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Halle Berry: My Child Is Terrified of Gabriel

2/2/2011 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry claims her daughter Nahla has been crying hysterically and throwing tantrums whenever Gabriel Aubry picks the toddler up for visits ... and Halle is convinced something bad is happening ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.


We're told two-year-old Nahla cannot communicate what scares her so, but Halle believes her daughter has made it clear -- something happens when she's in Gabriel's care that upsets her to the extreme.

Sources say Halle doesn't know specifically what goes on when Nahla is with Gabriel but she's convinced it's unhealthy.

As we first reported, Halle also claims to have proof Gabriel put the toddler in "immediate harm's way" while the three were in London and South Africa last August.


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That's it Halle. Oksana complained that when Lucia came back from Mel's her nose was running and she was irritable so she should have full custody. If ANY of this was close to true you wouldn't be leaking it to the press. You'd be protecting your daughter privately. But you are throwing her to the press Ox style. So that tells me you're full of crap.

1356 days ago

Miss Mary    

Why is this all coming out now? Give me a break!

1356 days ago


Give me a break ``````````` Now she's convincing him of molesting the child? This may get as bad as Mel's ```` BS. They need to keep this chit ``` out of the media for the child's sake. All that $$$ and nothing to do!!

1356 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Shut the F up Halle.

You picked the guy.

You had a babby with the guy.

If you have a problem with the guy I suggest you look in the mirror as these were choices YOU made so quit blaming others.

1356 days ago

annabelle k    

omf'cking god...pleeze. enough already.

1356 days ago


The simple fact that she says "My child is terrified of Gabriel" instead of "our child is terrified of Gabriel" kinda tells me she is lying. I know it's a small thing, but thats usually what trips up a liar.

1356 days ago


Yeah right Halle, you are on friggin idiot and every name you are called you deserve. You have no sympathy from us. You choose to get your stupid ass pregnant with this guy, live with it. I'll bet it's your new boyfriend ~ freaky french guy that your daughter is really scared of.

1356 days ago


1) @ wtf..........WTF???
2) I'm wondering why TMZ is so one sided in this story. I understand People Mag and ET cuz they are star ass sniffers but I thought TMZ was a lil more legit...shows to go ya! I think Ms Berry is doing her child and herself a terrible injustice. How come the split was initially amicable but when Gabriel tries to exert his rights as a dad all of a sudden he is a monster according to her?

1356 days ago


#2 WTF ```````````` You need you mouth washed out with soap!!

1356 days ago


Sounds like a typical child who doesn't like all the upheaval and if she spends more time in the week with Mom than Dad at this age, she's going to freak out. It doesn't mean anything untoward happens when she's with her Dad.

1356 days ago


like i said before if u r awhite guy stay away from this self hating neeekkrows

1356 days ago


OMG-Clearly Halle is not playing with a full deck to pull this!I hope she stops this before the whole world hates her!!Yikes, enough- no one believes these vicious lies against the father of her child.

1356 days ago


I don't trust Halle's word at all. I don't think Gabriel is an angel, but think Halle is horrible (especially after releasing all this crap, maybe she saw the poll yesterday).

Gabriel needs to release some vm.

1356 days ago


Wow. I didn't believe Halle would stoop to this level when some of you were calling it. I stand corrected.

1356 days ago


Oh for Chris sake! That's normal! Children often scream when they have to leave their mothers! She get used to it like daycare if her father had steady visitation.

1356 days ago
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