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Dawn Holland -- Betty Ford Cut Me Off!

1/23/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If it seems like Dawn Holland is trying to profit off this whole Lindsay Lohan mess, that's cause she is -- because after Betty Ford put a stop to her unemployment and workman's comp, she's flat broke.

Holland tells TMZ she's no longer receiving anything from Betty Ford after she was let go last month. She says she has kids to feed and can't get another job in the aftermath of her alleged Lohan run-in.

Holland also says she's hired a new lawyer in an effort to regain her unemployment and workman's comp from BF -- which became a major priority once her deal for photos with Lindsay fell through.

Calls to Betty Ford have not been returned.


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Amusingly enough, they produced a sequel to that respected classic film Mean Girls - looks like they forgot to call the Lohans...I have a feeling they could all change their numbers and not be missed.

Oh and by the way, my buddy with the camera would still appreciate it if the Lohans would stop calling to schedule "candid" shots at various locations and then act all offended when the photogs they called start taking pics.

1313 days ago

Jill Conway    

Aw-w-w-w, I guess that's what ya get for trying to get your 15 minutes of fame. What an opportunistic POC.

1313 days ago


@jill at the moment LL is the ONLY Hollywood personality conducting a daily drama on the tabloids. Every day someone else is to blame for her problems.

Oh and let me get this straight. Micheal hears that his daughter was assaulted in rehab, so instead of calling the police himself, pressing charges or suits against Holland or Betty Ford or both, he offers Holland money.....makes no sense at all. Just like every other Lohan fairy tale.

1313 days ago


@ 96 jwoolman

You may be right about a HIPAA violation, the investigation is not yet completed but there is an official investigation in progress.

An employer can challenge an ex employee's request for unemployment compensation and if that employee was fired for cause then it will be denied. Lindsay is has no a part in that determination.

A sore wrist is a very questionable reason for Workman's compensation, it is hard to see how that injury meets the defined criteria "unable to perform meaningful work". Again, Lindsay is not part of that process.

The law specifically prohibits collecting unemployment compensation and Workman's compensation simultaneously.

It is possible to have a HIPAA violation that does not warrant criminal prosecution but is absolutely eligible for a civil claim and that could cost Betty Ford dearly!

We agree completely about Michael Lohan, he is about 10 feet below whale poop, and thats at the bottom of the ocean.

1313 days ago


Oh and this discussion of LL's situation like she's political prisoner is absurd. She a garden variety princess with a rap sheet.

1313 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Sitting Bull, you must be Lindsay. I don't know anyone who thinks she's magic. What are you smoking and drinking tonight? She's an addict - a very ugly one. Her career is over. I hear Walmart is hiring. However, Lindsay is so stupid and arrogant, I doubt they would hire her.

1313 days ago


@ dreamon

apparently you don't understand that to press charges or sue someone, you have to be one of the parties involved. michael is not so HE can't do either. and by the time he would have heard about the event at BF, Lindsay had already called the police so he wouldn't have to do that either.

As for your insistence that lindsay is causing daily drama. i disagree. what has she done since getting out of BF. drama is happening around her but she has done nothing in the last 3 weeks to cause anything. if anything, everyone is saying how surprised they are she's been so quiet and hasn't even been photographed that much.

1313 days ago


@ JayVegas

you would have a point except for the fact they didn't cast anyone from the original mean girls in the sequel. No rachel mcadams, no lindsay lohan, no tina fey. not one of them.

1313 days ago


MiLo is severely brain damaged.
Michael Lohan claims he arranged a meeting with SCH, and DH’s attorney where a deal was worked out to pay DH for assaulting Lindsay (huh?).
According to MiLo, DH got greedy and wants more money.
She has no leverage if she assaulted Lindsay.

Shawn Chapman Holly said "I have never entered into any agreement with Ms. Holland or with any representative of Ms. Holland-- on Ms. Lohan's behalf or otherwise-- for money to be paid to Ms. Holland, either directly or indirectly."

1313 days ago


@jill. Apparently YOU don't understand that anyone can give police information that leads to an investigation and charges can be pressed by the POLICE without the cooperation of any of the parties. Why wouldn't they do that? Why use TMZ or ROL to make you case weeks later?

As for drama, she calls the tabloids daily. Serious actors stay out of the tabloids. She's just a punchline.

1313 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Magical bad....guess I've misjudged the mystic one.
Loving how the story has changed from Lindsay is so popular that reruns of her epic movies are on tv for scads of fan to watch, to reruns of her movies are on tv to Lindsay-a-fi us all so the new Mean Girls can achieve some box office success. Only Lindsay could have that much power over the viewing public. Charismatic...nope.....nobody will drink the Kool-Aid!

1313 days ago


she should look for a like everybody else

1312 days ago


so...let me get this party is hurt so much they deserve cash from the other party...unless they are able to sit down and have a talk...but it can't be in private, hope yhe judge dives them five minutes in his office alone in lieu of cash.

1312 days ago

Mel Gibson    

Who Cares

1312 days ago


It's "Workers' Comp" not "workman's comp".

1312 days ago
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