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Keith Olbermann

Abruptly Leaves MSNBC

1/21/2011 11:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC are going their separate ways ... effective immediately ... the liberal cable host announced tonight in a shocking move. 

MSNBC issued a statement saying they had ended its contract with Olbermann, who hosted the top rated show on the network.

The statement read in part, "MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC's success and we wish him well in his future endeavors." A spokesman went on to say that Comcast's acquisition of NBC Universal had nothing to do with the decision.

Olbermann was suspended for two days in November for violating a network rule on political donations.

Lawrence O'Donnell, who hosts a show on the network at 10:00 PM, will fill Olbermann's 8:00 PM slot beginning Monday.


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He will be missed. He was their best talent on that network.

1339 days ago

J Sullivan    

The dumbest move by MSMBC. Idiots!

1339 days ago

Jen O.    

Oh, there will be another Liberal to take his place. Just like ****roaches, you can never get rid of them...

1339 days ago


Damn, I love Keith! What will I do? Thank god for Rachel Maddow. And anyone who strictly sees her as a mannish lesbian is missing out on a brilliant woman who conducts herself and her show with class. She is well-schooled, thought provoking, relevant, fair and respectful to her guests and a pleasure to watch.

1339 days ago


I wonder who the giant loser with too much free time is who is posting all the racist redneck crap in here...? Guess it's easy to find free time to insult liberals, when your unemployment checks keep rolling in, thanks to Obama and the Democrats.

The Republicans are great at three things; 1) Silencing free speech, 2) lying to the public (usually about their sexual orientation) and 3) convincing poor rednecks to vote against their best interests.

A real Republican/Conservative would be concerned that a man was fired today simply because of his beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs are, assuming those beliefs aren't violent, which as we all know, Keith is the antithesis of. Watch your back, dude, 'cause when Glenn Beck comes out of the closet as a homo, like all Republicans eventually do once caught, the finger will be pointed back at you, and the laughter will be amplified.

1339 days ago

karen lee    

DIDN'T take long for Comcast to rear its UGLY HEAD. (after the FCC announced the merger).

This is the end of freedom for the progressive movement in media. FCC really screwed the people of this country.

GE and NBC UNIVERSAL and COMCAST: the gods that will rule our world in the days to come.

Rahm Emanuel and his brother, Ari, (think Jeremy Piven as Enteronage's Ari Gold agent) raised $12-million in a few WEEKS. To make Rahm Chicago’s new Mayor.

Now, Obama appoints NBC’s Jeff Immelt ... and the list goes on and on ...

WHO did we elect two years ago ??

1339 days ago


I will stop watching MSNBC all together. FOX and CNN are a joke. Keith had integrity; I enjoyed watching his show every night. Very sad day.

1339 days ago


God, I loathe that fat, pompous, arrogant gasbag, it will be wonderful to have him gone, even for a short time, though like a turd in the liberal punchbowl, he will float once again to the top to annoy those of us who cannot stand him.

1339 days ago


Oh, the writing was on the wall. Comcast.
#30 much??? you're kidding, right?? :-p

1339 days ago


I used to watch him all the time until he started bashing Hilary Clinton. I'm not fond of people whose only skill is being totally negative, especially against women.

1339 days ago


#59... Keith was integral in getting Rachel Madow her nationally broadcast news show. Keith doesn't have anything against women, your moronic woman... He had a problem with a PERSON who happened to be a woman. Now get back in the kitchen, keep your mouth shut and look pretty like you're supposed to. Idiot.

1339 days ago


We are gonna miss your truth and honesty in this bubble headed and selfish world. You brought sanity to an insane nation. God bless you. Thanks for being yourself.

1339 days ago


Is George Sourass of Ariana Bluffington starting a network? If not perhaps he's taking a hiatus to help Michael Morethanenough film his latest do***entary In****less...prequel to his newly released Barfia, The Pig, The Idiot and the Loser.

1339 days ago


Liberal s***bag! This guys a criminal who breaks the donation regz. He is a closed minded, hate filled bigot who needs to be snuffed out. We are so GLADD to see this POS go buh bye!

1339 days ago


Stupid move MSNBC...

1339 days ago
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