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Dr. Conrad Murray

Pleads Not Guilty

in MJ Death

1/25/2011 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray just pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson ... telling the judge, "I am an innocent man."

When the judge asked Murray for his plea, he said, "Your Honor, I am an innocent man," adding, "I therefore plead not guilty."

Judge Michael Pastor ruled earlier this month that there is enough evidence to force Murray to stand trial.

Today's brief arraignment is part of the process.

The trial date is set for March 28.

If convicted, Murray faces a maximum of four years in prison.

By the way, we promised you we'd go live with the arraignment, but the technical wizards at  KABC TV in Los Angeles couldn't find the right cables to plug in -- they cover L.A. like no one.


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As children went usually upstairs to Michael's room they could come into a bathroom and to see 12 vials with propofol (or more) earlier. I do not think that murray and Michael would allow children to see it (they might also drink that -it is dangerously). Therefore, it means that propofol has appeared just this day 25.06.09! Murray has thrown hoax evidence (duck) so that others would consider that he gave constantly propofol to Michael every day (night).

1322 days ago


mymjj5 - you just said something that I had not heard before. Does the LAPD really have the hard drive to the security tapes?

Also, please don't cry over the hateful things being said. I was trying my hardest to calm everyone down last night. Not sure it worked but it was worth a shot.

I am a Christian and was not behaving like one at times. I had to check myself and do some soul searching. Of course God gave me the answers I needed. No more posting back to those I disagree with in a harsh way.

1322 days ago


Testimony from "doc" (just as his "kind" care) can't be accepted for real proofs. All should be proved properly! Why I should only HEAR that the suspect speaks and not to SEE contradictions in his story????Why?

1322 days ago


And one moment is else: if murray asserts that Michael was dependent of propofol before him,earlier, why is not this fact checked? Who operated propofol for Michael in clinical conditions duly according to all rules of its using? Michael couldn't make it, it is clear even to a fool. I think that before murray nobody gave to Michael propofol. Therefore there was no any dependence ! Don't trust to suspect!

1322 days ago


Hi Pegasus, LC4Michael, barbara and Ulja

I agree with you all! As for the LAPD all we can do is hold murray to his statements. The DA has to make Murray (the defence team) prove those statements. Murray's statements are not facts just because he said it. As for the hate roaming to and fro on the other board. I too have to check
myself often. there have been times when I got all down in the dirt with the best of them all in defense of you know who. I'm a christian as well and know better than to sink back into old habits. I've gotten a hole lot better as scrolling past a lot of the noise because if I see the nic, I don't read it. However when they call me OUT, I will respond everytime. I'm learning everyday how to do it w/o losing my religion so to speak.

1322 days ago


To mymjj5 - Its okay! I too am a Christian, and there are many times in which I find it very difficult to control my thoughts and feelings with regards to some of the posters here. I am human and therefor have failing's. I am learning to just ignore them for the most part. However, this cloning/trouble maker's are truly getting out of hand here. And TMZ seems to do nothing to control it or anything. I realize that it is a tabloid site, and they are intitled to post what they like - however, many of them cross the line in many ways as well as cloning others here. But I truly admire your determination and strong will in fighting for MJ.

On another matter: I wonder if the prosecution will except this woman's testimony. Because it could be viewed as a woman seeking revenge or something. And it has already been proven that Dr. Death is a deceptive, lying, etc. person. Just curious! Which reminds me, I truly love your response to that one query about Conservative (I believe it was - or something like that), that was very interesting and I learned something new - thank you for that. I had never heard of it before. Keep the faith, and the strength and will to continue. We are ALL praying that justice will prevail.

1322 days ago


I consider that any testimony , of whoever was, must be checked up in due order. Instead of playing the game " one believes, one not believes" .... It after all is not Oprah Winfrey's Show.

1322 days ago


Hi LC4Michael
Hi Pegasus
This board is a lot nicer to comment on. I haven't really cried over michael since 2009. I'm so into defending him that tears don't have time to swell up and fall. The LAPD is a trip. It will be interesting to see what the powers that be will authorize for release to the public. As for this chick Anding on ABC news, her story is okay but I see a few things as to the real reason why she allowed to be interviewed today.

1322 days ago


Hi mymjj5 and Pegasus!

Hope you are both doing well. I was on the new board about Murray's GF poking holes in his timeline of events. Really wish she had not gone on GMA. This may work against the Prosecution as far as using her as a witness. Not sure how that will work. Hopefully it will not have any effect but we shall see.

