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Ted Williams' Tent Fetches Low Three Figures

1/30/2011 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The tent once belonging to Ted Williams -- the most famous homeless man around (Antoine Dodson doesn't count, he's not homeless) -- sold for $355 on eBay this week.

The tent was put up for auction by his former tent-mate, Victor Houston. The proceeds of the sale go to Houston and the Lima Rescue Mission, a homeless charity in Lima, Ohio.


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Rico Suavy    

Next week a pair of his old dirty underwear will up for auction on EBAY. Can't wait

1300 days ago


I wonder if Ted was the winning bidder as I'm sure he knows the old saying, "don't quit your day job." Wait, he didn't have one.

1300 days ago


Eww, I wonder if the "facilities" (pickle jar for toilet) was included with the tent.

1300 days ago


Lovely speller GOOD CUASE (CAUSE)

1300 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Everyone who tried to help this drug addict is already regretting it.

You could tell he was sketched out in the first twenty seconds of his Dr. Phil interview.

Drug addict conman, punching his daughter in the face with a closed fist?, prostituting out his girlfriend, and never paying a single dime in child support to his family?

This is a class A human being alright.

Are there not fifty thousand more deserving people in need?

Makes me not want to ever help anybody.

1300 days ago


#5 - Thank you could not have said it any better!

1300 days ago


@ #5

I feel the same way. Talk about exploiting a situation.

1300 days ago


Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that Ted Williams is using his Gift. I think the better story is that we all have Gifts from God and when we utilize them they will make room for us just like the Guy with the Golden Voice.

Learn Your Gift Today:

1300 days ago


well you guys were right., the Sign went up on ebay tonight. Your scooped this like a week ago didnt you? Dang TMZ how ya do it.

1300 days ago

The Love Sponge    

To #5 I agree. I'll try to put it better, who gives a SH*T.

1299 days ago

Ted Williams    

thanks for all the love guys....
God loves you and so do I...

1299 days ago

Ted Williams    

whats he gonna sleep in when his 15 minutes of shame ends?
13....14....15 too late...

anyway ted i need a job.and you need a driver since you only lasted 3 days in rehab call me...

1299 days ago

Ted Williams    

Card board sign for sale.

1299 days ago


I am not surprised at all that he still feels he is owed this and is not willing to do anything about his addiction's.That is addiction! Regardless of consequence's! Ending this has to be a bottom of the soul and even then it doesn't mean instant willingness to do something different.But you better pretend it does and take some action.Unfortunately every person who has ever given a dime to a homeless person will be watching to see what he does and whether they give to another person will be based on his willingness to do the right about face and change.If he doesn't.Others will pay because we will think "why help them, whats the use anyhow,they won't even help themselves?"Please read about addiction before not reaching out!Maybe don't give cash but take them to the store or inside the gas station and you purchase the coffee,tell them to meet you there to not put yourself in a dangerous situation.If you feel you can trust them to be in the car with you take them somewhere that they can get food or help.There are other ways.This guy showed me how active his disease was the moment he came up with excuses on Dr. Phil's show on how he needed to come to Columbus first.Addicts are manipulative,half the time they are the one's that the disease manipulated.And they were willing participants without them even knowing it.Any boss that takes on this employee will be regretful if he doesn't get help and stay active on this disease of addiction.It will not go away.You have to keep at doing the right thing every day!!!!It will take help from a Higher Power of his understanding!

1299 days ago

Get back to work!    

Does the smell cost extra?

1299 days ago
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