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Chevy on Charlie: 'Boy Is That Guy Screwed Up'

1/29/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chevy Chase was in rare form last night outside Mr. Chow -- and the target of his repeated zingers was none other than Charlie Sheen.

Chevy Chase


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There is no bigger loser in Hollywood than Chevy Chase. A disgusting individual in every possible way. Sorry that Community cast him, I won't watch the show, which I hear is otherwise funny, until they dump his azz.

1371 days ago


This clown isnt dead yet? How unfortunate.

1371 days ago


Chevy is a washed up has-been.He's got big balls putting down Sheen. Maybe for one more pratfall, he could fall off of a tall building.

1371 days ago


interesting how another addict but total LOSER, Chevy Chase, would allow himself to be filmed rambling incoherently like that..only in cali, where people will suck ass to anyone with a familiar name..people out in la are pathetic to be laughing at everything CC is saying, giving him a false sense of actually being glad i don't live near that kind of ******* worship.

1371 days ago


Nobody likes this washed up old Liberal Christ hater , shut the F!! k up .

1371 days ago


I'm Chevy Chase and you're not.

1371 days ago




Fun time is over, Charlie defenders.

1370 days ago


I can not believe that Fletch used to be one of my favorite movies!! I think Chevy Chase looks so bad and then gets in to a PRIUS dresses like a hippie - OMG! WTF! The problem with Hollywood is most actors are WAY too liberal and have NO class. I keep waiting to hear that Charlie Sheen is dead from too much booze and coke. He is a trainwerck and makes way too much $$$$$$

1370 days ago


You know what I think all you dumb people don't know what the hell you are talking about, yet all you retards that posted before me are flipping stupid and you should go home and die.

1370 days ago


Love Chevy....very good on Community.

1369 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Just when we thought the no talent loser Chevy Chase had went away here he comes seeking attention.

Chevy Chase how about you shut up and go fill your multiple prescriptions. Yeah Chevy what you think is a secret is well known about in Hollywood.

1369 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

I've got to say this because I really like and respect Chevy Chase as a very good, funny actor/comedian, and like him on our SNL dvds, and some of his cute movies, much, too. Also, from what I've read about him, he seems like a sweet, decent, and caring family man, too. I really believe all this to be true about him, too. I didn't mean at all to cast him as a typical "hater" recently, of Sarah Palin. I don't believe he's a "hater" anymore than I really am. I believe he's not fond of her, and doesn't want her to be President, just like me. However, to be a "hater" is to be without feeling, or heart, frequently, and he's not like that at all. Neither am I. And I also believe him, here, all kidding aside, to be delivering the message that drinking in excess is very wrong, real dangerous, and idiotic. And he's absolutely right. It really is. I don't invent people to be any more so than just to be people, anymore, which is very dangerous, but I truly mean this from my heart when I say it. Love ya, Chevy! I'm a real fan of yours, and bravo on this video!

1155 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

Chevy Chase, here, also reconfirms at least, I certainly think so, that he's obviously very smart, and very strong, despite anything real bad that happened to him during his childhood. Again, bravo, Chevy!

1155 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

I absolutely love Chevy Chase in the first season of SNL, loved him in both the "Fletch" movies, two of my favorite movies with him in them, loved him in "National Lampoon's Vacation" in 1983, another one of my favorite fun movies starring him.

1155 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

I also loved him in "Seems Like Old Times" 1980, starring him, and Goldie Hawn. I mean, I think there were definitely more funnier films made starring each one of them, but this one is still peacefully comforting, romantic, regarding the hot chemistry between Chevy, and Goldie, and just lightly funny, and real cute in some parts. A good film, and another Chevy Chase favorite of mine.

1155 days ago
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