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'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Bails on Rehab

1/24/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams -- the homeless man with the "Golden Voice" -- has left rehab against medical advice, less than two weeks after checking in for drug and alcohol dependency ... TMZ has learned.

Ted Williams Rehab

Our sources say Ted -- who decided to go to rehab earlier this month after a taping of the Dr. Phil show -- left the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas moments ago and is on his way to the airport.

Ted's girlfriend is currently in rehab at the Safe Harbor facility in Costa Mesa, California.


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who farted    

I knew it.

1314 days ago


Who know maybe he got another offer he couldnt refuse. The story is developing maybe he went to a different treatment center.Maybe he got mad at somebody at origins or they tryed to put to much on him at once.I really pray he didnt give up everthing to go get high again. If somebody hires him in this condition they could kill this man.

1314 days ago

Stu Gotz    

or maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt....

1314 days ago


Is it possible he is going to the rehab his g/f is at?

1314 days ago


Hello?! He's an addict. He's a liar and a junkie. That's what they do!

1314 days ago

Big J    

Linda, he gave up everything to go get high again. Is that clear enough for you?

1314 days ago

Jean Paul    

Hey 123 Invite the Bum at your house and give him some TLC.... Wake up, ....You feed him, you bathe him, you keep him dry...give him a roof, but do not push your crappy eva;uarion of how good he is.... he is a BUM, plain and simple, and by the way why dont you help him raise the 9 kids he fathered.... yeah quick to judge, shut up and You help him... put your money where your mouth is, or better yet leave the cash on the table the Golden Voice will pick it up No worries, feed a pig and he will cra.... on your balcony

1314 days ago


That's so sad. I was hoping that he wouldn't mess up this time around...

1314 days ago

lori Welling    

We think it's a damn shame that Dr. Phil and others has tried to help Ted Williams and has given him chance after chance and now Ted Williams has left the recovery ctr. heading for the airport. Well we say Ted Williams is playing games with his family, his girlfriend and especially to Dr Phil and the many others who are really trying to work with him to help him get his life together. He (Ted Williams) say's he doesn't want to lose anything that the people are willing to give to help him and/or to allow him to not lose his up-coming fame, fortune and stardom when he does get his life together and leaves the ctr. Well, we all thinks he's really playing games, he's no Lindsay Lohan, hell she's already achieve her fortune and finally she did obey and receive help and so far she's doing okay, hoping and believing it will last and we all think it will, but what is Ted's excuse. we believe he's heading to the ctr. where his girlfriend is at and if that's the case he should not be allowed to see her much less visit or talk to her, she's trying to get help as well. She should not be allowed to know that he's there if he comes, if he is making his way there. we've watched the episodes where Dr Phil talked to Ted Williams about being serious in receiving help and to not let him down and what does Ted do, just the opposite. We all think Dr. Phil should just wash his hands from this man, he's not only letting Dr Phil, his family, his girl friend down but he's letting America (us) down as well, we were all rooting for him, but now he's really playing games. If anyone else were to do what Ted Williams has done we would wash our hands of that person as well. It seems that he doesn't want any help and he knows he just can't walk away whenever he feels like it and expect people to continue to want to help him. We no loner feel sorry for Ted Williams, his daughter especially one in particular said he was like that when Dr. Phil had his whole entire family as guests on the show and we tried so hard not to believe her (them), but now we all see that it was the truth. There is nothing that Ted Williams can say that would make anyone believe that he's serious about getting help. One thing we have made from Ted Williams is that he's no uneducated person, he has a lot of common sense and he is educated, but he's also, we believe is conniving and Dr. Phil and the many others, we say to you all you can't help this man, there are so many others out here in the world that really needs serious help, and are really looking for help and would love to take the place of this Ted Williams. Dr. Phil, and the many others if you all continue to help Ted Williams, then you especially, Dr. Phil has to really really lay down the law to this man, don't take any wooden nickels, because he is really trying to hustle you all and once again he knows exactly what's he's doing. we are so furious with Ted Williams, we don't know him personalty, only what we have seen from Dr. Phil show and on the news but we were really rooting for him, we all were and we all feel now that we were let down because we feel like he's been playing games and that he is a hustler. Whatever you all decided to do, our trust is gone and the only way it will be restored is that we really have to see for ourselves and to really hear from Dr. Phil and the others that this man has really truthfully changed, we are so disappointed and sad.

1314 days ago


For some reason,I am now in the mood for a hit of Kraft cheese & macaroni...mmm, can't wait!

1314 days ago

neko nation    

Nothing more than a loser and a dead beat. Deserves no sympathy because it is no one's fault but his own. Alcoholic, drug addict and a deadbeat father, typical.

1314 days ago


fvck this bum you need a bum go to skid row and find a NEW TOKEN BUM. This bum is not deserving fing a bum who kept his **** in his pants and doesn't have a bunch of bastard kids

1314 days ago


big surprise, BTW, he's headed to LiLo's house, since she's not clubbing anymore, they gonna stay home and party!

1314 days ago


Shows why he was homeless in the first place. The dude has all these people pulling for him and trying to help him out and he can't even sit tight in rehab for a few months to HELP HIMSELF. **** this guy. /end 15 minutes. People should now focus their efforts on helping someone else. Someone more appreciative.

1314 days ago


Let him go! He doesn't want a second chance. Good Luck Ted...God only gives us one second chance especially when you throw it in his face and say no thanks!

1314 days ago
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