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Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus -- Date Night

1/15/2011 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus enjoyed a movie in Burbank last night with two of their children not named Miley ... despite having filed for divorce back in October.

No word on what movie they say, but if we had to bet ... we'd say "Country Strong."


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1343 days ago


After that many years of marriage and raising kids it's crazy for a couple to divorce and start over.

1343 days ago


Oh thank God, I thought I was going crazy.. He did cut his hair back into a Mullet.
Guess he trying to channel his younger fame..oops I mean days.

1343 days ago



Ouch Stumpy, my feelings are hurt. Why are you so angry? Is it because of the moniker “Stumpy”? Or, that you were not picked to be Snow White’s eighth dwarf? Or, is it that you did not get enough hugs as a kid? Anyway you look at it, Stump, (I don’t feel I know you well enough to call you Stumpy) you may want to apply for the ‘Redneck Riviera’ cast as you certainly sound qualified.

Posted at 12:20 PM on Jan 15, 2011 by Bob
Just tired of losers who judge
people on what they look like or
where they live. Judging people to be less
than you because they're different from you
is what makes you a looser.


1343 days ago


@Shea...for whatever reason they are not happy together anymore. This staying together for the "kids sake" doesn't work, kids are not stupid they see what's going on.

They are starting over for themselves. Kids are quite adaptabile. They know it's about mom and dad not happy together, not anything to do with the kids. Most kids would rather see the fighting stop and adjust to a different situation then the mom and dad are fighting agian.

1343 days ago

Gary Wells    

He looks like a douche bag! What an idiot and an ego maniac!

1343 days ago

roxanne hyes    

talk about ridiculous people if u don"T like him don"t watch if the truth be told u all are jealous and a bunch of red neck idiots. what make u thing u r better then anybody as far as a douche bag just look in the mirror.

1343 days ago


Someone need to tell Billy Ray that the mullet sucked in the 90s and 20 years later it still sucks.

1343 days ago


Christ; this guy still skeeves me out when I see his pic.

1343 days ago


Ew. No wonder daughter looks like trailer park offspring.

1342 days ago


What a goon face she has.

1342 days ago


Take a shower

1342 days ago


well i think they want their kids to know they dont hate each other and things aren't going to change even if that isn't true that never has happend to me but my friends say it's a very hard time

1342 days ago


Why is it always the woman's fault? Billy was the one in the industry.. he's the one that got her the job, he is the one that starred with her and went to the parties. Her mom never says anything to anyone and you barely know she exists and yet it's all her fault about everything. Billy had been going on record saying his daghter was fine and everyone parties yet still.. must be the mom's fault. Give me a break. It's like with Jon Gosselin. He STATED his children stole his youth (he CHOSE to have them, they were not an accident), he syas he hated "babysitting", he cheated on their mom numerous time sand humiliated all of them, stole money, only time he said he wanted them off tv was to negotiate cash... and yet Kate is the bad one for cleaning, caring and slaving over her kids and making sure they have good food on the table and the only one making money as Jon had never kept a job in his life. You guys are sexist. Plain and simple. The women breaks her neck doin geverythign and the dad who sits on his butt drinking beer all day is the hero because he's the "fun one". BROTHER!

1342 days ago


1342 days ago
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