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Suze Orman -- Octomom Only Had $300 to Her Name!

1/14/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman went on "Oprah" this morning with her personal financial adviser Suze Orman -- who explained that Octo's financial situation was so bad last year ... she only had $300 to her name.

Suze's been teaching Octo how to save up ... and during the show, she also got Nadya to reluctantly admit that she had a "baby addiction" when she decided to fill herself up with embryos.

Octo also revealed that she made $1,500 during her infamous garage sale a few months back.

As for Octo's financial future -- Nadya told O she's simply looking to get by because she doesn't want to get rich ... insisting, "I love my dilapidated van."


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Why can't we bring back the debtor's prisons like they used to have in England?

If they were still here, I guess it would over crowded like every other prison today. because there are so many people that are struggling to pay their bills.
The state would have to spend millions to make more jails then

1296 days ago


Dear KIMBA10 (a.k.a. Nadya)

First of all, go look after your kids and get off TMZ. Second of all, I have twins. Conceived the good, old-fashioned way WITH my husband. I have NEVER received a dime of public assistance. I finished college and got a degree. I started my own company -- worked my ass off and all without child care when they were young. I bought a house and pay my California taxes. WHY??? Because I'm not a free-loading s***bag with no moral compass like yourself. You whore yourself out to the media and then cry when you don't like the particular color of the spotlight?? Tough.

Second of all, the phrase is, "you can't go back and UNRING a bell." I'm so sick of hearing you say it wrong.

You were test subject for Dr. Kamrava and his shady ways. There's no other way to explain how you "paid" for all those procedures. My friend got pregnant using Kamrava and they have gone back in to her files and found that he operates totally outside medical norms. They suspect he was harvesting eggs and possibly selling them on the black market. He's sick. You're sick. You had a bunch of babies to up his record and he footed the bill. Case closed.

You seem to have lots of $$ to keep your lips full of plastic and keep yourself in little luxuries that you seem to think are due you. Really?? How much does it cost to hire nannies to look after your litter of bastards while you fly to Chicago to humiliate yourself on national TV? You hide your money in your corporation's name and cry poor while you pocket all the public assistance MY taxes go for. You're sick.

You are a child abuser plain and simple. Those children could have all been born with severe defects but you didn't care at all. You saw the cash grab and went for it. You sicken me to no end. I think the state should take those children away so they can have a decent upbringing with someone who isn't mentally ill like you.

You'll put them on the street before you do porn??? Oh now you have morals??? You've been using your vagina as a ATM all this time -- popping out kids for welfare, now you're so proud? Pride goeth before a fall. If you cared at all and homelessness was a real concern, you'd be dropping your pants (again) fast enough as would any mother who didn't want to be on the street with 14 children. What's the difference? A few triangles of cloth?? You already stripped down for US Weekly (*nice plastic surgery scars too, btw). But you know, the welfare checks will come and some poor sucker will give you another "donation." You have no real fear of homelessness because there is always a parachute for freeloaders like you.

I won't even address how you were scamming the system with your "back injuries" while getting IVF. REALLY?? Your back hurt too much too work, but not too much to carry multiples??

You are so disgusting and I hope California deems you unfit and takes those kids. They deserve better and maybe it would serve as a cautionary tale to other insane, low IQ fame-whores who might consider following in your footsteps.

1296 days ago


Watching right now and I have to say that I have mixed feelings for this woman. She is obviously in need of counseling and I think that is what Suze O and Oprah have tried to do for her. I think it was good that she admitted that she should have never had the octopulets. She has such deep seated hatred of her mom (and I don't think her mom is too fond of her either) and such mixed feelings about herself. I hope that she finds a way to make money quickly to pay the note on the house completely and that she listens to some of the advice she is given. She needs to for the sake of her children.

1296 days ago


She knew exactly what she was getting herself in to when she had herself implanted!! Unfortunately, despite her ridiculous actions, the ones to suffer are goin to be the children. The government (our hard working tax dollars) are going to raise those children now. She needs her ass kicked and uterus stomped.

