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Brandy's Elephant Tat

Now With Less Tip!

1/27/2011 8:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Brandy's elephant tattoo was officially emasculated this week -- after the artist decided the trunk was a little too "phallic" for his liking ... TMZ has learned.

The tattoo artist tells TMZ ... Brandy's work hadn't been completed when she posted the photos online last month ... but after certain people hinted the trunk resembled some male genitalia, the artist decided to snip the tip. 

The artist, Peter Koskela, tells us, "I wanted to fix the offending tip ... remove the whole phallic aspect. I told her I'd just swing it upwards."

We're told the trunk-trimming went down earlier this week -- hopefully, a mohel was present at the time.



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That's a tattoo of one of the Indian Gods :The Ganesha. Jesus at least know abt it before you comment

1326 days ago



1. Hate to break it to you, but tattoos have been around longer than "white" people. Remember the Siberian Ice Princess who was 2400 years old? (that's just one example) So, PLEASE stop with the whole Blacks wannabe Whites B.S. Call it what it is....RACISM.

2. Yes, it IS the same tattoo. The rework is worse than the original IMHO. Brandy should have shopped around for a better artist.

3. The artist is a LIAR. The tattoo WAS finished. He reworked it because she was unhappy running around with a schlong on her wrist. So he overworked a tattoo that wasn't even yet healed. Now its worse because its not only done porrly, but he added all that black work which makes it even harder to cover up or get lasered off. Poor Brandy. You screwed the Pooch on this tattoo.

4. People are so quick to point out what they "think" tattoos will look like when people get old. I wonder what those fake, 18 yr olds tits are going to look like on you when you're sixty. LOL

1326 days ago


Sorry folks but tattoos are ugly. Period.

People who get them are either extremely bored with their lives, or do not like the person they are and want to change both what they look like and or who they look like.

The people who get tattoos may start out looking "cool", but that all changes just give it time.

There is nothing more laughable, than a wrinkled tattoo or an old guy who is trying to act like he is 21 again, while sporting tattoos.

But then again, if you are wealthly, no talent, enjoy recreational drugs and alcohol, insecure, trying hard to fit in anywhere- Tattoos might just be the thing for you....

1326 days ago

that girl    

Brandy is wack and so is her wack ass tattoo... She played out many years ago right after Moesha. She's bald headed and her eyes are too far apart. Yes her tattoo looked like a mushroom head. Her ass is black so why should she represent Hinduism. What a damn fool!

1325 days ago

that girl    

Brandy and her wack ass brother Ray J will do anything for attention. She played out right after Moesha. She's bald headed and her eyes are too far apart. She's just straight "wack"...

1325 days ago


Look closely. It looks like a darned sheep or goat smiling at you. Look just under the eyes and stop there.

1325 days ago


@justsaying What is your silly azz talking about? Tattoo's originated with darker-skinned people- not white people. Sailors were the ones who popularized tat's within the white culture, take a look it's in a book, It always cracks me up when people white or otherwise try and dog black people out for getting tats, African had been doing it long before Europeans ever thought to do it. It's the age of the internet no excuse.

1325 days ago


Has the author of the story ever seen a peen? The first one is like an erect, cir***cised one; the second one hasn't been 'cut', it's been restored! Cheeze, check out some European porn.

1325 days ago


now you know boo i love that tat,right up my "alley"!!!!!!

1324 days ago


there is alot of hate here. pls people take a look before ya start judging. "Diva Bitch" you don't even know her. u need to work your life out

1323 days ago


The mohel comment is a scream...

1321 days ago
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