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Kat Von D -- 'I'm The Happiest Girl on the Planet!'

1/20/2011 5:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D is walking on sunshine now that she's engaged to Jesse James -- shouting it from the rooftops in L.A. today ... "I'm the happiest girl on the planet!!!"



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ok, so what she is shoould be saying is:

"I'm so happy that I'm engaged to a man who openly admitted to cheating on his wife last year AND because he's a cheater, I now have him, which I wouldn't have if he didnt get busted cheating on Sandra. YAY for ME!!!"

Really, Kat? Girl, you are smokin hot and all you want is a known cheater???

1378 days ago


*insert longing whispy voice here* "This marriage will last fowevah and always"... she makes me sick and she's winning a lying, cheating, no honor basthardo. ENJOY! Let's put money on how long they'll live blissfully!! I give it 14 months

1378 days ago


Kat says the same exact thing about ever person she's involved with. She also ends up cheating on them not long after. She's been married before and cheated on him numerous times. She's cheated on every person she's been involved with. I am positive the only reason she is marrying him is because Nikki wouldn't take her back/marry her.

1378 days ago


what a dumb bitch

1378 days ago


Pregnant? why the rush? stupid people

1378 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Happiest women on this planet huh? "Karma" will bite you, home wrecker...

1378 days ago


I wonder how long this will last. He will be bored and out looking within a year. I don't get why people have to rush into another marriage right after a divorce.

1378 days ago


btw, she wasn't the homewrecker, it was some other ugly tattooed chick, among others

1378 days ago


no Kat, Sandra is the happiest woman in the world cuz she got rid of that piece of **** husband of hers. Both of these trailer trash tattoo addicted meth heads belong with each other. I give it about a month b4 he goes off with another sl*t.

1378 days ago


how come nobody has put out the obvious link to jesse james the other nazi chick and kat von d, jesse him self looks like a white supremist and he is linked to all of these lightning bolt and swastika tatooed women! remember when sandra bullok adopted the little black baby when he got caugght messing around hello................ out off spite maybe ??

1378 days ago


Hep c ist girl...' hahahaha

LA Tragic-- lets agree in prayer right now that these two won't have any litters of kittens together.

They remind of the shopping carts at Marshalls-all sticky and ooky.

1378 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

This is distraction folks. I feel Sandra Bullock like many others sell their souls. They must go through a humiliation to get the adjulation that she obviously arrogantly craves; it was a right of passage so to speak. I am sorry for that child that is her prop. Nothing else. In other words she knew her husband was a notzi. It is not sudden news.
All he is doing now is continuing with his life. They both played out their roles and we accept it as their reality.
Was it worth it Sandy?

1377 days ago


skanky, ew and double skanky! Ugh...why are they commenting on these two again???

1377 days ago


Run Kat RUN! STOP and THINK! WTH are you doing! Don't marry Jesse! Less then a year ago he cheated on his wife and his family with SEVERAL women. He cheated a woman he said he loved and cherished and wanted to be with forever. He cheated on his previous wife. What in the world makes you think his cheating ways will stop with you? You think he won't do it to you too? If so, you are a fool. Girl, use your head on this - not your heart or your desire! Don't be foolish! Have all the fun you want with the guy, but marrying him would be the most foolish thing you could do. There are plenty of other men out there who will love you and treat you right. You will be making a huge mistake. I'm sorry, but you are one stupid girl if you go through with this marriage.

1376 days ago


He is just with her for some free INK.

1369 days ago
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