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New Spider-Man Flick -- Cover-Up Coming Soon

1/20/2011 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spider-Man geeks may have a huge problem with the new reboot -- and it has nothing to do with the fact that Tobey Maguire isn't starring in it. This time, it's location, location, location!!!

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Hugh Jass    

nah, they'll use CGI to cut out the background enough to disguise all this. I think it's still set in NY 'cuz if we look at the early part of the video sequence (previously posted on TMZ), we see a car marked "NYPD".

1374 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Oh, Snap! I was FIRST!

Now second....

1374 days ago


Really? There are many reasons that fanboys won't like the re-boot, but to think it's because it's being shot in Hollywood is just dumb. The footage you showed from the train fight scene in Spider-Man 2 was shot in Chicago but no one was up in arms about that. I think your team is trying to hard to be cool with the comic book crowd but doesn't really get it. Thanks for trying though.

1374 days ago


Erm yeah... the report isn't entirely accruate, the film is already going against the comic book as did the other previous films with Toby Mcguire.

The films aren't owned by MARVEL they are owned by Warner Brothers, that is why the Spiderman films SUCK!!

Iron Man and HULK are films owned by MARVEL, they stick to the comic books.

1373 days ago


Yo Jason...Sony/Columbia is distributing the film...also Marvel studios DOES own Spider-man. And to say Hulk sticks to the comic books is just plain insulting....

1373 days ago


iron man was the best remake out of all the marvel series.

and the dark knight for dc comics

they need to make the movies edgier and darker.

1373 days ago

lewis maldonado    

sony owns the rights to spider-man movies only not cartoons or comics or attractions. Warner bros. owns nothing marvel related. Disney owns marvel and spider-man is a marvel character but spidey was licensed to sony columbia long before disney purchased marvel get your facts straight.

1373 days ago


"The films aren't owned by MARVEL they are owned by Warner Brothers, that is why the Spiderman films SUCK!!" - Jason

MARVEL dont own the rights to the Spiderman films, I said nothing nothing about comics, cartoons or attractions.

Please learn to read before commenting.

PS, I meant Columbia not Warner Bros.

1373 days ago


This was filmed in downtown LA, I live here, I was just out taking pictures when we noticed they were filming something, they woudn't let us near so we went around and I heard "ACTION" and that's when I started filming. The HD quality looks better, I have it on my FB page and it's like 2-3 minutes long. A few minutes later, they asked us to leave..

1372 days ago


Irrelevant. The other Spiderman films were shot in Downtown L.A. as well. Spiderman swings through the Old Bank District at 4th and Main. That's the big joke that LA plays on the world... most of these scenes are shot here and made to seem like NYC.

1372 days ago

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