You know it just makes me sick to my stomach on how incredibly hateful and cruel people can be. I do scroll past the bad posters but some of them are bordering on Child Porn. and other sexually explicit things. Freedom of speech was not meant for this type of "speech". I will have to cut back on my time spent on these boards just to keep my sanity!

1322 days ago


The prosecutor is going to use her because the telephone call made by Murray to her is part of the time line process, they probaly don't give a hoot about her being jealous, the prosecutor is going to drag out of her the conversation that Murray had with her days after she claims the detective notified her, they are interest in his frame of mind. Murray was thinking the phones might be tap, if he did nothing wrong would he be worried about talking on the phone. (JMO) I am quite sure the prosecutor is going to ask her was she paid for the interview if she say no it's ok, but if she say yes I don't know what the jury might think.

1322 days ago


Hi Pegasus, LC4Michael and barbara
I think the interview was bogus. The interview in my opinion was an effort to help the defense, because as we all know Murray does not have one. She claims that Murray never discussed his medical treatment for Michael Jackson with her, and that he never mentioned propofol. That's good because Murray did not use propofol until 6/25/2009. Murray is guilty of killing Michael therefore why would get on the phone and start talking about it..unless he's a bigger idiot than we ever imagined. He was so guilty that he was basically speechless during the call.
Without surveillance of 6/24/2009 and 6/25/2009 the defence and the prosecution can go jump in lake. Reportedly Murray called Michael at 1:00am on 6/25/2009. Murray who claims he provided care for Michael 6 nights a week must have had a day off. Michael would respect the doctor's day off, but he did not on. I believe Murray was out partying when he should have been there providing care for Michael and that's why Michael called him. Where's the proof that murray arrived at holmby hills in time to even start administering medications by 1:30am? Without phone records and surveillance it's all talk not evidence. where's the recorded phone call of Michael to Murray? Why was this call not released to the media? Why not release the call where michael jackson was complaining of dehydration to Murray? Once and for all it would confirm that michael was dehydrated and not just Murray's statement that Michael was dehydrated. Also I did not like the news reporter referring to Murray as Michael's cardiologist. Michael did not have a history of heart disease or any cardiac issues.
And this line here:
"It made me sad," she said, crying. "I felt like it was my fault. But I really felt like, if he wouldn't have called me, then maybe all that stuff that happened wouldn't have happened." IMO it's all BS, BS, BS, BS, BS!!! Murray's call to her did not kill michael. murray's call to her did not inject propofol into michael's system. Murray's call to this woman was his decision not to provide life saving care for Michael. Murray's call to this woman was an effort to try and manipulate the time of death. IMO: michael was dead and murray a known bald faced liar was covering his tracks. He knew the phone call would be released to the media. murray wanted the world to think that he noticed michael not breathing sometime during that call.
And this one:
Despite her anger at finding out he lied to her, Anding said she does n't think Murray is capable of manslaughter in Jackson's death. "Not at all," she said.

IMO: Forget this chick and her bought and paid for less than 2G Steakhouse analysis! Pllleeeaazzzz!

1322 days ago


How many of these womens are going to jump out like a Jack in the box, there nothing like a scorned woman and she probaly will help the defense if she was paid for this interview, I think the telephone call was part of his setup plan, Murray defense might say that he was out partying and Murray found Michael dead, and this would be a good chance to make up the lie that Michael injected himself, they probaly can get the phone records from the cell phone company. Sometime bombshells come out during the actual trial, I will be glued to my seat, I hope they have it on court tv. This woman proved one thing that Murray is a liar. This woman can't think straight he probaly taps her with the wood if you get my drift, did she think she was going to meet Michael or go on tour.

1322 days ago


This woman can't think straight he probaly taps her with the wood if you get my drift, did she think she was going to meet Michael or go on tour.
hi barbara
this chick is a trip. She was nothing to murray but another piece of ***. murray uses women. michael was not stuck up. yet I don't believe for a minute that murray was going to bring the steakhouse waitress to meet michael jackson and his children. there was not reason for it. all murray needed her for was that phone call......and it did not work.
I'm not buying it.

1321 days ago


Alright Mr.DA and the wannabe defense team. Michael's phone call to murray should have been released to the media as soon as murray made the claim that michael called him complaining of dehydration but it was not.
murray claimed that he began administering medications to michael at 1:30am. yet there's no proof that murray was even at holmby hills at 1:30am. w/o surveillance and Michael Jackson's phone records, All of it is just murray's one sided(lying) words not facts. how can murray prove he arrived to provide medication management for michael jackson beginning at 1:30am if the surveillance was (yeah right) conventiently stolen.

