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'Golden Voice' -- The Secret Homeless Money Drop

1/28/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams just pulled off a HUGE surprise for the homeless man he shared a tent with on the streets of Ohio -- when he drove up to his friend's corner and dropped off a MAJOR wad of cash.


Sources connected to "Golden Voice" tell us ... shortly after Ted ditched rehab, he reappeared at his old stomping grounds Monday ... but this time he was being driven around in a black SUV.

We're told Ted located a man named Victor (pictured right) -- his best friend and tent-mate on the streets --and immediately pulled over the car.

The reunion was emotional -- and after the men exchanged a hug and some kind words, Ted gave Victor a wad of cash and promised to help him out once he gets his own life back in order.


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What a wonderful gesture! Now I hope he will take some of that money and time to look after himself so he can get himself back on track. He's been given an opportunity that most people only dream of. I pray he does the right thing!

1371 days ago


am I the only one who thinks if Obama was on crack this is EXACTLY what he would look like?

1371 days ago


Negative comments reflect very clearly upon those making them. Giving help, or seeking it, is always seen by predators as a sign of weakness. Fortunately, we are not all predators.

1371 days ago


ted williams was the medias plaything.

it was the medias... aka TMZ! medias way of saying "hey we are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! we pulled this bum in off the streets and gave him a home and a job and my GOD arent we wonderful for doing such a kind and altruistic deed! we cared about HIM so ******* much!"

maybe its time the media butts the hell out! paris and kim and charlie are ripe for the picking go bug them!

1371 days ago


Great news! Now I know there is a bum with a wad of cash. Time to go roll the bum. Thanks Golden Bum!!!!

1370 days ago


The best thing he could have done was stay in rehab and then HELP HIS FRIEND. All you who think that he did a great thing by giving his friend money are living in fantasy land. Yeah, he probably gave him enough money to get a good high for the rest of the week but where does that leave him when the high is gone? He talks about coming back and helping him when he gets his life in order when he can not even commit to a simple three months of rehab??? Think about it. All he has to do is go through a three month stint. Once he does that he can pick and choose from a mountain of companies who want to use his voice in their commercials and then he has his future at his own feet. Millions and millions to be had here. He can do what he wants then. He can be so rich that he can choose the days he wants to get loaded and the days that he wants to work. But he could not even wait three months for the fame and money that we all want. How stupid. Cutting off your arm to save your finger????? Nonsense. Get cleaned up. Sign contracts. Do the work. Help people who really want and need the help or who you really want to help to improve their lives. We are all routing for you BIG TIME. And if you very must, party like it is 1999 on certain days.

There are four types of people. Those who are born on the rock and stay on it and do well and those who are on the rock and fall with a parachute but take a first class flight back up to the top. That is you, Ted. So many great chances that most of us would kill for, but you don't get it, do you? When will you get it? When people walk by you and laugh and how you ****ed everything up? Then there are others who are born near the rock and mediocrity is their life. They have high points and low points, but they live normal lives. Then there are those like me, who were born under the rock and never get a chance to see the topsoil, no matter how much we fight to get there, no matter how hard we work, no matter how much good we have done for others, who would never let chances like you have had pass us by. Kind of unfair, isn't it? But what is so unfair to us is how people like Ted get that chance and totally blow it and how people like me never get that chance or even see a smidget of a chance to rise out of the bush. Ted has a chance to make millions and influence millions but is too short sighted to see how he can dictate and enjoy his own future. That is sad. We all want to be that person to rise to the top or watch others who can. My advise to you, Ted is look what you could have. I hope somebody will send this message to Ted, because I am one of the millions who would jump at the chance to be in his shoes. Ted thinks he has get a monkey on his back due to his fame and fortune and that the reason he is failing is because of that monkey. Well, let me tell you something. King Kong could climb on my back and tell me to swim the Pacific and I would do it for all the fame and fortune. Bring that bad boy on!!!!! I would for what Ted is getting, hell yes. Bring on that BIg Monkey. I would not let the chance pass me by. Ted, stay strong. Do this for you. Do this for so many of us who want to succeed but were never given the chance to have what you so foolishly are losing like grains of sand through one's hands, you are losing it. I feel and pray for you. Contact me anytime. I hate to see someone lose so much like you are now losing.

1370 days ago


Pay your kids Ted! They have been struggling for years whilst you were choking on pole to feed your crack addiction. Now you have a limo driver take you back to your old stomping ground so your old blow buddy can rock it out. Really?

1370 days ago


last week it was all about GOD helping him and prayer. sorry but in my experience this guy is headed for real trouble as the world is watching for the big much for the grey goose cure.

1370 days ago


Knowing what life has been for him & bringing him up again because of his "GOLDEN VOICE", Ted has NOT forgotten his past & specially a friend he has shared hardships before...Ted has kept his feet on the ground and has a heart of gold....MORE BLESSINGS TO YOU TED..."A GOOD DEED DESERVES ANOTHER" GOD BLESS YOU & MAY YOUR JOURNEY BRING ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

1370 days ago


NOT very responsible reporting that he gave this man a wad of cash and then posting his picture. While the homeless may not have easy access to the internet, plenty of people know where his old corner was and who his friend is. Suggestion to media - remove the picture?

1370 days ago


I sincerely hope his makes it with the"Golden Voice",and in turn helps others to get back on their feet. I will say a pray for him.

1370 days ago


What goes around comes around

clean up ted, forget the past asses hoes, including
Dr. Pill
and take the job in Clevland

1369 days ago

Aidris Mondine    

DAts some Real **** much respect due

1369 days ago


As much as I hate to say it, Ted stands almost no chance of making it. I guess he felt the tent was a low enough bottom...sad.


1369 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Is Ted HIV positive?

He certainly seems to exhibit lipodystrophy or facial wasting consistent with advanced HIV.

He's also tenuously thin.

1369 days ago
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