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Zsa Zsa's Famous Mansion on Sale ... For $28 Million!!!!!

1/19/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Prince Frederic von Anhalt have decided to sell their legendary Bel Air mansion ... for a bargain basement price of 28 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Zsa Zsa Gabor Mansion

Zee Prince tells us the MASSIVE estate was originally built by Howard Hughes in the '50s and Elvis lived in the pad for roughly 4 years while he was filming movies in L.A.

According to Prince, the home is roughly 8,000 square feet .... with 26 total rooms.

So why are Zsa Zsa and Prince moving?? PFVA says the couple decided that maintaining the property has become, "too much of a headache" because of their age and ongoing health problems ... and figured it's finally time to move on. 

Plus, Prince tells us, he's "sick and f**king tired of paying $30,000 a month ... because we only use two rooms in the house."

We're told the plan is to put the mansion on the market for $25-$28 million and move into a $1.5 million dollar condo in Westwood ... something "Zsa Zsa always wanted." 

Check out the pics -- it's pretty freakin' awesome!


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Lists for 28M will sell for 12M cash.
Probably 2nd and 3rd mortgaged and leveraged up the bunghole...

1339 days ago


Nice garage and patio... big freaking deal showing us those pics, I could get them from Google Earth if I wanted.

1339 days ago


WOW, 22 pics for patio furniture. Running out of things to write about TMZ?

1339 days ago


93 year old woman in failing health, and the nasty things people here have to say speaks volumes about the lack of education in this country. Only ignorant people would say such things!

1339 days ago


I bet it smells old...

1339 days ago


The only way someone will spend $28 million on this property is if they pick it up for $8 million and then spend another $20 million tearing it down and building their own dream home on it. It's sad but true, this is the fate of so many "Old Hollywood" homes of yesteryears rich and famous. Most of the people who buy them aren't interested in revovations. They want new construction with an incredible view/location. The only places left with those incredible views already have homes on them.

Wow i just looked at the pics. Definately a tear down, no one in their right mind would buy this place to renovate it. It's going to be another old school Hollywood huant that's been lost to the wrecking ball and the march of time.

I hope someone spends a day photographing every little detail before it's lost. Before long photos will be all that's left to remember it by.

1339 days ago


In the 80's that place was 7.5 million and they told her then she was asking too much. Goes to show, patience patience patience.

One small just have to survive long enough to reap the benefits.

1339 days ago

michele bianchi    

lame photos. c'mon guys. a little more effort here...

1339 days ago


Gee....22 pics of the Patio. Lame.

1339 days ago


She clearly doesn't need this kind of maintenance-or the fee to hire it done.

Wise move.

Pretty mansion. I'm relieved there are NOT ANY INSIDE pics. That's a security issue to me particularly when it's an older couple living there.

1339 days ago


Some of these posters are so far over the top with regard to privacy it's SICK.

They don't seem to understand they don't have the RIGHT to see what's in her home. The next thing you know, they will expect TMZ to publish pics of her colonoscopy!

Mind your own damn business. Celeb news is fine but you people carry this to an incredible degree. One that is NOT reasonable.

1339 days ago

howard hughe no3    

DADDY warbucks did`nt own or build that crap.It`s a one level flat roof it`s to short for dadda and the driveway is crumbled blacktop.It`s a total rebuild and at 28 million it would cost 50 million to fix it.Dad lived in penthouses and at the aircraft hangers..he didn`t have time for or want a house as he never played house with nayone other than mother dear jeana peters.He may have rented it for his players(ACTORS) but in the 1950`s he was fighting the cold war for the CIA and would`nt have been around any hollywood commies in those years.

1339 days ago


By the late 1940`s howard was hollywood free and hated the industry so much he owned the HOLLYWOOD SIGN unbeknown to most everone.It`s was the only land he owned in LA other than the science lab and old studio which is NOW FOX STUDIOS over by the gulf.NUCLEAR GAR missles in 1948 and the coldwar was full blown and the age of the spies was going.Mother jean peters and father howard robard hughes had to hide thier whole marriage and even before and after.Thier wedding was hidden and thier homes were mostly leased and it is well recorded that howard didn`t stay anywhere very long due the war contracter vs cold war and spy age.THE FRENCH LINE was done in those years in 3D but he was way under ground in those years.HHMI was going and his studios were for the most part all long gone.He liked the coastline and would`nt lived there at all..mother may have for a bit been locked away there as she was owned by FOX also

1339 days ago


Wow, that's going to cost someone and arm and a leg!

1339 days ago

howard hughe no3    

To say howard hughes`s built the house is pure crapola.What did he do take ten years off to hammer it togather?.he was exproducer and was fightin over studio ownerships but his movie making days were over with hells angels and scarface.3D FUTURE DIMENSION patents at RKO made the french line3D but howard was out of time for hollywood in the early 1940`s and his airplanes and weapon sell and tricone rentals were his life not hollywood.Jean Peters could have well been locked in there from about 1959-61 and daddy warbucks and studio jane jean only played house for about three years in the midwest miss wheatheart=DAKOTA=SAC for dadda warbucks and cuba missles at 200 miles..they moved to the bunker land nebraska kansas lowa where they were born at.

1339 days ago
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