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Halle Berry: He Put My Kid At Risk!

2/1/2011 10:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry claims her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is a crazed, jealous man who put their child at risk,  while he claims she's the jealous one who flies into rages and is a no-show in the baby's life ... sources tell TMZ.

Halle and Gabriel are locked in what has turned into an epic custody war.  Sources tell us ... while Gabriel was dating someone  last year ... he claims Halle would call, screaming and swearing at him in a jealous rage.

Gabriel is claiming ... when he went to London and South Africa with Halle and Nahla last August when she was shooting a movie, Halle would sometimes not return for days, when she was supposed to care for the toddler.

Gabriel also claims Halle cares more about dating than parenting.

But our sources say Halle says it's the opposite -- that Gabriel is petty, jealous and irresponsible.  But the most serious allegation ... we're told Halle believes Gabriel put Nahla in immediate harm's way by being inattentive while the child was in his care.

Halle has dropped out of a movie so she can go to court this week to fight Gabriel for custody.  We've learned there is no custody order in place.  Up to now the former couple tried to work out an arrangement themselves, but the deal they struck has fallen apart.  Halle says she's got deep concerns for Nahla's well being while she's with Gabriel.

Halle Berry

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No Avatar


i dont feel sorry for her @ all thats what happens when rich black women date white boys same thing with pro black athletes get rich they get a white girl she has a baby maybe two then its a wrap

1322 days ago


how many men has halle had?almost the same thing as it really the guys?????track record stands for something.just sayin

1322 days ago


At comment, really, you have somehow turned this into a black woman hating being black and trying to be white thing...Really?!!! I guess the same can be said for all the white women injecting their lips to be much fuller like black women, injecting their butts to be much fuller like black and latino women, and last but not least, tanning their skin brown and we all know black and latino women come in all shades of brown. Also, white women wear weaves too! But guess what, this article is about none of that. This article is about two parents fighting for custody of their child. One says one thing the other says something else and I guess the courts will decide where the truth lies.

1322 days ago


She has issues and I truly beleive that we all have to look within ourselves ... She is a prime example ... from a few of her men folks ... it's not that the men did not have issues too ... but she brings things to the table too ... from Wesley Snipes, David Justic, Eric Benet to this guy .... Come on lets read between the lines with this lady. Stop blaming folks and take responsiblity Halle. But the kids are always hurt ... Look at Eric Daughter who thought of Halle as a MOM ... but just like a badd habit she dropped any contact ... WOWOWOW!!!!

1322 days ago


Halle: Need someone to help you with the child. Be happy to. You get best of both worlds, sweet loving child, and all your movie stuff. No strings, just peace!

1322 days ago


This a bad a situation all around. The father is talking about Halle Berry did not come for a days. You are father is it going kill you watch your baby for a couple more days.

Halle Berry have been talking about having a baby for the last four or five years. She was going to have a baby by who ever she was with at the time. I believe it would had been better going to a Sperm Bank. I believe she would not be, going through this.

1322 days ago


This comment is for Mr.BlueSays. What a freaking idiot you are...ranting about Black women and their hair, wigs and/or weaves. White woman and salons created the wig and weave long before Black women were wearing them. You are probably a White woman that lost her man to a Black women with a beautiful body. While Black woman "might" enhance their looks by a wig/weave, at least they aren't injecting chemicals and animal fat for fuller lips or getting implants for a rounder ass. Hmmm, or worse...risking their life via skin cancer by using tanning beds and laying out for hours or hours for DARKER skin. The wig/weave comes off...but you on the other hand, will be buried with skin that looks like an alligator, deflated lips, a sagging ass (because the implants would have dropped) and oh, your skin will STILL look pasty. DON'T HATE....APPRECIATE!

1322 days ago


TO Mr. Bluesays:

Are you a Black male? Many Black women are conditioned with what they have learned from the society they have grown up in. (This is not even counting the results of the past slavery issue) Our society in the US society also may give us a false image of what a beautiful woman looks like through the images shown to us in the media, (such as tv etc.), which some Black males have also picked up on. This has even led to color prejudices among women too. In some areas you go into, you cannot even find make up products to buy for darker skinned Black woman. However, you can find makeup anywhere related to other women, and we are mostly everywhere! Thank God that we are now seeing more images of Black women nowadays... In spite of the type of hairstyles we may use, at least this is a start.......I want to say a thank you to you beautiful Black men who love us with all of our differences!

1322 days ago


Halle has a mental disorder. I first noticed she had problems when she received the academy award and started rambling, crying, and making no sense at all.

1322 days ago


Halle Barry has been married how many times? AND she always blames them for the reason they get devorced. Wonder who is the peoblem?

1322 days ago


It's nice to see such mature acting parents. She needed a child like another hole in her head.

1322 days ago


Wah...Wah...Wah poor flower

1322 days ago


Everyone wants to find love. Halle identifies as black but her mother is white, so I am sure she feels equally comfortable around both and other races. How many black men was she involved with before dating a white man? This shows her love affair with Gabriel was not motivated by race. In this day and age, black women have to cast a wider net. I don't know the woman, and I scarcely post comments. It just seems some people are hating on her for being an attractive, successful, brown woman with options. The relationship ended badly, that does not mean either are bad people, regardless or their issues. Half the MARRIAGES in this country end in divorce; and we live in a superficial society so why should these two be exempt. She got was she deserved? It doesn't seem like either one of her parent views having their daughter as mistake, clearly THAT is a decision neither regrets.

1322 days ago


all she wanted was a sperm donor. she should be grateful

1322 days ago


This guy is just wanting to start trouble for her because now she's got a mature man in her life he's just mad at how quickly he was replaced and forgotten. If it wasn't for their child he wouldn't even be a memory. Halle should just ignore him completely focus on her daughter,her career and her lover. This jerk wanted to be paid to watch his own child how much of a sorry individual can you be for that? get a real job guy before you get tagged as another K-fed.

1322 days ago
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