1296 days ago



Do you realize you make no sense whatsoever? I can't even follow what you are saying. One minute you're saying people will watch her, and the next you're saying no one will hire her. I can't follow your convoluted way of thinking.

You just go right ahead and keep giving her your money...she deserves it.

1296 days ago

Deborah Finn    

Suze Orman is being a little bitchy.

1296 days ago


NADYA WHIP THAT MUTHA EFFING SHOW! SHE WAS WORKING THAT STAGE!! Suze tried to cut her off a couple of times, but she turned to Oprah and let it all out every time.


You people mis-judged Nadya, you people lied on her, you people accused her things she didn't do, have or say. And she laid it all on the line. I love the third part where she whip and went ballistic about that BS fame and attention crap, even when Suze was forcibly trying to get to agree to it. She put her foot down and she was totally serious and sincere. TEAM MUTHA FK'N NADYA ALL THE WAY!

Everybody got all hype up and just knew Nadya was going to get the smack down from Suze and Oprah, even I thought that chit was going to hit the fan and they were going to beat up on her. But really it was nothing like that. They made her open up and admit to things she buried deep inside herself. I love this interview. It was off the mutha blanking chain!

Nadya worked that Oprah show today! LOL Love it!!!!

1296 days ago


Kimba should offer her babysitting services to the MOOCH Octomom!

I guess all the insane stick together!

1296 days ago


Well I just wasted an hour ( or rather 15 minutes + commercials as they seemed to have 5 minutes of commercials after every 3 sentences spoken)watching this much anticipated Oprah show- I don't watch her as a rule but thought there might be something new on the subject of Octomom- NOT! She is still spouting the same old 'crap'- 'I'm like a watering can with holes in the bottom,I'm pouring out, poor me'- give me a break. She must dream up these asinine statements while she's working out at the gym. Can you just imagine reading her book? No wonder no publisher wanted it.
I'm disappointed that Oprah would do this show - sure she addressed how people perceive her but I don't think it changed anyone's thoughts of her- I still think she should give up the kids. She is still lying to everyone- oh yes she finally admitted to breast surgery but nothing else. Yeah, right.
As far as Suze is concerned- what was the point? At the end of the show they were talking about some new money show on OWN, so maybe that's why - as a lead-in to that- I just don't get it & I definitely didn't see a solution from all these so-called experts that she supposedly called in. Just sayin.......

1296 days ago


OMG. Where to start? So much I could comment on,but THE one thing that sticks out in my mind more than any other ~ the woman is so delusional. Did anyone pick up on her comment regarding public assistance? Suze posed a question in that area and Nadia says she doesn't want to get any REAL help? Does anyone remember back when all this media coverage with her started that she actually said she "didn't know" that food stamps and other public assistance was WELFARE? Oh f****** please. She has 14 kids. She is overwhelmed. Whose fault is it? Yes, they are here and it all has to be dealt with. Suze is right. She has to use the media to get the most money possible in the shortest length of time. Anything to keep her off (if indeed she is OFF) the public dole. What I want to know is back in the beginning how in the world did she get all those student loans and use them for other things? How did she get DISABILITY and still manage to carry 8 babies. Don't you all remember the disability placard she had (and probably still does). She is d-e-l-u-s-i-o-n-a-l. She overtalks those trying to get through to her because she fashions herself a therapist and thinks she knows more than they do. So she'll get a publicist/agent and she'll do a book or do***entary (MAYBE - people are really not interested anymore - I honestly think her "window/15 minutes" is up). BUT, I'd really like to know that she isn't on the public dole, not necessarily because she doesn't NOW deserve it, but because she SO abused and misused the money and benefits (also workmen's comp. etc. etc.) from before. No one wants to see the kids go hungry. But whatever happens in any positive way will, in all honesty, probably just be a "bandaid" and only temporary. As the kids age, all new sets of problems and more money will be necessary. Had she used the money that DID come her way (rightfully so or not) in a smart way, she'd have money now. I think she needs "REHAB" of a different sort. No easy answers on this side of the fence. No one really likes her and I don't truly see any redemption coming from the public. I hear her say she wants her kids to "respect" her decisions. I'm just not so sure that the Vivid's guy offer might not be the best one for her. I'd normally never even think that way, but when you've so alienated the very public that you've depended on for so long and and WILL depend on to buy a book or watch a do***entary and they are no longer interested . . . And in all reality, her kids are going to grow to dislike her anyway - just the truth of it - why not go for the quickest, surest way to make the money. In all honesty, she HAS ALREADY "prostituted" herself by way of welfare/workmen's comp/student loan fraud has she not? She seems ready to snap to me. No easy answers at this point - just the lesser of the evils it seems.

