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Sarah Palin -- My Stalker Is VERY Dangerous

1/19/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin believes her stalker still poses a very serious threat ... and now she's begging a judge to NOT lift the restraining order against him because she's afraid he'll attack her family.


Sarah just filed new legal documents in Alaska ... in which she explains how she and her BFF Kristan Cole are "fearful" of what could happen if Shawn Christy is allowed to travel to Alaska ... as he claims he intends to do in the near future.

The papers were filed in response to Christy's recent attempts to dissolve the restraining order that was placed against him in October after several "threatening messages" geared towards Sarah surfaced online.

Now, Sarah claims she is still scared -- insisting Christy has continued to demonstrate "menacing behavior" and "poses a risk of serious physical harm or injury to Ms. Cole and the Palins."

As we previously reported, Christy -- who lives in Pennsylvania --  believes Sarah randomly began to send him "ominous" text messages last year ... despite the fact they've never met.

The judge is expected to make a ruling on the matter in the next few days.


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i wonder how the right wingers will feel if this nut gets a hold of a gun.

1376 days ago


It would be safer to elect Homer Simpson as President of the Ubited States before sara palin.

Posted at 8:49 AM on Jan 19, 2011 by Jordan

LOL, at least Homer knows he's not smart. ;)

1376 days ago


i wonder how the right wingers will feel if this nut gets a hold of a gun.

Posted at 9:05 AM on Jan 19, 2011 by yomama

The smart ones will probably cheer because they realize her self centered woe-is-me rhetoric is a detriment to their own cause. Like painting those who blame her for the shoot as committing a "blood libel" against her personally.

lol! Everyone with half a brain knows that "blood libel" has always referred to, even in it's broadest meaning throughout history, to falsely accusing an ENTIRE ETHNIC OR RELIGIOUS CLASS OF PEOPLE. Not one little ol' person, you know, like
Sarah Palin. But leave it to the master of "the politics of personal destruction" to turn up the hype volume so loud that she's been BLOOD LIBELED. She's the REAL victim here, not those pesky shooting victims! *rolls eyes*

Ironically, she cited the "politics of personal destruction" as the reason she could not longer effectively govern and thus resigned as Governor. Pot met Kettle....

1376 days ago


News flash Sarah! Restraining orders only stop law abiding citizens from murdering people. Good luck with that defense strategy Honey... i sincerly hope it works for you because it's failed so many others in your situation, may they RIP.

1376 days ago


Good grief, this again. If she was really being stalked TMZ wouldn't know about it.
This woman is a lunatic. Why does the media know this and not the cops? Because then she'd have to prove it . . . . An Alaskan blogger (Shanynn Moore) asked the Wasilla police if they had been notified of threats to the Palins-----zilch. Palin is a mental case and a dangerous idiot.

1376 days ago


Funny all the pro-violent, liberal nutjobs on here want to talk about how Palin defended herself, instead of discussing one of their own going on a shooting spree in Arizona. This monster not only owned Mein Kampf (the how-to manual to be the perfect liberal) but he also owned numerous other Communist books. He burned the American flag. He hates God. He hates Christians. He hates Bush. Said Bush was behind 9/11. Listens to radical, leftwing punk bands. Watches radical, leftwing conspiracy theorist propaganda films and loves drugs.

This nut is as liberal as 95% of the braindead, bloodthirsty ba$tards that voted for the tard we currently have as President.

1376 days ago


i wonder how the right wingers will feel if this nut gets a hold of a gun.

Posted at 9:05 AM on Jan 19, 2011 by yomama


We'd probably say "watch out!! another crazed, violent, angry liberal kid with a gun is on the loose!!"

1376 days ago


As an Alaskan native, I am completely embarassed by Palin and her entire family! She is HATED by most Alaskans!! I wish people in the lower 48 knew this fact! This latest attempt at staying in the media spotlight is pathetic -- to intimate that HER stalker is more dangerous than anyone else's is...well....totally Sarah Palin-esque. Always the "poor little victim" when provocative things she says come back to roost on her shoulders! She revels in shooting off her ignorant mouth, while her white trash teenage kids spew out bastards and get wasted on booze/drugs!! They are an utter nightmare in Wasilla. Watch out Arizona!! Her marriage is a sham and we all know it. Us Alaskans just wish she would disappear, never to be heard of again. Death by polar bear or grizzly would be fitting, wouldn't it?!

1376 days ago


Hey, Lynn M - who is the one who had cross hairs on her map to designate people on her 'hate list'??? It was PALIN! Too friggin' bad, she's brought this on herself with her mouthy, irresponsible rhetoric. Palin had cross hairs on the Arizon Congresswoman on her website! There is a lunatic fringe in our society that doesn't need much encourage to go over the edge and Palin, Cheney and others like them give them just enough to push them to action.

1376 days ago


Sara Palin is all about the constitution where in the constitution does it give the right to ban a law abiding citizen from entering a state Maybe sara palin is nothing more than a comunist who wants to turn the us into a comunist country

1376 days ago


Obama should pay her to seek the Republican nomination and run for President, he really should. It would be the surest way for him to get reelected without any opposition. /snicker

1376 days ago


Nothing more hilarious than reading idiotic, deranged nutjob Socialists trying to blame a Socialist shooter on sane, patriotic, law abiding Conservatives. You can't write this type of comedy.

The shooter sounds like an offspring of Bill Maher. They are cut from the same sick, twisted, hateful, demented cloth. Libs are just as dangerous as Muslim terrorists. Actually, they are simply one of the same, as we all know.

1376 days ago


Regardless of your personal feelings about Palin, after the shooting in Arizona and the political "blame game" being pointed in her and her family's direction, Palin deserves to have this matter taken seriously. NO ONE in this country should be stalked and threatened with harm over a difference of political opinion.

Posted at 12:55 AM on Jan 19, 2011 by Lynn M

The only thing palin needs to take seriously is her reality show because that is the only place where her numbers are up.

1376 days ago


seriously! How can you get a court order prohibiting someone from visiting a State?! Just because he wants to go to Alaska does NOT mean he's going to harass her. Especially since he is telling people he intends to go. Also, the story is misleading because he wants to return to Alaska to quash a restraining order.

silly TMZ, acting like the National Enquirer again...

1376 days ago

Home Skillet    

Bad news for the Connies:

"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s unfavorable rating reached an all-time low in a poll released Wednesday as President Obama’s job approval rating is on the rise.

Fifty-six percent said in a CNN/Opinion Research poll that they have a unfavorable opinion of the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee while only 38 percent view her favorably. Palin’s unfavorable rating previously peaked at 55 percent in early April 2010, soon after the healthcare reform bill was signed into law.

Meanwhile, Obama saw his approval ratings rise above 50 percent in two major polls just three months after the Democrats and he took a self-described “shellacking” in the midterm elections.

Palin has said she is considering a run against Obama in 2012, but the polls suggest she has a lot of ground to make up on the president.

Fifty-nine percent of Independents, a crucial voting bloc, rate Palin unfavorably. Sixty-eight percent of Republicans have a favorable view of her while a quarter see her in an unfavorable light."

1376 days ago
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