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MJ Soundalike -- That's Not My Facebook Page!

1/16/2011 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The manager for Jason Malachi says Jason never posted on his Facebook page that he's the voice behind four songs on Michael Jackson's new album, adding Jason's the victim of Internet fraud.

Thad Nauden tells TMZ someone hacked Jason's Facebook page, touting that he conspired to fool Sony, the Michael Jackson Estate and the public by secretly singing songs on the album, "Michael."

Nauden says Jason -- a Deputy Sheriff in Maryland -- wants everyone to know beyond a shadow of a doubt ... he did not sing a single note on the album. 

UPDATE: Malachi posted to his MySpace page late last night, "I have NOT made any of those statements that the facebook hacker is posting!!!!!!"


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Posted at 11:28 AM on Jan 17, 2011 by L.O.V.E.

OMG. This was supposed to happen. Jason Malachi = Michael Jackson. OF COURSE!!!! *smites her forehead*

However, the anagram suggestion is interesting. That's probably the idea behind the stage name.

1372 days ago


Rather here ya go (Akeem) LIVE link, this time:

Btw: WTH is up with TMZ posting my posts BACKWARDS? LOL Posted the copy/paste THEN posted the link (not live..what?), but they've got it entered the other way around.

This damn place is a RIOT! LOL!

1372 days ago


Posted at 11:54 AM on Jan 17, 2011 by Phantom of the Opera

Thank you, Phantom. Michael so beautiful, and so happy, and feeling so much honoured. However, these pictures almost make me cry. To know that the day would come when they covered his name in shame. How must THAT have felt.

1372 days ago


To date, nothing on this board has been posted either that will clear that liar and killer conman murderer!!!

1372 days ago


Where have you been, it was widly discussed on these boards when the singles and samples were released before Christmas on these board. Are you copying mymjj5's whore sh*t attitude - Next??? ROFLMAO, or are you the clone?
Posted at 12:31 PM on Jan 17, 2011 by duilama
After I heard "Breaking News" there was nothing to discuss!!! Yet people like YOU ALWAYS, have a lot to say about NOTHING!!!!

1372 days ago


Yah... "Update" on his MySpace account. His twitter acct. directly links to his MySpace account but NADA concerning this "Wahhhh... " of his having been hacked. Check it out...

LAST tweet was, Jan 3rd. He would update his MySpace, but not his Twitter. LOL

Here I'll copy and paste the page..


# @rtistic_remix Thanks for your support! 4:19 PM Jan 3rd via web in reply to rtistic_remix

# I'm glad it's the weekend! 4:43 PM Dec 3rd, 2010 via web

# How was everybody's Thanks Giving??....Tell me something you're thankful for! 8:08 AM Nov 29th, 2010 via web

# Cool...let me know how it sounds when you're done! 2:32 PM Nov 27th, 2010 via web

# I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank all of you for your support, I'm so grateful that you all are in my life!!! 3:40 PM Nov 25th, 2010 via web

# @Eddiegfunk Yo Eddie what's up bro, it's been a while, so are you now in th DMV area, or is your dance company just doing a show here?? 1:49 PM Nov 23rd, 2010 via web

# @doodoofan4everr I'm glad you like Hydraulix, I recorded that a few years ago and I had so much fun with it...thanks for your support!!! 1:36 PM Nov 23rd, 2010 via web

# @believer_jpcits I love you Japan, here's a hug back at you from Jason Malachi!....thanks for your support. 1:34 PM Nov 23rd, 2010 via web

# @applehead77 thank you 1:33 PM Nov 23rd, 2010 via web

# @JAYSE7EN Ok we shall see!!! 10:30 AM Nov 23rd, 2010 via web

# Love will always find a way 10:25 AM Nov 23rd, 2010 via web

# Those of you who have been slandering me, I want you to know that I LOVE you; Jesus Christ loves me, so likewise, I LOVE you...Jason Malachi 3:24 PM Nov 22nd, 2010 via web

