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Charlie Sheen's Assistant -- Bad Influence?

1/31/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's "assistant," Rick Calamaro, seemed a little unfazed by Charlie's troubles Sunday  ... here he is wearing a shirt that kinda says it all ... and most people around Charlie think that one of Charlie's biggest problems is that he's under the influence ... of Rick.

TMZ knows ... Calamaro partied with Sheen during his 36-hour bender last week.  And Rick was right in the middle of things at The Plaza Hotel last October.

Rick -- a fixture in the Hollywood club scene -- used to party with Charlie back in the day, but disappeared for some time, while Charlie was sober.  But last summer, Rick came back as Charlie's "assistant" and the actor went downhill from there. Coincidence?


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Charlie Sheen is old enough to take consequences of his own actions. If he wanted to get sober he woudnt hire him in first place.

1360 days ago

artie help    

well, he seems like a man of integrity.

1360 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

I'm sure Charlie's dad Martin will put him straight on the dangers of hanging around with this leach/assistant as he is too fuddled to realise as of late. A nobody attaching themselves to a somebody. A regular occurance no doubt in Hollywood!

1360 days ago


maybe charlie sheen needs a conservator someone to get rid of coke head assistant and grubby money hungry porn "stars" two and a half men is the funniest show on right now i guess its not so funny that show seems to reflect his real life i really hope charlie gets it together for good this time

1360 days ago


Having worked on many series/films . easiest place to get 'drugs' is on a movie set .. the EXTRAS want to be your best friend/stand in/assistant and can get you anything to do what they want .

I tend to doubt there are 300 people on payrole on the show .. more like 100 .. crew is about 65 and then the producers/production people .. having worked on so many shows and travelling with them . making travel arrangements for more than one unit . never near 300 .. never .. Many if not, all, crew work for about 9 months a year . then are out of work and on unemployment until the next job comes along .. jobs are as scarce here as they are in the rest of the world .. to say 'let them get another job' is NOT that easy . . many shows shoot out of 'union sites' and do not take crews with them ..

I find it interesting this person was always there when Charlie was on drugs and disappeared when he stopped .. hmmm .. as I said 'easiest place to get drugs is on a tv or film set' from EXTRAS .. Saw it happen for many years.

1360 days ago

Home Skillet    

#1. None of you folks who think Sarah Palin's words don't affect other people's actions had better jump on the now-boarding "blame this Rick dude for Charlie Sheen being a coke-fiend, hooker-lover." Don't talk out of both sides of your mouth. I know it would be hard for an SP fan to comprehend that concept, but give it a whirl.

#2. I've never been able to understand just WTF Charlie Sheen ever did to warrant anybody caring at all about his career. I know that sometimes just being a persona in Hollywood is enough (a la Paris Hilton), but sometimes he's spoken about as if he has this tremendous body of work, like he's our Sir Lawrence Olivier or something. His antics off the screen are much more entertaining than anything ever scripted for him. Whatevs. His brother, Emilio, has always been much better than him. And, his dad, of course, is awesome. Charlie Sheen? Seems only qualified to wash their cars.

1360 days ago


So in other words, he's Charlie's "paid" friend that is also his coke dealer... nice.
Hope he gets busted, but the truth is, no one MAKES a grown man choose to use coke, Charlie did it himself.

1360 days ago


Why does it always have to be someone elses fault or influence? Addicts are addict and drunks are drunks. End of story.

1360 days ago


This guy just looks like a douche, why would anyone hang out with him?

1360 days ago


Who cares, let em party. I'd love to snort a line off of a porn stars ass.

Let em party people. We could be so lucky.

1360 days ago

Tall Blonde    

he will HAVE to change his "playmates & playpens" to live.

1360 days ago


It's too late, folks, Charlie and his career are over.

He will never bounce back.

1360 days ago


A healthy heterosexual male would normally avoid porn stars, in person, of course, because of their ugly pizza faces and the guaranteed exposure to STD's. It's almost like Charlie is committing slow suicide.

1360 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

This POS is well known by the police and it won't be long before he is not around anymore as a free man.

1360 days ago


it was reported charlie had a suitcase of coke delivered to his house.but there is no word of the cops getting involved.Coincidence? or is that just TMZ making a story out of nothing again?

1360 days ago
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