1296 days ago


Posted at 1:57 PM on Jan 14, 2011 by ilovegossip

I make no sense? Do you realize everything Nadya has said up on that stage today on the Oprah show, I have said repeatedly on here about her? There's not one thing Nadya had left unsaid, not one question that Oprah and Suze didn't ask her that Nadya didn't answer. No offense ilovegossip, but the problem with most of the tired played out hateful mean and evil b*tches on here is they don't want to see people succeed, the problem is they listen to much to rumors and gossip, hearsay and lies that can't be proven and they make it grow by repeating it on every website, until someone else pick it up and repeat over and over again. They want to see people like Nadya hurt and just as miserable as they are. They want Nadya to fail and her kids to be taking away, they want her to lose her home. Why? Because they can't accept who they are yet alone who Nadya is. They sit on their arse and judge others. When you hate, you push that hate on others, just as if you hurt you push that hurt on others-- because you want that person to feel as disgusting and horrible inside as you do and that is not at all Nadya Suleman.

I don't have to give Nadya a cent, I think Suze pretty much put it all out that that Nadya is not on any food stamps or any other kind of taxpaying gov't programs and haven't been for TWO FREAKING YEARS!!! Which is why she having money problems now. Everything she have, she got it with her own money she earned. I bet people (HATERS) feel stupid right about now for judging Nadya so harshly, but I doubt it, they hate to admit defeat, hate to admit they were wrong.

I can't get over how Nadya worked that show today. Man that was fantastic, best Oprah show I seen in months and I barely watch her show. :)

1296 days ago


This human sponge should have thought about how to pay for her litter of kids before getting them implanted.
Oh yeah, she did think about.... she wants taxpayers to be financially responsible for her litter.

No wonder CA is broke. It pays for lazy bitches like octo and every ILLEGAL immigrant that crosses into the U.S.
And before anyone says I'm against immigration... I'm a first generation American of a mother who came here LEGALLY.
Get to the back of the immigration line and enter legally.

1296 days ago


Note to all haters: Now do you believe she hasn't been on welfare and disability? Now do you believe all her kids are perfectly health accept for Aiden? Now do you believe she never wanted attention, reality TV or fame? Now do you believe she loves and want the best for her children? Now do you believe she never had plastic surgery? Never had fake eye lashes and make up etc? Tell you one thing, now you know why she had the yard sale, now you know she believes in God, now you know she is sorry for what she has done, now you know she's not an evil person out to destroy the world or her family. She's real people! And on another note... If Nadya was receiving any benefits WSE with Suze claiming to have gone over every piece of financial record of Nadya, she would have out Nadya right on the spot on the Oprah show that she lied and was on welfare and SSI. But she didn't and couldn't because Nadya is not and has not been going on it in two years.

1296 days ago


Well I have "issues" with all the women on that stage.

1296 days ago


That IDIOT know the welfare system in and out! She stated it before.... She admitted to her breast implants, is that not Plastic Surgery?

You go ahead and donate all your money to her Kimba aka Nadya.

She's nothing but a freeloader!!!

1296 days ago
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