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Kelly to Regis:

You're WHAT?!?

1/18/2011 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Live! with Regis & Kelly" tell TMZ ... Regis Philbin blindsided Kelly Ripa with his retirement announcement today ... telling her less than 15 minutes before they went on the air.

Regis and Kelly

We're told Kelly was "stunned" that Regis didn't tell her well in advance.  But one source connected with the show tells us, "She wasn't upset."

Our sources say Regis felt if he talked about it before making the announcement, it would have leaked out.


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I also stopped watching years ago now as I can't stand his singing! OMG what makes him think he can sing? Haven't been to the dollar stores in ages but all those horrid Christmas albums must be collecting dust in some of them.

1372 days ago


I am glad he is retiring. He has been on t.v. long enough. It is time to give someone else a chance at success. And sometimes Regis seems a little senile.

1372 days ago


I am so surprised by all of the mean comments. Regis, congratulations! Kelly, you are great.Funny, quick witted and fun to watch. I think you and Mark would be a great team. All of these comments about Kelly and Clay, I was watching` that day. When she made the comment "you never know where that hand has been." I thought she meant he could have just gone to the bathroom. I think the media made a big deal and put a negative spin on it. I thought she was being funny. I also think she looks great. She works out. It shows.

1372 days ago

Patsy vonDreusche    

I agree, that Regis has been confused a lot of the time on his shows. I am soooooooooooo glad that he is getting off the show, and Kelly will do great without him there. I always like watching the show better, when Regis is not there.

1372 days ago


So sad when so many people in this country are obese,here is someone who is actually normal, in great shape, and she is called "anorexic'. That's what this country has come too! Jealous, maybe. Try doing marathons, workouts, and half the athletic stuff Kelly can do.

1372 days ago

Charles &Ann    

Cogratulation Regis. Best wishes for years to come

1372 days ago

A.G. Stevens    

Middol - What are you on? Love the model walk. Also Kelly is just having fun with Regis. It is light banter. People enjoy watching them do their thing. Kelly also makes fun of herself too. Grow a sense of humor!

1372 days ago


Kelly is also one of the phoniest of phonies and IMO she is "Martha Raye" re-incarnated. That mouth of hers is as big and stretched out as her netherworld parts. She can barely contain her joy at this news and as one poster said, she has insulted Regis and tried to make him look bad for years. That was when she was doing all the bragging about buying property in The Hamptons, her modeling routine, talking about those brats and on and on. Clay Aikens was the last straw and I too thought she meant he didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom as I'd never heard the term "fisting" when it was explained but she'd know the meaning....after all she is married to Markie Consuelos. He is rumored to be gay or bi-sexual and I think the latter as he is also rumored to have had numerous affairs with various women while Mrs. Phoney Baloney was away as reported over and over in various media.

1372 days ago

A.G. Stevens    

God, you are pathetic. You read trashy magazines and call her kids brats. Maybe you are just a lonely loser who is jealous of others success. Or maybe you are a guy who wishes he was gay so you would have a chance,lol. BTW, you would still have no chance.

1372 days ago


Regarding a replacement for Regis...anyone BUT Ryan Seacrest, PLEASE!!!!

1372 days ago

Todd G.Caldwell    

I believe i could make that show ROCK!

1372 days ago


A.G. Stevens, you must be rather young. It is high time these over-rated, HIGHLY OVERPAID "celebrities" know what the public really thinks of them as well as the sponsers of their shows!

I wish Regis the best and used to enjoy him but he is a very good example of not knowing when to leave! He should have done this, as his wife wanted him to do (reported in the tabloids that you don't read but you do read here and TMZ falls into the same category) years ago. And he should leave now rather than dragging it out for months on end!

Kelly Ripa has few fans and I wouldn't be surprised if you are her or a member of her family. I am not jealous of her or anyone else for that matter for your information. These celebrities are always patting themselves on the back with their all too many award shows and it is high time they face reality.

I think someone with many talents such as Sally Fields would be a great replacement for Kelly Ripa who imo should have been fired for in effect "outing" Clay Aikens.

There are many talented stars we don't see much of who are now in their sixties and they would have a huge audience of the baby boomers who and older who grew up with them (one exception being the obnoxious foul-mouthed Jane Fonda et al).

Writers get busy as the older viewers are hungry for good shows and it is almost criminal that trash such as the Kardashians, Kendra, and all the other reality shows are being forced on us.

1371 days ago

A.G. Stevens    

We don't need some washed up old person to be host like the one you suggested. The show wants to target the young demographic, which you clearly aren't. That is a horrible replacement for Regis or Kelly. Good thing your choice wouldn't happen as Kelly will not be leaving and they will most likely cast a man to go with her. As for all this tabloid stuff, I doubt TMZ would have a day time talk show as a main priority for their audience and I rarely come to and watch their show on occasion for the humor. So I don't know much about these fake rumors.

My top choices:
1. Jerry Seinfield
2. Howie Mandel
3.Jeff Probst
4. Mark Consuelos(Because unlike you, I like this dynamic)

1370 days ago


She's nauseating. She is SOOOOO in love with herself. I hope she flops.

1370 days ago


Ashton Kutcher is filling in for Regis today. Ashton keeps messing with his hair. Keeps trying to put his hair behind his ears. This would make a great skit for SNL. lol

1370 days ago
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