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Jason Davis

Arrested for Drug Possession

1/28/2011 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Davis -- the famously inebriated grandson of Marvin Davis and alum of "Celebrity Rehab" -- was arrested last night in Newport Beach, CA. for possession of a controlled substance ... TMZ has learned.

Jason Davis Mug Shot
The arrest comes a day after the "Celebrity Rehab" live reunion show, in which Jason claimed to be clean.

Davis -- brother of Brandon Davis -- is otherwise known on TMZ as Gummi Bear.  He's been busted for heroin in th past.

Davis is being held on $20,000 bail.

UPDATE: Dr. Drew, host of "Celebrity Rehab," tells TMZ, "Jason was honest about his struggles with his sobriety on the reunion show. Hopefully, now that there are legal conquesces, further treatment will be mandated, which he so desperately needs. As I said when I saw him Wednesday, we care for him very deeply and we are here for him."



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When I was watching the "Live Reunion Rehab Show" Jason Davis appeared to be extremely High. I don't believe for a minute that the guy has been clean and sober. Jason Wahler and Jason Davis living together is the worse idea for Jason Wahler and it worries me what path Jason Wahler is going to end up on. So he gives up Alcohol and will start up with Heroin because of Jason Davis. I think the both of them were lying or at least Jason Wahler was lying for Jason Davis to protect him; but he isn't doing him any favors at all. Everyone else seemed good and on the right path and that's what I want to see. I don't want to see anyone lose their life; but Jason Davis is only steps away from being buried 6 feet under.. Does anyone agree or disagree with me? Thanks KCulver from Vista, California

1328 days ago


Jason I watched you on celebrity rehab and saw all of your struggles facing your inner demons. I completely understand where you're coming from, as I have been in that dark, hopeless place in my life also. I'm praying for you to get clean and find healthy ways to achieve peace and fulfillment. God Bless.

1328 days ago


Jason I watched you on celebrity rehab and saw all of your struggles facing your inner demons. I completely understand where you're coming from, as I have been in that dark, hopeless place in my life also. I'm praying for you to get clean and find healthy ways to achieve peace and fulfillment. God Bless.

1328 days ago


Why would anyone want to help this waste of skin prolong his life? The quicker he and his brother are exterminated from this earth the better. He is a pompous, disgusting person. Quit breathing up our oxygen, Jason.

1328 days ago


Did anyone else notice that almost all the men seemed doped up? Eric R. and both of the Jasons, esp. J. Davis were sedated or tranquilized for the live show. I thought it seemed so obvious...Lief G. sounded the most sober of them all, and he even self-admittedly wasn't!

1328 days ago


That Celebrity Rehab thing works good.

1328 days ago


To those that feel bad for him, saying no one really cares about him. If you know anything about addicts, they are very devious people. They will do anything to get their fix. I'm sure their families really do care about them, but they are unable to stop them from using. The addicts will use if they want to! Yes it is an illness, but the addicts still have to commit to sobriety for it to work. What's really sad is that they are afforded the opportunity to get sober & they keep blowing it! Dr. Drew has always been very truthful about the fact that most addicts will not succeed with sobriety. It's a very sad statistic. As for Leif, I don't hold out much hope for him either. His mother has always been there for him, yet he still uses. When she dies, which looks like it will happen sooner rather than later, I don't think Leif will be around much longer after that. Very sad. I don't like this guy & he will probably be dead soon. He has chosen his own path in life.

1328 days ago


Further proof Celebrity Rehab is exploitive...not helpful.

1328 days ago


I found Jason to be a sympathetic character on Celebrity Rehab. He never learned any of the tools to take care of himself. He always relied on "paid" help and "paid" friends to get him by. You could see that he didn't even know the basics of caring for himself as a diabetic. What 25 year old has those sores on his body? Sad. I hope he gets the help he needs. There is something good in that guy. It was apparent on the show.

1328 days ago


Who is Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis?
Jun.30, 2007 in Celebrity

It seems like a lot of people these days want to know. Jason Davis, sometimes referred to as "Gummi Bear," is the brother of the slightly more famous Brandon Davis, sometimes referred to as "Greasy Bear."

So Jason is brother of Brandon..OK.

The brothers are heirs to a billion dollar inheritance, which explains their tabloid popularity and socialite status. Brandon is perhaps most recently famous for calling Lindsay Lohan "a firecrotch."

Self entitled TOOLS!! I didn't watch the reunion show but I saw the first couple of the lastest Dr.Drews episodes and I have to say that this guy is the BIGGEST douchebag I've ever sympathy at all!

1328 days ago


Aw man, so sad to hear. I was pulling for you Jason come on. Get you some self worth dude. There are good honest people out there.

1328 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

He's just an angry fat douche. He did nothing on the show except insult everyone because of his latent inferiority complex so he would feel superior. Never seen an angrier celeb except that bi*** ne ne on Atlanta Housewives & ALL the skanks on the "Bad (yeah right) Girls Club" He needs a humbling beating & a month's stay in a homeless shelter.

1328 days ago


DA! He was high on that reunion show and so was Leif Garret. Dr. Drew and his staff didn't pick up on that?? Some people can't stop abusing drugs/alcohol and will always be addicts - no matter what you say Dr. Drew.

1328 days ago


Ugh. Either get clean and become a productive member of society, or OD already and stop wasting precious resources. Talking to you too Sheen.

1328 days ago


To blame this persons severe addiction on being wealthy and privileged is ridiculous. It's a disease, the same disease that effects crack heads in low income areas of our country. His demeanor , tone , joking ways, etc are all defense mechanisms. This is a person who is clearly hurting and doesn't need strangers passing judgment and making ignorant comments. .....wishing Jason the strength to battle the deepest demon he will ever face

1328 days ago
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