you got the money for the IVF. You are a deeply disturbed young woman who needs REAL professional help, not the whatever it was the Oprah show was trying to give you. Instead of writing Oprah a letter begging her for money, which is what you really wanted from her, why don't you seek REAL proessioal help? You have Medi Cal, which means you get FREE medical care. Go get some help!

As a Califoria taxpayer, I would like nothing better than to see my tax dollars go to get you professional help so that you stop behaving in the way that you behave. Don't you know that it's wrong to go on Oprah begging and crying that you don't have any money for your kids and then turn right around and spend $50.00 for frozen yogurt? You did this least TWICE!!! Don't you think it's wrong to cry poor and then go to Disney and buy toys at the Lego store?

Of course you don's see anything wrong with this kind of behavior, which is why you need professioal help.

At the very least Suze should have stated that you need a court appointed conservatorship so that you cannot continue to blow money on yourself and then turn around and are in danger of being homeless. You are so mentally ill that you don't see that it is more important to pay the rent than it is to go to Disneyland, the MAC counter or buy expensive frozen yogurt.

The State of California needs to step up and either make those kids wards of the court of at the very least set up a conservatorship to manage the Octo Retards money since she has the money management skills of a 7 year old.

1341 days ago


Oh Sammy cut the eff'n crap, YOU ARE NOT EMPLOYED and you never were! You hang on this thing 24/7 filling the board with nothing but hate, jealousy and lies about Nadya Suleman and accusing/confusing me of being her. I don't feel sorry for Nadya, I feel sorry for you and people who act and think like you. Perhaps you are really jealous of Nadya that she had what you always wanted and can't have. And that is beautiful children to love and care for. A home in Orange County, friends and family members. She's meeting celebrity's and getting help from them you wish you could meet in person. She had the money to blow on all the things you accused her of blowing it on and wish that you had and she enjoyed it, every bit of it until it ran out right along with her kids.

How disturb is it to wish and pray for a single mom of 14 to lose her home and have her kids thrown into the street. To want the family split up in different directions away from one another and the only mother they have ever known. You want this for Nadya because that's all you probably ever had, huh Sammy? You can't stand to see someone happy, stand to see things turn out right and stand to see people help Nadya and her kids. Why? You want everybody just as miserable and sad as you are. Full of hate and anger and mad at the world taking it out on Nadya Suleman on a message board that no one but you and I will see? Ugh! See some help Sammy, you have problems of your own you need to deal with.

Sammy, once you get over your rage. anger and jealous, your envy of Ms. Suleman, you will begin to look in the mirror and start to see a human being again, start to feel good, better about yourself and not see the green eye little monster with steams coming out of it's ears. In the mean time I suggest you do some growing of your own, time for someone to take away your internet privileges temporarily, and it's definitely time for you seek your own mental health evaluation. Because you are SICK in the head and your hateful rage scare me. I fear for the innocent people around you! Because honestly, you sound like you are about to explode.

Now I am done with your ridiculous, petty arse. GET A LIFE so you don't have to hate Nadya Suleman for hers. I'm sorry I have to tell you all this. But somebody had too. I pray you find Jesus!

Buh bye angry heifer! LOL

1341 days ago



You have the audacity to call ANYONE jealous? Is it not YOU that is on all the other boards at MsSarcia, belittling any other TV family that has a TV show? I've seen what you've said about the Gosselins, and the Duggars and all the other shows with multiple kids. You show your jealousy daily of any other reality TV show family, because Nadya can't get a show of her own. Who are you to call anyone else jealous?

Do you honestly believe that people are jealous of Nadya? I wouldn't wish her situation on my worst enemies, not even you. What is there to be jealous of? Who wants to be the laughing stock of the world, not to mention probably one of the most disliked individuals living in the US today? Who wants to go on national TV and be made a fool of in front of millions of people all over the world. Yep... i sure wish that was me having Suze Orman rip me a new one. I wish it was me having the world know all of my business. I wish it was me that is close to being evicted. I wish it was me who's best option at this point is to do porn. You're so right... we are all jealous of Nadya... LOL!!!

The best part of it all that Nadya did this all to herself ON PURPOSE. She has no one to blame but herself!

1341 days ago


Kimba10/Octo Retard:

You ARE Nadya, and we all know it. This was really very easy to figure out and most peeps on here caught on quickly.

You say I'm jealous because "She's meeting celebrity's and getting help from them you wish you could meet in person".

What a joke! What celeb's are you meeting? Do you mean Oprah and Suze? Oprah sat next to you on the stage looking like she just smelled a fart the entire time she was forced to sit next ot you. Suze looked like she would rather chew off her right arm than share a stage with you. By "meeting celeb's", do you mean that porn king Hirsch?

I would die of embrassment if I had to go on the Oprah show as you just did, begging for money and then have those woman expose me as a total and complete liar. I am not "jealous" of you in the least. I am not on the verge of being homeless. I don't have to apply for food stamps, welfare, or Medi Cal. I am employed and earn my own money. I own my own home, in a very desirable part of Orange County, NOT Whittier (better known as ****tier, or La Habra better known as Guadalaharba". You do now, and have ALWAYS lived in crapholes.

I don't have to go on the Oprah show and beg or money. I don't have to go to the State of California and beg for money to suport me and my children. I am not a liar, a thief, a con artist, or a selfish, self involved narcissist, ALL of which describe you to a "T".

Go eff yourself you clown faced, mentally ill laughingstock. You are too stupid to know what an embrassment you are to yourself and to your children.

Why don't you go hit the Brea Mall today and look at all the crap you will never in a million years be able to afford to buy? immature clown.

1341 days ago
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