# @justinbieber congrats little bro, Yes it did happen, take it in and cherish the moment....keep up the good work! 12:08 PM Nov 22nd, 2010 via web

# @damonsharpe What up bro!'s everything going in the city of Angels??? 12:07 PM Nov 22nd, 2010 via web

# @Wale what up bro? long time no hear.hows ur new record coming along? I gotta holla at you about some crazy stuff..long way from timberock! 12:06 PM Nov 22nd, 2010 via web

# Styled my profile with a sweet @NASA theme using Themeleon by @COLOURlovers Love it? 11:13 AM Nov 22nd, 2010 via web

# Everybody for your info, the twitter acount @Jason_Malachi is fake, and I have NOT authorized anything that has come from that page!!! 10:18 AM Nov 22nd, 2010 via web

# My new website is almost ready!!! 10:16 AM Nov 22nd, 2010 via web

# Come on Skins, let's put some more points on the board! 2:12 PM Nov 21st, 2010 via web

# My ONE and ONLY Twitter account is: else is fake! 11:28 AM Nov 18th, 2010 via Mobile Web


Notice where he says that the OTHER of his account ( -- the underscore used between first and last name is the difference) is a fake, and that THIS (copied above) account is his real account.

The other account he's referring to is Jason_Malachi which ironically enough has a last tweet of "I've been hacked!" back in Nov. LOL!!

1372 days ago


A singing Deputy Sheriff - unusual.

1372 days ago


hmmmm really this guy backtracks and so didn't TMZ live today---interesting!

1372 days ago


so, did mj or jason sing the songs, i'm confused? also, are there any videos at all of jason every singing anything, you'd think, if he sounded that much like MJ, we'd have seen a video of him actually singing or there would have been some media coverage. Does this guy have an album...I don't understand this story and where this guy came from?

yeah...a singing sheriff, hum..

Posted at 2:19 PM on Jan 17, 2011 by katie10



1372 days ago


Thank you for posting this you guys. This confused A LOT of people.
I always knew that "Breaking News" is Michael. This issue fed into ignorant & hypocritical MJ fans that have been "boycotting" Sony. Many of the same people that snipped the songs off the internet & paid nothing for them. Guess some heard Michael's speech about the issue of stealing music, but didn't listen. Many MJ fans need to research Sony/MJ relations before jumping to conclusions anyway.
Big problem. MJ fans wouldn't disagree nearly as much if they stuck with facts
Whatever they call Sony, Sony is not stupid.

1372 days ago


After I heard "Breaking News" there was nothing to discuss!!! Yet people like YOU ALWAYS, have a lot to say about NOTHING!!!!

Posted at 12:39 PM on Jan 17, 2011 by mymjj5

Haha, I like u, mymjj5. I so totally agree with u.

1372 days ago


Congratulation FlowerPower, the fact that TMZ will come to this old board and delete a couple cloner's post should tell you that you have befriended an internal! Hope you enjoy your "friendship"!

@MiMi, did you see this post? I think they were talking about you and FlowerPower.

Posted at 12:40 PM on Jan 17, 2011 by Daphne

I did not post the above comment. I'm sure MiMi & Flower Power could tell who's the real Daphne. On another note, did anybody hear from Lee Lee. Hope things are getting better there. Not sure which part of Australia she's from. Thinking of u, Lee Lee, take care.

1372 days ago


Daphne, are you sure they are talkig about MiMi? Why do you say that? were the posts deleted as soon as they come up on a very very old board among thousands and thousands of old boards? Hmmmmmmm, really make you wonder?

Posted at 2:20 PM on Jan 17, 2011 by Danger Baby

I've no idea what u are talking about, DB, as I did not post that comment at all. Cloners abound. I'm not even sure if I were talking to the real DB. Whatever, happy new year. I wish u well.

1372 days ago
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