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Halle Berry Will Fight Baby Daddy in Court

1/31/2011 8:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is at legal war with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry ... and she's going to court to protect 2-year-old Nahla.

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry

Halle's rep tells TMZ, "Halle has serious concerns for her daughter's well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her."

According to the rep, Halle will go to court and has canceled an upcoming film production in New York this week to handle the matter.

Halle Berry


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Ms. Berry was just too sophisticated for her own good. The old fashioned marrying for love and trying to stay together through thick and thin was out of the question. He was just breeding stock to her. Judges don't like to be lied to, such as 'he is a danger to the child.' She'll hurt her own credibility as a suitable parent.

1339 days ago



Posted at 4:35 PM on Jan 31, 2011 by Zoe#1

Got to agree! Halle better sit down before all that dirt crawls from beneath the carpet...Gab drag it all out if it is what you need to stay in your child's life. Now you two go and settle this thing peacefully on behalf of your child! Halle TAKE YOUR NO TALENTED A@@ OVER IN A CORNER SOME PLACE. She once said she wanted her child to be good and kind because "ugly ain't cute" gal take your own advice.

1339 days ago


It is about the money, what parent charges the other parent money to be their OWN child nanny. He had no problem with her job when he was with her now all of a sudden she cannot do a movie out of CA or HE has no access to his daughter.

He is money hungry, she only filed after he all of a sudden wanted custody of Nahla and wanted her to pay child support because she is an actress. Well guess what, there are a lot of actresses in Hollywood so should they lose their child or any working parent for that matter.

When I heard he was going to take her to court because she was going out of town to film a movie then CHARGED her to not only keep her but all of his expenses too.

Dang now I owe my 15yr old son $100, he said when he asked the judge to declare him the father even though his name is on the birth certificate he is going for custody and Halle would fight back. Dang teenager

1339 days ago


So those that say Halle should sit down, would you if someone tried to take your child away from you.

She did file the suit HE did, as a mother I would fight like HELL if someone tried to take my child away yes even their father.

HE is the one that does not compromise or follow the agreement, let's face it when he was with Halle he became use to a certain lifestyle. Now that he is gone he wants her to continue that life style, I don't blame her if it were me I would be fighting too.

1339 days ago


Team Halle on this one. This guy is nothing more than a
K-Fed # 2. Yes he went on the set of her movie with Oliver to watch Nahla, but guess what he was paid to do so. What father has to be paid by the mother to take care of his child. Halle, I saw this k-fed a mile away. Good luck to you. I guess his publicity stunt with Kim K. did not work. Squeezing money out of you is his back plan B.

1339 days ago


Ha! Wasn't she the one who had a hit and run accident while wasted a few years back? She flatout used him for his seed. He has every right to see his child when he wants! I'm tired of decent men who actually WANT to be in their kid's lives getting the short end of the stick.

1339 days ago


the only reason she wanted to have his baby, is that she'd have a half white and half black child like she is.

1339 days ago


typical ploy to try and get sole custody. control freak. she picked him, and now she's worried for the daughter's well-being? methinks she's just out to remove the fathr from the scene. shame on her.

1339 days ago


All Halle Berry talked about the past few years is wanting a baby, but she didn't want to get marry again, really, she didn't want a serious relationship with a man either. She obviously didn't love this man and only used him to get a kid. Now she wants him TOTALLY out of her life and the child's. She chose a white guy because she'd gotten a beat down emotionally and physically from black guys and she wasn't about to take a chance with one of them again. Now she has a man who actually WANTS to have a relationship with his child, but doesn't want HER and she's going to court and claim he's not a good father. I wouldn't believe anything this witch says. She wants to be able to take that child anywhere she wants without having to ask the father's permission. Good luck with that Halle, you're still a dumb bimbo. I can't get that picture of her with that nasty Jamie Foxx on stage. No wonder he left her.

1339 days ago


So "hit and run Halle" thinks she would be such a superior parent? Why are all these stars that have babies older and out (or in) of wedlock so bent on asking for sole custody when it falls apart. Because they are selfish turds. I hope he gets joint custody, at least.

1339 days ago

Typical entitled self absorbed hollywood witch.... You can place a b before that if you want. To deny this man his right of being acknowledged as the natural birth father? WTF??? She is evil for doing this...... She has been an unstable woman for a very long time. I really hope the California courts do what is right and rule for joint custody. If he wants to be in her life he has a right to. If she was some poor woman who had nothing don't think for a second she would be taking him to court for financial support. She needs to be smacked down to reality.

1339 days ago


This has "No, I don't want him taking my daughter to Canada for a period of time" written all over it. And I think that man is a damn good man.

1339 days ago


Obviously she had no problem with him when he was banging her.

1339 days ago


Hey didn't Halle Berry say she just wanted to spend time with her daughter and not focus on a relationship, oops another LIE !
Just like the one where she said she would wear only her own jewelry and not jewelry on loan at award shows, oops she wasnt' she wearing HARRY WINSTON on loan diamond bracelets? Another LIE ! This woman LIES, LIES, LIES but than again she did do a hit and run, and try commit suicide ! Oh but she's worry about GABE, give me a break! Wake up Halle before you end up like Dorothy Dandrige !

1339 days ago


To people who thinks he needs her money, guess again. He's like the male Giselle of the modelling industry. He's loaded. Halle lost out when she cheated on him.

1339 days ago
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