1321 days ago


Sorry guys, I thought I had already sent this one, but somehow it got lost in the shuffle. I apologize if some things have already been covered....
-Hey Mymjj5! Thanks for clarifying your point. And I totally understand that they have a right to their opinions just as we have, but sometimes I just would like to see the odds more in MICHAEL'S favor once in awhile. I can come on these boards and flip through HUNDREDS of negative posts from HATERS, but when they're from fans/supporters, it's a little hard to take....especially at such a CRUCIAL time as this with a Preliminary Hearing under our belt, and a TRIAL just around the corner.....
SO I'm a bit on edge, I goes on of course, but it's just a nagging feeling in the back of my mind and it won't be right until there's JUSTICE for MICHAEL....
If that doesn't happen, life will go on because I have GOD to sustain me, it's just that I would LOVE for them to prove me wrong that the Legal system in this country is a JACKED-UP MESS!!
And I agree with your feelings about the DA, he has a LONG way to go before he can rest on his laurels in this case. But let me encourage you with this: usually a Preliminary trial doesn't show even HALF the discovery they presented. The fact that they did take it to that level in this Hearing means two things IMO:
1. They have a lot more info to present and will reveal the answers to many of our questions at the trial. You're right that so far all we've been hearing is Murray's deposition from the LAPD affidavit much of which does NOT match up with the phone records, EMT,UCLA staff and other Testimony in the Hearing. I'm sure the DA will expose this during the Trial....
2. They were trying to shift public opinion against Murray. The Media and Murray's defense have been working OVERTIME to make Michael look bad--all you need to do is check out these boards and you know what I mean. So the DA's mission has to be to get people away from dwelling on the past LIES about Michael, and start placing the responsiblility with the "Trigger Man"--MURRAY. It's going to be a HARD task in this country, but extremely necessary if they want justice to be done.......
-#654: Hey Nan! Great post as always! I've said this since August or Sept. '09, I do NOT believe the Propofol story, I think the whole thing is a cover for killing Michael. And it was so easy to do when you think about it--as far asw getting people to believe that Michael was crazy enough to BEG for this stuff because didn't we HEAR that he took it back on the HIStory Tour with Ratner? Only problem they have with that way of thinking is how to account for how HEALTHY Michael looked during the HIStory Tour, vs. how thin he was in his last days....
Something had to be different....
As for Murray, I'm not buying the incompetent, well-meaning airhead act he's got going. I think he knew EXACTLY what he was doing because he had been BOUGHT and PAID FOR to do it.....that's the same reason why he can sit back and not worry about a Prison Sentence because when he's convicted he knows he'll get out early for good behavior.....Oye.
BTW: Your point that if Michael had been KNOWN to use Propofol so much in LA, then people would've jumped to the conclusion that it was what killed him, is BRILLIANT! Because the first thing that came out of everyone's mouth is Demerol or a ****tail of drugs of some kind (based on Anna Nicole and Heath Ledger--Oye!) They cried Demerol because it's the one drug that they KNEW in connection to Michael. I find it very hard to believe that he would've been able to keep a long term usage of Propofol away from the Media--especially with everyone whoever said "hello" to him in person, yakking it up with anyone in the Media who will listen (Hate that!)
Sufficient to say, the word PRIVACY was not in Michael's Vocabulary--as much as he was DESPERATE for it....somehow, some way they would always take it away from him....
As for the alcohol, there was nothing in the Coroner's, LAPD or DEA do***ents about alcohol being found and noone testified about it....But I agree that if he was desperate for sleep, you'd think he'd want a drink to relax himself.....
Thing is, I don't think he WAS falling back into his old ways, I think he had long moved past them and was trying to do whatever he could to be healthy and ready for the Concerts.....
-#658: Hey LC4Michael! Great questions, but let me say this first: I read a post from you earlier that mentioned not wanting to voice your opinions for fear of a VERBAL LASHING, however, I want to assure you that stating your opinion is YOUR RIGHT, regardless of what me or anyone else says about it....
You may have been referring to my post....or not, but if you were, just know that I responded to those posters because they HABITUALLY dwell on NEGATIVE info about Michael that has NEVER BEEN PROVEN. And while I do understand the need to discuss and get to the bottom of these issues of someone you love every once in awhile, I just don't see where it's necessary on a regular basis. I mean, isn't it enough that the HATERS are constantly espousing it without the Fans joining in? Enough....
