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Katherine Jackson: AEG Was Reckless with MJ's Life

1/21/2011 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has just filed legal docs claiming AEG was well aware ... there were life-threatening activities going down at Michael Jackson's house ... yet the company turned a blind eye.

Katherine Jackson AEG
Katherine is challenging AEG's motion to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit against the company.

In her docs, Katherine says AEG retained Dr. Conrad Murray for an "exorbitant salary of $150,000 monthly," and in return Murray agreed to "get Jackson to attend rehearsals and perform."

Katherine's lawyers claim it should have been obvious to AEG when Murray requested CPR equipment at MJ's home that "the medical treatments being administered risked stopping Jackson's heart and breathing." 

Katherine's lawyer continues, "This is hardly the type of risk expected in an ordinary house visit from a family doctor."

The lawyers claim, "AEG should have known that the course of treatment being administered by Dr. Murray was unorthodox and unsafe."


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Please read this story...USA TODAY by Lorena Blas 8/31/2009 10:39pm MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH PROBE TAKES AN OFFICAL TURN.A vertable ****tail of drugs in his system.This is the report from the AUTOPSY here is the list,,,Diazepam,Ephedrine,Lidocaine,Lorazepam and Midazlolam,also are remarks from the L.A.PD and the ATT/GEN of CA Jerry Brown.

1380 days ago


Posted at 1:05 PM on Jan 21, 2011 by mj fan forever

I don't mind saying this, but you are NOT an 'mj fan'!!

A true MJ fan would know that Michael's mother knows what she is doing to bring about Justice for her beloved son!!!

You're a fake and your comment shows it!!

Michael loved his mother with his whole heart, and she's going to bring Justice for Michael before she passes on!!!

You didn't know his mother, but he did, and he loved her dearly!!!

1380 days ago


I think there is enough blame to lay at everyone's feet here. AEG should have questioned WHY would Murray need a debribrator, gurney, nurse, and a box of catheters. I mean Michael didn't have a heart condition. This stuff is not standard equiptment for anyone! Katherine should have seen her son had lost weight and didn't look well. One doctor said if he was getting profonol night after night then he was not getting that REM sleep and he was sleep deprived and not thinking clearly. The cook Kai Chase noticed the weight loss and differences in his personality so why didn't his mother who visited 2 weeks before he died? We fans are trying to get the charges changed against Murray to criminal negligent manslaughter which is defined as a example of a lifeguard not saving a drownding victum, so a Dr. not saving a patient or calling someone else to fits in that defination. If you are a fan send a email to and click on contact us form. We need your help fans. We only have a short period of time for the da to change the charges. 4 years or less is not enough. We want 20. This is not just about MJ it's about all those docs who have abused their power and let our beloved stars die like Elvis, and Marylin and many others. Someone needs to show these docs they can't give all these drugs and kill people and get away with a slap on the wrist.

1380 days ago


I support Katherine in her efforts to bring about justice for her son Michael's death.

It is not an easy thing to do at her age to have the energy to keep battling with solicitors and the court system, not to mention the organisation behind Michael's death.

She is a loving mother, Michael loved his mother and called her a Saint. So respect that at least.

A 50 year old son such as Michael is difficult to reprimand or advise sometimes. I am sure Katherine said and did what she could but in the end Michael was the master of his own ship.

Michael knew someone was trying to murder him...he wanted us to know that. So keeping that thought firmly in mind we continue to pray for justice for Michael, his family and all those who love him.

1380 days ago


Posted at 1:06 PM on Jan 21, 2011 by Tell-Zit

So, what's your point???
We already know this!!!
I posted about this back in the summer of 2009!!!
AEG knew this before they hired Murray!

1380 days ago

Joe Aring    

Bottom line MJ got what "HE" wanted! I have seen video of him whining and crying if he didn't what he wanted. Does that mean he should have gotten what he wanted? No of course not. But I'm sure he only surrounded himself with people that would do what "HE MJ" wanted. period.

1380 days ago


The entire Jackson family didn't do anything to stop the drug addictions--Michael was their meal ticket.

1380 days ago


The Jackson family needs to quit pointing the finger at everyone else and realize their son was a drug addict for over 20 years. They were either stupid or blind to NOT see his drug problem. People have to remember that for over 20 years Michael sought out whoever he could to get him drugs, to buy him drugs and to administer him drugs. If his children were so dam important to him, he would have done whatever he could to get himself clean and be there for them as they got older!!

1380 days ago


Gee, sounds like the buck's getting passed here. Michael is the sole person responsible for his own demise. He wasn't an 18yr old that was taken advantage of. His own family took advantage of him. It's very sad & tragic but Michael owns the blame.

1380 days ago


please don't say anything bad about mj mother.she is still trying to figure out who is going to help her to get conrad murray life in prison.

1380 days ago


I agree with Who cares. Is MJ excused of any personal accountabilty for years of obvious abuse?

1380 days ago


Posted at 1:16 PM on Jan 21, 2011 by Annie-I'm-NOT-okay

Right on, Annie!!! You're okay with me!! :)

1380 days ago

linda Bacon    

I think everybody is so ignorant, about so many things,stop the pointing fingers, and relize this is foolish,however, whoever, who cares the fact is michael is now gone(DEAD) AND EVERYONE IS STILL bickering. get a life people. The only one's suffering from all this is his children. God bless you Katherine for being strong to care for michael's children. Love you Michael

1380 days ago


Is MJ excused of any personal accountabilty for years of obvious abuse?

Posted at 1:18 PM on Jan 21, 2011 by Commonsense

Not by me he isn't. But neither are those who actively enabled him by saying yes when they should have said no.

1380 days ago
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