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Dana White -- Women Will Never Fight in The UFC

1/19/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The UFC has banned another substance -- estrogen -- because UFC honcho Dana White tells us he will "NEVER" allow a female fighter to step inside his octagon.

For the record, there are a TON of badass, tough-as-nails women fighters including Cris "Cyborg" Santos and Gina Carano ... but they both fight for the rival Strikeforce league.

So we gotta ask ...

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i just feel women fighting would be boring and there are only 3 REAL women mma fighters the rest fight and disappear. The ufc also just mixed WEC so the roster is already pretty packed.

1373 days ago



1373 days ago

Steelers suck    

I'm a woman and I love UFC. The buttmunchers need to just leave the UFC as it is. If I want to see a woman fight I'll go to my local bar. Chicks don't need to be in everything. Back the eff off for once. We don't need balls!!! Let the men have them.

1373 days ago


Preach Dana. Women crying sexism need to chill. This is a business, a big $ business. Nobody is going to want to see a women's fight on PPV ahead of a men's fight. We have already seen sports teams cut from schools across the country b/c women need to be included. All women's sports are a joke. All the women who claim they are as tough as men, tell me that when a man knocks you out and you run to the police.

1373 days ago


The question should be why ANY woman would want to do it! That's just stupid, especially if she's pretty! Gina Carano used to look good...now, she's full of (alleged) steriods. I don't even like to watch the men fight. Just stupidity at work!

1373 days ago

I am Spartacus    

This has nothing to do with not thinking women should be able to fight. It's a matter of it not being entertaining enough to spend the money on. There is no depth to the women's division. It's Cyborg (who can prob beat up some men) and then no one else. Gina Carano hasn't fought since she lost to Cyborg and hasn't decided if she's going to fight again. Guys dont want to see ugly girls fight one another so without Carano the women's division has 0 interest. Even though she was not even the best fighter, even though the women can be entertaining, its not deep enough or interesting enough for guys to want to watch and thats the main demographic.

Its not a smart business decision to have to pay women for fights nobody wants to see. This isn't a sexist thing, its a business thing.

1373 days ago


They should make sammich-making a sport.

1373 days ago


I am all for equal rights, but I would hate to see women sink to all the low levels that men do. There are many reasons why we are considered the better gender and the huge gap between their violence level and ours is a major one.

1373 days ago


What a douche!

1373 days ago


well tmz youve named 2 female fighters......2..... thats exactly the point you cant build an industry on 2 people. Plus its the same reason the nfl or nba or nhl or mlb dont have women. its not an equal rights isssue, its the fact that these are entertainment industries. so save the pc b#ll**** for 2012.

1373 days ago


I say the beauty behind fighting is two human beings using thier physical structure to attack and defend intelligently in order to defeat an opponent. It makes no difference if its a guy or girl. Look at Marloes Coenen, she is a warrior!
As is amny other female fighters. The fighting spirit isnt something genetic, or based on sex. Its something deep inside your mind.

1373 days ago


Its in mens nature to fight and be competitive, its just not a womens thing. Is that so hard to understand? Its really a pure sport if you ask me, no bat or balls, just 4 ounce gloves, athleticism and skill.

1373 days ago


Women should only be in the Octagon if there is a kitchen in the Octagon. Period.

Posted at 8:11 AM on Jan 19, 2011 by ErinAndrewsIsAFameWhore

OMG! LMAO! The Octagon!! Just wow.

1373 days ago

Get back to work!    

There aren't enough women seriously training right now. The ones that are are with Strikeforce, and that's fine with me cuz I happen to like watching the female fighters.

Gina rocks, but Cyborg is just out of her league.

1373 days ago


Thanks Artie help, I totally agree.

THIS has to be the biggest joke of a 'sport' EVER. Watching grown men poke each other in the d-ic-k inside a cage???!! Rolling around

Puke. Gee, I'm sooooo tough, watch me beat up this guy in a cage. OOOOHHHH, THIS make s me such a bad-a-s-s. Oh, look there is blood, I guess I'm the king of the cage now.

Really? THIS is all you have to do? Trust me BOYS, people are laughing at you. Get a real job, perhaps an education? This makes you foolish.

And....Women in the cage too? Nice, dat's class for ya!

Its bad enough the twenty-something crowd of gals has the morals of alley cats, and the brain cells it seems, as they are in fisticuffs outside the bar, swearing like truck drivers, double puke, but now we should slap gals in the arena with the likes of these knuckleheads.......

Just some more of the dumbing down of America....great.

1373 days ago
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