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Lindsay Lohan Made Photo Deal With Betty Ford Chick

1/21/2011 1:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made a secret deal to meet with Dawn Holland -- the Betty Ford Center worker Lindsay allegedly attacked -- and the plan was that a photog would take pictures of the two together, sell them and Dawn would pocket the cash ... sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Photo Deal
The plan -- hatched BEFORE Dawn decided not to pursue criminal charges against Lindsay -- was that Dawn would make $10,000 from the sale of the photos.

Sources connected with the deal tell us the point was not for Dawn to get money in exchange for dropping her case -- but rather for Lindsay to "help her out."

Sources say the deal fell apart when Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, put the kibosh on the plan.

Dawn was pissed, felt Lindsay was "disrespecting" her, got a new lawyer and may pursue the battery case.


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I get a kick how the Lohan family makes Lindsay out to be some kind of Hollywood Star,when the truth of the matter she's just a washed up child actress from the 90's.

2011 will be the year the Lohan family realizes there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for them.

The only acting this family has done for the last couple of years is in court,and hanging out at TMZ all day using alias handles defending Lindsay.

It's like they can't understand nobody in the U.S...or at least a large enough majority want absolutly nothing to do with this family.

It's not so much her screw ups,it's how they are as people that annoy the crap out of us.

Liars..always have been,and always will be.

To sit here at TMZ all day watching for articles to come up about Lindsay,goes so show the desperation of this family.

Lindsay will never big a big name anymore.

But some people just can't handle the truth I guess,and there only alternative is to hang out at celeb sites acting like Lindsay has a fan base left.

What a

1371 days ago


This could be the start of a whole new reality TV series!

Imagine; Paris and Kim or Lindsay and the rehab technician or Tara Reid and the door man who wouldn't let her in the club or Kanye and Taylor

Harvey as the moderator and Michelle Rodriguez as the security person

1371 days ago


What's really lost in today's comments is that none of LieHo's family/"friends"/pimps posting here have mentioned how important her sobriety is for her LIFE.
No, it's all about "they can't prove it". LieHo will DIE young before or after she goes to jail unless she deals with her addictions - and not with bribes.

1371 days ago


Holland was very quick to shut up. Too late can't proove anything now.

1371 days ago


We certainly could decipher Dawn was paid off when she completely changed course within 24 hours. I think the figure TMZ is reporting is wrong. I think the figure was 25k as reported all over the net.

It's going to be impossible for Dawn to reverse course and be believed once again. Too many changes in her story all motivated by her personal desire to gain something/anything.

Sad this is, I believe what Dawn first said took place, DID. I believe LL was drunk, and caused a physical match with Dawn to avoid yet another dirty test. LL smoked this attendant. She fooled her into reversing course and then never actually kept her word to pay her.

1371 days ago


Dina Lohan posts here and on Radaronline under more than one name. That I am certain of. You can tell the names she posts under by the words she chooses and the fact that she cannot admit to anything LL does wrong. It's extremely obvious it's her.

I also think ML posts here. Just a feeling -

1371 days ago


I think this could be developed into a whole new type reality show for TV and make someone a ton of money!

Lindsay, this could be your big break and the road to comeback!

Imagine... this week on idiot reality,,, Paris and Kim or Lindsay and the rehab technician... or Tara and the door guard who wouldn't let her in.....

Harvey as the moderator and Michelle Rodriguez in a black and white striped referee shirt as the security guard this show would be a hit.

1371 days ago



Supposedly refusing the breathalyser is not a proven fact, its an accusation.

1371 days ago


@102 richardwww

Answered at 94. I think you're getting all your posting names mixed up richard/susan.

BTW, wonder why LL is the only one in Hollywood who's accused of so MANY things?

1371 days ago


Lindsey is young but is really needing some Botox these days...

1371 days ago


My God, I don't mean to be cruel but Lindsay looks like she is in her 40's in that pic.

1371 days ago


Gee, if LL did nothing wrong why would ML offer anyone a deal?

1371 days ago


Gee, If LL did nothing wrong, why did he need to offer her a deal?

1371 days ago


Oh and as for "extortion". You can't extort a person unless they are GUILTY.

1371 days ago


I can't tell the difference between Dana Plato from "Different Stokes" and Lindsay. Lindsay- a true before and after being a a worn down drug addict picture.

1371 days ago
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