As for your questions--the Oxygen Tanks being brought down every night has thrown a lot of us off. Question is, what ELSE could he have been using those tanks for? Are they only necessary when administering Propofol? From what I understand, they are also used when treating dehydration, which I do believe Murray was doing because Saline was found at the scene also. And Michael did have a slight LUNG CONDITION for years, so maybe it was something he's used off and on....I also will eagerly wait for this to come out in the Trial....
-#660...: Mymjj5, EXCELLENT POST!! Especially this:
murray walked in and out of the home daily for 2 months with oxygen tanks. the staffers all saw it. to my knowledge not one story was printed/sensationalized about "oxygen tanks being carried in and out of Michael Jackson's house".
Besides AEG wanted to sell concert tickets to anyone anywhere in the world. They wanted michael to have a good rehearsal period leading up to TII (the movie, not the concert series). Tabloid tactics in regards to Michael Jackson were on hold for such a time as this.....and here we are 19 months later still battling the tabloids on michael's behalf.
Posted at 9:04 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by mymjj5
BTW: I addressed the issue of Michael calling Murray previously and clarified that Murray's statements CLEARLY don't match up with the phone records, nor the other witnesses' testimonies....probably because he lost track of his LIES.....
I'm trying to remember if Murray's deposition is the only time I read that Michael called him....I'll have to check back with you on that one, but if Kai left at 10PM and didn't see him, chances are he was NOT there until later. You pointed out that he would know Michael's schedule, which means he also would know that Michael wouldn't be getting home until late that night, so maybe he WAS at Hofsfrau, the STRIP bar that night. A waitress there said he came in there a lot and she saw him that night. This may have been where he was when Michael got home and called him--which I'm sure the DA has checked to confirm in his phone records....
As for how you would KNOW you're dehydrated: You get a severe headache, dry mouth, dizziness, blurred vision, a possibly nausea. I've been there before so I know, as ANYBODY would once they've dealt with it....
As I told Barbara, if you google the **** Gregory story, it details a very well known incident he had with Michael and Dehydration......
-#664: LC4Michael, that's the SAME THING I was thinking......who would've thought she may have been telling the Truth? Guess there's gonna be a HOOTCHIE #4 on the witness stand, after all....
-#668: Mymjj5, who's statement was the AP based on, the Alvarez' statement or Murray's deposition?
Also, I'm so glad to see that Barbara did some research on the whole dehydration issue and posted her findings here. Research is great, but what's even greater is when you have Supporters onboard who are Medical Professionals such as R.Schildt and SaraJane. Rschildt explained this to me MONTHS ago, after I posted a link from "Campaign for Liberty"--a blog whose owner believes that Murray was treating Michael for dehydration when something went wrong that night, causing Michael to go into a Coma. He/she believes it was at that point that Murray made a call/s and it was decided to "pull the plug" for everyone else's best interests, but at Michael's expense. So Murray, with or without the help of others, stacked the Benzos, administered the Propofol, then began setting the stage by calling Hootchies, and on up to the 911call.....
-#677: barbara, there is nothing in the Murray's deposition to the LAPD that stated Murray or anyone else said Michael was hyped. Another poster made that comment because it's typical for performers or athletes who have just finished their work....
The only thing that was established is that Michael was happy and confident before leaving Staples according to Travis and Kenny O., and that he wasn't feeling well when he got home according to Murray.....
-#679: Mymjj5, the idea of Murray being at Hofsbrau is an interesting point--and you're right, if he was there that morning, he'd have an alibi, so I have to say imo, he was there, but then left in time to be at Holmby for Michael. The DA needs to get that waitress nailed down for the time she saw Murray there. Of course, there's a chance he was there all night and his partners in crime either strong-armed or paid him to take the fall, but then what about the endless list of witnesses who may have seen him at the bar that night? The waitress talked, but she couldn't be the only one who saw him.....
Now here's another theory I've read: he came to Holmby gave Michael the Benzos and Propofol, then went BACK to Hofsbrau. Problem with that would be Kai's testimony, didn't she say she saw his car that morning? Then again, we are taking for granted that Kai's testimony is the TRUTH, however, she has contradicted herself between her LKL INterview and the Prelim Hearing....I tend to believe her because I can't see what she would gain by lying, unless someone paid her to corroborate the AEG story that Michael was doing fine....once Michael said he wanted her on the Tour, wasn't she also considered an employee of AEG?
-#682: barbara: the REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED!!!

1321 days ago
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