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Halle Berry's Custody War -- A Long Time Brewing

2/1/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been locked in conflict over custody of 2-year-old Nahla for months ... and much of it centers around Halle's movie career.

Halle Berry Custody Battle

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ ... Aubry has complained when Halle leaves town it interferes with his ability to be a father.  Accommodations were made for Gabriel to accompany Halle and Nahla to London last August after he complained. 

Sources say the couple has never gone to court to establish custody and visitation rights.  They have tried working it out between themselves, but the situation has now become impossible.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel filed for paternity last month.  Officially we're being told it was a formality.  In fact, it was a prelude to what has become a bitter custody fight.

Halle Berry


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If you read interviews this woman has given, she is a MENTAL. She brings that with her to her movie roles, and I would NEVER watch another movie (I saw that Monster Ball). She is boring, to top everything, and brings that with her to her characters. To pair her with Billie Joe Bob Horton...or whatever his name is. Lord. How ever did she get an Oscar?! Loser.

1358 days ago


Nothing like treating the father of your child like a sperm donor. Next time ladies..get to know your man without sex...give it time for a relationship to grow. make sure he wants to be your husband and the childs father then marry him. Then have babies that will live and grow up in a stable two parent home. The onny one who will suffer will be the little girl.

1358 days ago


Why does he have to go with her while she is on set to be with his child? I hope they grant him full custody. She is a nut case plain and simple

1358 days ago

Miss Mary    

She's a controlling bitch.

1358 days ago


I agree with "camaguey"....
I've never liked that BITCH! I am a member of GOLDS GYM HOLLYWOOD, and back when her FIRST HUUUZBAND was "cheatin" on her ASS, she used to work out VERY early in the morning, and I did also, and minding my business, she continuously "rolled her eyes at me" and gave me dirty looks {AS IF I TOOK HER MAN}...
So because it was very EARLY in the morning, I thought to myself; "It must be my imagination".."What is this bitches problem?"
So I moved to the other side of the gym, and continued my workout....and here she come AGAIN over to my side of the Gym with her then trainer Robert...
AND AGAIN with the dirty looks????

So "F" her!
She MAY have Won an OSCAR, but SHE'll NEVER WIN A GOOD MAN...(that won't dump her...)

1358 days ago


I wonder if Halle will have to foot the bill for 42 attorneys like Mel Gibson had to for General Grig? It has to be a level playing field for Gabriel after all...

1358 days ago


Gabriel Aubry comes from a tight-knit French-Canadian family, but he's getting smacked in the face by the reality of selfish, neurotic, moneyed, good ole American self-indulgence.

Ms. Berry is going to have to fabricate some charges against him, as he is known to be an attentive and caring father who is involved in his daughter's life. Why restrict his visitation rights? Once again, Halle hasn't thought the situation through. I feel sorry for Aubry, and the only ones who will win are the respective lawyers.

1358 days ago


Halle is a woman whose Father was not part of her life for whatever reason. So, it is possible that she rejects or sabotages her relationships with men before they can leave her.
That being said. Aubry was good enough to father a child and makes an effort to be part of Nahla's life. Halle is acting out damaging Nahla's relationship with Gabriel making another generation suffer the same. The woman lives in a dream world not a reality but Nahla and Gabriel are the ones who are paying for Halle's past.

1358 days ago


I hate to say it, but a stable home life would be so much better for the child. Trotting around the world while Mommy makes movies is just selfish. It is sad she did't think about this before she had a child. Kudos to Aubry for trying to do the right thing.

1358 days ago


Why did Halle marry a homosexual?

(Gorgeous of course, but total 'mo)

1358 days ago


@ camaguey - if you believe everything you read you truly are an IDIOT!

Who's to say that gabriel isn't the problem? How do we know his modeling or what ever the hell he does, will interfere with taking care of Nahlah or Halle spending time with the child.

Haters fall back & STFU!

1358 days ago


She knows she needs to
share their baby.
Let's hope she doesn't
think otherwise due to
her celebrity status and

1358 days ago


Halle, your career is over. All men should boycott movies made by women who act this way. She treats the father of her baby like crap, why did she sleep with him in the first place?

1358 days ago


Be careful Halle! He is Nahla's Pop's. You mess with him, you mess with her. She will grow up and hold you accountable. She needs him as much as she needs you.

1358 days ago


Halle, Halle, Halle. Next time you decide to have a baby, whether you're married or not, and I don't care about how much "in love" you think you are, please get something in writing to avoid nasty situations like this.

1358 days ago
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