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Jesse James -- Shalom, Israel!!!

1/27/2011 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James went all the way to Israel to educate himself about a major issue in his life ... how to properly rebuild a 1937 Harley.


Jesse jaunted to the Middle East to meet up with an Israeli man named Uri Hofi -- who's widely regarded as the "World's Greatest Blacksmith."


We're told Jesse wanted some tips on how to rebuild the "rarest Harley of them all" -- a 1937 Drake water-cooled knucklehead ... and it was all caught on tape for Jesse's upcoming show on the History Channel.

West Bank Choppers, anyone?



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JungleTails com    

Jesse's just looking for inspiration to build his monster oven!

1366 days ago

eggshells los gogo    

Just couse the nutty duckie`s great great great grandy daddy shot a firestick don`t mean je~SSy know split balls bout harley`s.HE AN~T NO PURREST and don`t build nothin for harley.He builds some BUNK bikes like some caveman but he can`t build anything like even a fully STOCK full dresser HD.Get back on your`s great great great grand daddys hind moob tit and SUCK IT!

1366 days ago


Ugh...That guy. I just don't understand what all the hulla-ballou is about him. Obviously this is a PR stunt. Obviously. And not a very good one at that. It's obvious that it bothers him that the world hates him (didn't he tweet about it when he made his proposal to Kat - saying something like "when the world turned their back on me she was there for me...blah, blah, de blah"). He's trying to repair his image, but sorry...I think he has created an image that isn't repairable. Every time this guy opens his mouth or makes a move - his image just gets lower. Go away Jesse. Please.

1366 days ago


First he bought a black kid to prove he's not a racist but then Bullock stole it from him. Now he goes to Israel to prove he's not a nazi. What a douche.

1366 days ago


THe bRits built water cooled motorcycles in 1920 SCOTT twins and DALE DRAKE built the water cooled knucklehead from a stock production line Harley for his race car.PRE 1920`s harleys were non-pre production line ONE OFF`s but at the end of the 1920`s harley went into stock production line like FORD had done following OLDS which had the first mass production line..but FORD take that credit because of the MODEL "T" which as the most produced auto of it`s time.JEssY is full of BS and no one in the industry buys his JUNK scooters built in bits and odds from here and there.He`s no designer and even his tats look like a rattsass after the water melon

1366 days ago



1366 days ago


Jesse slipped the the ol' jew a Benjamin and all was forgotten.
"So, uh, can you show me how to blacksmith a 37 Harley now?"

1366 days ago

fioo hoos    

Jess IE you can lie about your mother sleep with your father and screw your sister BUT DON~T LIE ABOUT HARLEY as you would`nt know a 1907 harley if you tripped OUT over it.And you sure don`t know your own image from a REAL HARLEY HEAD.HARLEYS don`t need to be cut to bits and patched up by some nazis appointin his self lard of HD.

1366 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Nazi boy needs to adopt a jewish baby to upgrade his image!

It's all about PR & hype now isn't it? I'm disappointed that Israel let the tattooed clown in.

1366 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

If you think this was James idea then you'll believe anything. Its the producers of the TV show that come up with these ideas.

James though was sold on the idea as he was probably told how much it would repair his image.

1366 days ago


I'm guessing he didn't pack his Nazi hats and Iron Crosses....what a tool.

1366 days ago


Go Jesse! I admire the hell out of the way you have handled all this past year...You did your best....and thats all anyone can do/be...Hope you are enjoying Austin..I LOVE that town...Can't wait to watch your new show!

1366 days ago


their will always be haters, and as much hate as there may be, you cannot deny a part of you plays both sides.

1366 days ago


Jesse James: i thought he was a neo-nazi suppporter??? WTF!

1366 days ago


I know TMZ is run by girly men so they don't much about engines and stuff but a 1937 Drake is a racecar NOT a chopper. It has a Harley engine but it's a car.

1366 days ago
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